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NSS Report

August, 2020- Jan., 2021


Fitness Activity

August 8th, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic means that many of us are staying at home and sitting down more than we usually do. It is hard for a lot of us to do the sort of exercise we normally do. But at a time like this, it’s very important for people of all ages and abilities to be as active as possible. NSS volunteers of unit I participated in fitness activity. Keeping in mind the social distancing the volunteers participated in the activity through videos enthusiastically shared their exercise routines.  Realizing the importance of staying fit students adopted different for MS of exercise like yoga, skipping, weight exercises, walk etc. Be Active fitness activity aim to promote exercise and regular physical activity which benefits both the body and mind. It can reduce high blood pressure, help manage weight and reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and various cancers - all conditions that can increase susceptibility to COVID-19. The volunteers mentioned that these daily exercise regimes help them to stay physically fit and helps in keeping their mind at peace. Some of the volunteers mentioned that yoga helps them in staying healthy and helps in strengthening the immune system. Walking safely maintaining social distance with all precautions is helpful in connecting with the nature early morning adding up to the health benefit. Regular physical activity can help give our days a routine and be a way to stay in contact with family and friends. It’s also good for our mental health - reducing the risk of depression, cognitive decline and delay the onset of dementia - and improve overall feelings.


Teachers Day Celebration

4th September 2020

All the NSS Volunteers were required to write messages, Quotations, Cards, few lines about their favourite teacher on the occasion of Teacher’s Day and post it on their Social Media Accounts i.e. Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Linkedin. They all need to tag @_PMOIndia, @_NSSIndia, @NSSrajasthan, @mygovindia, @YASMinistry, #OurTeachersOurHeroes, #TeacherforIndia. It was held on 04 September 2020 which was managed by the Teacher Co-ordinator and the students of NSS. Seventy four volunteers of Group D participated in this Activity.


Teachers’ Day Celebration

"My Teacher My Hero"

7th Sep 2020

In India, Teachers’ Day is celebrated annually on September 5 to mark the birthday of the country’s former President, scholar, philosopher and Bharat Ratna awardee, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was born on this day in 1888. Amidst the lockdown in the wake of covid-19, the NSS volunteers of the IIS (Deemed to be) University, celebrated the teachers who have empowered them and enlightened them.

An activity was conducted on 7th of sept. 2020 on the occasion of teacher's day where students were required to write messages, quotations, cards or few lines about their favorite teacher and post it on their social media account. In this crisis, teachers have shown, as they have done so often, great leadership and innovation in ensuring that #LearningNeverStops, that no learner is left behind. Around the world, they have worked individually and collectively to find solutions and create new learning environments for their students to allow education to continue. Their role advising on school reopening plans and supporting students with the return to school is just as important.

All the NSS volunteers demonstrated great enthusiasm during the activity and made all possible efforts to make this day a memorable one for their beloved teachers.


Group Discussion on Role of NSS volunteers during COVID 19

14th Sep 2020


Due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic role of NSS volunteers becomes more important. In such times when the entire global community is facing health crises, identifying innovative ideas of conducting social welfare activities during the pandemic was the major theme of this session.   
The Activity was a group discussion among the NSS volunteers of what all activities can be done on virtual platforms in COVID time. Following activities were decided for the further process:

1.Mask Making

2. Creative Day (make posters with paints or digital/write poems or blogs or articles on any topic)

3. Make an Instagram page and post the outcomes of other activities here. Also all groups take a topic and prepare individual group posts by the efforts of all group members.
4. Share your experiences of how you overcome the Emotional Distress faced during Covid.

5. Mandala making/mindful meditation / play a relative video from TEDx or something else inspiring by screen sharing on a video meet.
Meeting ended at 10:25 with fruitful and productive discussion.


Webinar on “New Education Policy”

16th September 2020

In the NSS activity for 16th September, 2020 a webinar on “New Education Policy” was organized. The Modi government announced the New Education Policy 2020 which brings about several major reforMS in education in India. This was the first education policy of the 21st century and replaces the 34-years-old National policy on Education,1986.

