Book Release--Meditation and Spiritual transformation need of the hour

Start Date: 
Monday, February 26, 2018
Start Time: 
12:15 pm
AV Hall

“Happiness lies within the heart of an individual”, said Mr.Joshan Pollock in his visit to the IIS University, Jaipur. In an inaugural ceremony of his book “The Heartfulness way”, Mr Pollock shared his experience with the students of National Service Scheme (NSS).

Pollock advised the students to practise meditation in their daily life as it leads to spiritual transformation. He also elaborated the six steps of meditation like attitude, spiritual transmission, relaxation, prayer and guru( teacher) for spiritual well being.

Meditation also helps in developing positivity in the life of people and helps them in living a stress free life, he further added.

Mr Joshan Pollock is a dedicated spiritual aspirant and frequently delivers lectures in corporate sectors, educational and government institutions. His columns are published in Daily O and First Post.