  • The current 10+2 system in the school was replaced by a new 5+3+3+4 curricular structure corresponding to ages 3-8, 8-11, 11-14 and 14-18 years respectively.
  • As per the new policy, there will be 12 years of schooling with three years of Anganwadi/pre-schooling.
  • As per the NEP reaching up to at least grade 4 will be in mother tongue or regional language.

And other decision has also been taken. These all has been announced by Ministry of Education.

Guest Lecture on New Education Policy

21st Sep 2020

Recently, the New Education Policy (2020) has been formulated by the government and made the landmark reform in the Education System of the country. To mark the role and importance to this policy in 21st century, the NSS team of IISU had organized virtual lecture with S.P BHATNAGAR, Regional Director , NSS Jaipur, as a speaker.

His words were very enlightening and helped the students to understand the policy with more simplicity. He presented the graphically explained the NEP 2020 as integrated policy which will uphold the Indian culture and values.   A scientifically designed approach which focuses on “KARO FIR SIKHO” and help holistic development of youth.

He also praised the role of NSS and their selfless service during the hard times of COVID-19 and also suggested some method to help the world while sitting at home in this lockdown world. The lecture was very informative and students feel motivated. The link for online session was shared with Sarpanch of Hasampura and Nevta village. He further shared that link with college principals of both the villages.145 students and faculties of IIS deemed to be University and from colleges of Hasampura and Nevta attended the session.


XV State Level Inter-Institutional Patriotic Solo Song Competition

September 24th, 2020

To keep the spirit of togetherness and commune during the pandemic, the NSS unit of IIS(deemed to be University) organized the XV State Level Inter-Institutional Patriotic Solo Song Competition through online platform. The participants were asked to send their videos while singing patriotic songs only. Students from colleges all over Rajasthan participated in the competition with great enthusiasm. Under the expert judgment of MS. Uma Vijay and Gargi Mukharjee, the entries were scrutinized and the winners were then declared. Ajay Barupal of Govt. Dungar College, Bikaner, bagged the first prize, Jaya Kashyap of Kota University stood second and Soniya Yogi from Bharatpur stood third in the competition. Following a successful organization, cash prizes were distributed to the winners.


E- literacy activity

September 28th,2020

 An online literacy activity was conducted by the NSS volunteers ofIIS (deemed to be University),Jaipur on 28 september,2020 with the purpose of teaching children who don't have access to facilities given the current situaton.. Some volunteers took online sessions while some managed to teach personally taking care of social distancing norMS which is an essential behaviour to be demonstrated in the situation of pandemic. This activity was a successful attempt to help children as going to schools is not possible right now ,but even though schools have been shut but the alternatives to learning would keep children engaged and informed and hence the volunteers made a worthy effort.

Some volunteers engaged students in creative online activities for better development of the brain, painting and other life skills was also a better way to spread and make intellectual and brilliant kids in the nation. Online literacy initiative proved itself as a great initiative on a virtual platform.


Online Guest Lecture on ' Coexistence of human and animals'

28th September

In the NSS activity for 28th September, 2020 a guest lecture was organized on ' Coexistence of human and animals'. The speakers for the lecture were MS. Timmi Kumar and MS. Mariam. They work for protecting animals in  Urban  & Rural Jaipur . They serve as the voice to the  voiceless animals .They enlightened the volunteers on how in our societies people coexist with animals. They shared their personal experiences about how The interaction of humans with animals takes place in our society. They also discussed about animal cruelty that takes place around the world and how as national service scheme volunteers we can ensure and take actions against the same. They gave us important tips and suggestions on keeping the environment clean so that the animals around us remain  healthy. The session was concluded with a Q&A round which enabled the volunteers to put forward questions to state their curiosity.  The overall session was insightful.


'Swachh Bharat' (Gandhi Jayanti)

5th Oct 2020

In the NSS activity for 5th October, 2020 different activities were conducted for Gandhi Jayanti (2nd October, 2020). The activities performed bestowed the motto of 'Swachh Bharat'. It included cleaning the locality and neighbourhood, making dustbin out of waste material, monologues, Compost pit making, Poster making on Swachh Bharat along with others. Volunteers took active participation and performed the activities with great enthusiasm.



Webinar on  Women of Wisdom Webinar

October 10th, 2020

On 10th October 2020, The NSS Unit of The IIS deemed to be University organized a webinar on Women of Wisdom. The guest for the Webinar was Dr Anupama Soni, Mrs Asia International, State Brand Ambassador of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Rajasthan Govt. Goodwill Ambassador Road Safety, Rajasthan Brand Ambassador of Swachhta Sarvekshan Nagar Nigam, Jaipur & Dr Sunita SharmaFounder, Auma Foundation.The panellists talked shared their inspirational experiences and views on diverse topics with the volunteers. Overall the session was quite informative and engaging. Volunteers were very interactive and keen listeners throughout the session.


Guest lecture on “Therapeutic measures for covid 19”

October 12th2020

On 12th October Group A of NSS had a Guest lecture on “Therapeutic measures for covid 19” conducted by Prof.VeenaMaheshwari (President’s Silver Medal winner) on the microsoft Teams. It was a very informative and insightful session. She discussed about the various therapy ways and medicines used, based on the symptomatic treatment. She briefed about the various drugs i.e. Remedesivir, azithromycin and ivermectinwhich doctor’s are using to cure covid 19 patients and also explained their mechanism.  Shealso discussed different types of immunity, antibodies and how they work in our body.

She enlightened us about different vaccines for COVID19 which are in progress and also about 'Plasma convalescent Therapy. We discussed the various interesting facts regarding the plasma therapy, eligibility criteria,procedure, risk factors. And in the end, we also discussed the basics for COVID19.

It was a much-needed session for us, and was very interesting and also full of information. We were also very much intrigued. It was a great session, and there was a lot we could take back from the session.


Corona Virus Safety Prevention Posters onNo Mask No Entry’

October 12th2020

Volunteers were required to make Corona Virus Safety Prevention Posters on "No Mask No Entry" to raise awareness on Covid-19. Volunteers pasted the posters while keeping all the precautions in mind and practicing the Covid-19 preventive measures at different premises, such as local parks, bus stops, schools, outside gated communities, shopping complexes, workplaces like offices and banks along with others.



Online Oath taking ceremony on Jan AndolanCampagin on COVID 19


Online guest Lecture on impact of COVID on Animal by Mr. Rohit , Raksha , NGO



19th October 2020

An Oath taking ceremony online was organised by IIS DEEMED TO BE UNIVERSITY and all the girls joined the meeting on Teams and they were all told to pledge that they should be vigilant and bear in mind at all times, the risk to theMSelves and colleagues from Covid-19. They were told to take proper precautions so as to prevent from Covid-19

  • They all should wear masks, and properly sanitize theMSelves especially in public pTo maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet from others
  • To wash their hands with soap and water frequently

Together we all will win this fight from Covid-19, and with this pledge the meeting was successfully ended and all the girls were told therefore to follow up these instructions precisely.

Guest lecture

Mr. RohitGangwal, Raksha-NGO explained how the animals (specifically Urban wildlife) are affected during this pandemic. He briefed about the actions we as National service scheme volunteers can take in order to feed and protect them from animal cruelty. He also explained why we should avoid adopting exotic animals over native Indian breeds. At the conclusion of the session a Q/A round was held which gave volunteers an opportunity to sate their curiosity and queries.


Experience Sharing By Students: Startup During Covid Period

26th October 2020

In the NSS activity for 26th October, 2020 an experience sharing webinar by the students was organized. The topic of the webinar was 'Start up during covid-19' lead by Riya Bansal, Riya Sharma, NHX- a food delivery service and UrmilJeswani, Chocohlicz is startup under the supervision of the IISU Incubation cell. This startup is run by UrmilJeswani since 2018 dealing in homemade cakes, chocolates & other products. The startup has the objective of provide homemade, hygienic & healthy products to its customers for their celebrations & tea time gatherings. Chocoholicz provides serves products with best quality ingredients & maintaining adequate hygiene levels. From products like teatime cakes, flavourful cakes & customized theme cakes to different variety of chocolates & muffins.



Guest lecture on Mental Health & Well-being during Covid-19

26th October 2020

Speaker - MS. MahakMathur, Clinical Psychologist, IIS (Deemed to be University), Jaipur

In this webinar many information and knowledge was shared with the student's regarding mental health, issues related with mental health, how to overcome the probleMS and stay positive , why is it important to discuss about mental health ,how does it help our body to be energetic and do different activities actively, This activity was organised for group A and B and around 150 -160 member's were present and this activity was organised under the supervision of professors of (IIS deemed to be University) . It was. Great session as we got to know about the different ways to keeping ourselves mentally fit even during this pandemic situation in which we are going through so much of pressure and anxiety. Looking forward for many more sessions like this.


Anti-Corruption Vigilance Campaign -Poster making & display

2nd November, 2020


In the NSS activity for 2nd November, 2020, A Poster Making and Display was held on the topic Anti-Corruption Vigilance Campaign in Community and among student by all the volunteers.

Volunteers were required to make creative posters on Anti-Corruption slogans in English or Hindi which were to be displayed in the meeting organized. The aim of this activity was not only to bring out the creative aspect but also to prompt the thought process of the volunteers towards these serious issues.

All the volunteers took active participation in the activity. The poster were really intriguing and well displayed.


Oath Taking & elocution on Anti-Corruption Vigillance

November 2nd, 2020


On 2nd November Unit I of NSS had a session on Anti-Corruption. An Oath taking session on Anti-Corruption was conducted followed by the Elocution on Anti-Corruption Vigilance by the Group Leaders of Unit I & II on the Microsoft Teams. It was a very informative and insightful session. 54 volunteers of Unit I promised and took a pledge that they will not indulge in any kind of corruption practices and will be honest and practice integrity at all times. The group leaders then showed a PowerPoint presentation, which gave an insight about the reasons that are leading to corruption, the steps that should be taken to curb corruption and how to further promote these steps. It was a very educative and informative presentation. After the presentation, allother volunteers discussed their personal experience about the corruption status in India, came up with alot of questions and also few solutions and indulged in an insightful and healthy discussion. It was an amazing initiative; this is an issue that is of great importance for all.



Skill Development: Mandana Making

November 9th, 2020


In the NSS activity for 9th November, 2020, A Skill development activity was organized on the topic - Manadana Making by MS. Sheetal Chitlangya.

She briefed the volunteers about the history of Mandana art. Mandana paintings are wall and floor paintings of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, India. This activity was practiced as a mark of celebration on festive occasions.

She also mentioned what tools and material are required to paint one and what can be the alternative inputs in today’s time. She explained the whole process of making a Mandana painting by applying it practically simultaneously.

In the end of the session Q/A round was held where the participants asked various questions related to the material, process along with others to sate their curiosity and queries.



Donation Drive for Old clothes

November 9th, 2020

A Donation Drive was organised on Monday 9 November 2020 by NSS  Department of IIS  University. The main aim of the activity was to help the people in need. 34students volunteered by donating clothes to their maids, small vendors, gardeners and other needy people who are deprived of these basic facilities. Overall it was a fun activity which brought smiles on many faces and every one participated enthusiastically.


Sanitizer Distribution during COVID 19

November 20th, 2020

During this pandemic, sanitizer and face mask are the major weapon to fight against the virus. But there are people who do not have the access to these basic amenities required during this pandemic. So with a motive to extend a helping hand NSS Unit of IIS (Deemed to be University), Jaipur in collaboration with Jaipur Marugandha Rotary Club distributed sanitizer and face mask in Haziyawala community. As the school premise is located centrally in the community, the people from nearby community were asked to collect there. Two NSS faculties, MS. Archana Kumari and Dr. Gaurav Bagra distributed the face mask and sanitizer in the community.



Felicitating Teachers for their  Contribution during COVID19

November 21st, 2020

The world as we know has changed in the blink of an eye. Schools closed overnight, students were confined to their homes and parents had to grapple with keeping children productive at home. In the stress of lockdown, hand-washing and tracking the global spread of virus, no one has paid heed to the sudden stress on that often neglected group- teachers. They all were expected to teach online which was quite strange for few teachers who are not very much acquainted with know-how of technology. The teachers of government schools have another issues to deal with that how to reach to students who do not have any mobile or computer. But they accepted this challenge and not only tried to reach each and every student but also spread awareness in the community about this pandemic.

To felicitate those teachers who realized their responsibility and performed their duty to bring social change by helping not only the disadvantaged children but the community also, the NSS unit of IIs (deemed to be University), Jaipur in collaboration with Jaipur Gurukul Rotary club organised a felicitation programme in Haziyawala community. 150 teachers from government schools of Jaipur were approached and asked to send their contribution towards community during COVID 19 Pandemic. 11 responses were received and on 21st November, 2010. All those 11 teachers were felicitated with certificate and shield. Few of them also shared their experiences while working in the community and said that this type of felicitation and recognition of their work motivates them to perform their duty.


Guest lecture –Role of diet for boosting immunity during COVID -19

23rd November 2020


A guest lecture was organised by IIS University for all the NSS volunteers on 23rd November 2020. Group B volunteers actively participated during the online guest lecture. The topic for the same was “Role of diet for boosting immunity during COVID”. The guest was for the lecture was MS. Vyoma Agarwal, Assistant Professor, IIS (deemed to be) University.

  The lecture was much useful in this pandemic as only people with a good immune system can fight back this virus successfully. In the lecture the main focus was that the dietary patterns may better prepare the body for microbial attacks and excess inflammation. The lecture was full of useful dietary and lifestyle guidelines with a proper knowledge of food that has to be consumed and what are the benefits of it.

All the volunteers have been benefited by this information and would also spread to there near ones.


Guest Lecture on

Basics of Gardening and organic manure preparation

23 November, 2020

In the NSS activity for 23 November, 2020, students of Group C of NSS of IIS (Deemed to be University), Jaipur attended a Guest Lecture on the topic "Basics of Gardening and organic manure peparation". The lecture was delivered by MS. Jaya Tiwari, who is the President of Kitchen Garden Association, Jaipur. She started by explaining about plants and their growth factors. She enlightened the students with various techniques for growing and nourishing plants. She also stressed on the importance of using "No chemicals" in the process.

Apart from gardening and planting, she also suggested numerous ways to use plants as decorative pieces. She also suggested remedies for removing pests and thus healthy growth of plants. She also advised students to do vegetable planting at their homes.

Later, there was a lively interactive session with the students where they asked various questions including the best conditions for growth of different plants and indoor plants. The students enjoyed the session.


An Interactive session on domestic violence during COVID 19

7 December 2020


An interactive session was organised on 7 December 2020 by the NSS  Unit of IIS  University on the topic domestic violence during COVID 19. This activity is specially organized for the women of backward areas and elderly people. The main aim of the activity was to spread awareness among people regarding domestic violence. Before this interactive sesion a survey was conducted to collected information about domestic violence taking place with elderly people, women in houses in Jaipur.


Interactive Session& Demonstration on Healthy Living:

Learn How to cook Nutritious Salads and smoothies

December 7th, 2020


In order to inculcate the habit of healthy living, a guestlecture was organized on “Nutritious Salads and smoothies”by NSS Unit, Group D. The resource person was MS. Reena Verma Assistant Professor, Department of Home Science, IIS (deemed to be) University, Jaipur. MS. Reena guided the young girls about the importance of balanced diet and how nutrition is to be managed in everyday life.  Live demonstration was conducted by the resource person in which volunteers were taught to prepare different types of Salads andsmoothies which are healthy as well as tasty too. The session ended with queries from the volunteers about health benefits of salads and nutrition values in food. Overall the session was quite interactive and informative.

Guest Lecture on Declining Girl Child Ratio

14th December 2020


To create awareness about the present conditions of Girl child in all the aspects including, birth rate, education, equality etc., a guest lecture on “Declining Girl Child Ratio”was organized by NSS Unit, Group D. The resource person for the session was MS.Meet Singh, Chairperson, Dignity of Girl Child Foundation. Teacher Coordinator for the session was ‘Dr. Anju Singh’. MS. Meeta was very interacting during the session and was interested in knowing the perspective of the volunteers on the topic. The importance of Saving a girl child and the efforts of the government was also pointed out. The session focused on creating awareness about the importance of girls in growth and development of society, one should never promote dowry and girls are equal to boys. Through various examples she made volunteers aware about domestic violence and dowry related incidences. Overall the session was quite informative and interactive.


Poster Making Maternal & Child Health

December 21st, 2020


On 14th December '20 a poster making activity on maternal and child health was conducted for NSS volunteers of unit II. Lot of volunteers made posters on maternal and child health. All the posters embodied slogans for the enrichment for the safety of mother and the child.


Literacy program for this year

December 21st, 2020

Online literacy was organized by NSS unit IV for the children. It was held on 21th December 202. The NSS volunteers selected one or two underprivileged or poor children from their nearby community and taught them mathematics, English and also shared stories related with moral lessons to guide them. As reported by the volunteers the children were keen to learn and enthusiastically participated in the activity. Volunteers also planned for the further lessons for these children Volunteers were asked to upload their pictures on a Google form link.Each and every volunteer actively participated in the activity.


Blackboard Donation

December 24th, 2020

The building of Haziyawala Government Upper Primary school has been constructed recently. During the visit to school the need of blackboards in the classroom were felt by NSS faculties as the old blackboards were in a very bad condition and required to be displaced. For getting fund the need was raised in front of Jaipur Marugandha club and they agreed for this. On 24th of December 2020, a dual-side blackboard was donated in Haziyawala Government Upper Primary school. The principal of the school was very happy and appreciated the initiative taken by NSS unit of IIS 9deemed to be University), Jaipur. NSS unit assured the principal of the school to extend its helping hand in future too.


Creating positive change during Coronavirus through Tree plantation

January 16th, 2021


It’s unfortunate that we needed the coronavirus to serve as a wake-up call. Still, the situation is seeing the global community come together in a collective effort to make the world a better place. Whether that’s by helping at the front lines, helping within your community or helping the planet, it’s all connected. Our connection to the planet relies on us learning how to coexist with the things around us without destroying them. And a healthier planet equals healthier communities. While the threat posed by the coronavirus will eventually diminish, climate change will not. So what if we’re stuck at home but still want to do something positive? Planting trees is still one of the most effective and cheapest ways to fight the climate crisis. We may be stuck at home, we may feel helpless when it comes to fighting COVID-19, but we can still take positive action for the planet by planting trees for the future.

Taking the initiative, the NSS team of IIS (Deemed to be University) in collaboration with Jaipur Marugandha Club planted trees in the premises of Haziyawala Government Upper Primary school. Principal and teachers of the school also joined their hands during plantation. They promised that once the school will be open for students, they will give responsibility of one tree to two students for sensitizing them towards importance of trees for our environment. Till then they will take care of those plants.



NSS REPORT 2019-2020


Tree Plantation Drive

15th  July, 2019


On 15th July 2019 the NSS volunteers organized and successfully completed a tree plantation activity at Sanganer area, Jaipur under the “GO-GREEN DRIVE” initiative. Trees are the foremost source for producing the oxygen in environment, they helps to reduce the level of CO2. As we all know that the whole world is facing the problem of global warming and to recover from such problem, planting trees has become one of the most important aspects today. Tree planting is grounded in forest science and if performed properly can result in the successful regeneration of a deforested area.

A group of 50 volunteers with faculty member reached the ground of the garden and were handed saplings to be planted. The event in-charge first briefed the students about the importance of tree plantation. Even the help staff demonstrated the whole process and gave the students all the know-how’s on how to plant the trees and water the plants. The helpers told them about the importance of plants, their uses etc. Various types of saplings were planted by students and faculty of the university.



Tree Plantation Drive

22nd  July, 2019


On July 22nd, 2019 NSS volunteers went to Government Schools of Dadabari, Haziawala and The students and the volunteers of the NGO together with their coordinator Abhishek worked to give manure to the trees in the forest. The students were also made aware of the importance of forestation, the role of forest in maintaining ecological balance, natural habitats of a geographical territory.Since its monsoon time, so this activity was conducted in government school as a step towards conserving our environment by planting trees. On the day 65 volunteers planted as well as gifted several plantlets to the school authority and to the students.


Guest Lecture on Relevancy of NSS

22nd July,2019


On 22nd July,2019, the new members of were introduced to what NSS is all about. The session was taken by Ms Chanda Asani,Lecturer Women Studies. She acquainted the students with the meaning and goals of NSS and how while studying they can actually do their bit in community service. The volunteers got to know how community service can bring a positive change in their overall character and the relevance of youth involvement in India’s progress. All the activities that are undertaken during the session and the information regarding credits were disseminated. The students did have queries which were duly addressed. This interactive session involved senior students too who helped in the overall arrangement. On the same day the new volunteers were allotted their NSS groups. The session gave students an insight into NSS activities. 142 volunteers attended the session.



Swachhata Campaign

Duration: 1st August-15th August, 2019









5th 2019


Oath     taking     on     Swachhata     and Swachhata campaign in campus

IIS(deemed University),


to              be Jaipur





Swachhata Campaign at Public places

Dwarkadas Park





Swachhata Campaign at Public places





12th 2019


Guest   lecture   on humanitarian values





University), Campus

to              be Jaipur





Swachhata Rally


Community, Sanganer





Poster making on Swachhata





Oath taking on Swachhata


On 5th of August the Swachhata Pakhwada was started with taking pledge to devote 100 hours to cleanliness. NSS volunteers of IIS (deemed to be University) have taken oath for Swachhata. In the oath everyone took the pledge to keep their surroundings clean and make each and everyone aware of Swachhata Abhiyan.


Swachta Campaign at Dwarkadas park


On 7th August, a Swacch Bharat Campaign was organised by IIS University for all the NSS volunteers. The volunteers visited Dwarka Das park for Swachh Bharat campaign. Volunteers were provided with Poly bags along with this they used hand gloves for picking the waste. Hygiene is key for a healthy lifestyle. The activity was

done to create awareness and motivate people around us , so that they do take initiative for Swachh Bharat. People passing by the park appreciated the work done by the volunteers. At the end the volunteers were happy enough for the work they did.



Swachhata Campaign at Sanganer Railway station

As we commemorate 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, his great thoughts need to be pulled into action. He is not only the political visionary who led India to freedom but a social reformer who wanted the society to outgrow prejudices, move

forward to become self-sufficient and self-reliant. In tune with Gandhian philosophy the NSS volunteers participated in a cleanliness drive under Swachhata pakhwada on 8th August 2019 and the venue was Sanganer Railway station. NSS volunteers divided themselves into groups of four each. They all wore gloves and cleaned the area near station entrance .The volunteers managed to clean the entrance area of railway station. There was an excellent display of teamwork and cooperation. This for sure set an example for the general public to learn that the onus to maintain a clean environment is on us as citizens.


Swachta Rally

On Monday 14th August 2019, NSS volunteers organized Swachhta Rally in Hajiawala Community. NSS volunteers with students of Hajiawala Government School did the rally in nearby community by showcasing posters and saying slogans in chorus. Creative and informing posters were made by the NSS volunteers. The rally was conducted in two groups so that the whole area could be covered.

The aim behind the rally was to aware and educate people of the nearby community about cleanliness and healthy surroundings. Posters carried the messages like ‘KACHRA KUDADAN MA HI DALE’, ‘SWACH BHARAT- SWASTH BHARAT’ and

many more which were appealing regarding the cause. Such rallies help every individual to contribute in making India clean and green.

After the rally school students with the help of NSS volunteers pasted posters on the walls of the school. The rally was successfully done in the community.

A total of 324 NSS volunteers participated in different activities in the Swacchata Pakhwada.



Guest lecture on Gandhiji and his humanitarian values

12th August 2019


140 NSS volunteers attended a guest lecture on Monday dated 12th August 2019 by Mr. Ashutosh Nandwana of Pravah Jaipur Initiative on the topic Gandhi and his humanitarian values. The programme was started with a short movie on SMILE internship (In-'TURN'-ship) in which he talked about self discovery which is gained through engagement and having more and more interactions with people. The speaker also updated about the Pravah Jaipur Initiative, an organisation which was started in 2007. It offers a range of interventions, one of the most important being youth 'JUMBISH' annual youth festival organised to celebrate the spirit and potential of youth for social change. The guest lecture ended with a quote by Mahatma Gandhi

- 'Be the change that you want to see in the world', and a momento was presented to Ashutosh sir.


Poster making on Swachhata

9th  August 2019


On 9th August 2019, posters were prepared by 135 volunteers related to cleanliness and hygiene with catchy slogans and pictures. Prepared posters were used in the program, some of the posters were pinned up on the different notice boards of campus as well as in faculty rooms, labs and even in classrooms. Creative posters prepared by the volunteers were pinned up in different faculty rooms around the campus. prepared posters on say NO to PLASTIC, not throwing garbage in the campus, using bins for the disposal of waste and keeping the camus clean and green. In their efforts of proliferating awareness, they also put up creative and persuasive posters at different corners of the university.



Swachta Campaign at IIS University Campus

5th  August, 2019



A campus cleaning programme was organized by 100 NSS volunteers in the university campus with active participation of NSS volunteers dated 5th AUGUST 2019 Monday. The cleanliness tasks were divided amongst the sub groups. Volunteers were divided into groups and were allotted with classrooms, laboratories, library etc. where the NSS volunteers interacted with the students briefing them about the importance of cleanliness in classrooms. Volunteers picked wrappers and foils and bits of paper lying in classrooms and threw it in dustbin and helped arranging chairs. The main purpose of this program was to create awareness among the students regarding cleanliness and its benefits and not to use plastic bags or any form of plastic .To save electricity and to take a step forward in this campaign by cleaning their classrooms. Efforts were done by the volunteers to create awareness not just among the students but also the staff members. Volunteers even interacted with teachers and briefed them about the consequences of littering and the benefits of keeping our campus clean. Volunteers even briefed about the arrival of diseases due to unhealthy environment and also stressed on Hygienic environment as it aids in better learning. "Cleanliness is next to godliness"- with this mindset volunteers took the initiative to clean the university labs. So the volunteers visited geography lab, food science lab, textiles lab, chemistry lab, physics lab ,and psychology lab .Activities ranged from cleaning the slabs and boards of the different labs which were covered in dust, volunteers even urged the students as well as faculty members to reduce their usage of electrical appliances ,students were even briefed about the proper disposal of test tubes and even the importance of using clean and sterilized instruments to prevent the dangerous spread of germs. Our teacher coordinator motivated students towards ‘Clean India’ by his inspirational talk. The volunteers started cleaning the entire campus and collected all the litter for disposal. Some of the students were found using plastic bottles and straws so volunteers urged them and made them aware about the consequences of using plastic and also suggested them the alternatives of plastic while investigating   the campus the students found a pile of plastic glasses, straws and bottles around the canteen area so they requested the Janitors to clean it. The enthusiastic NSS volunteers devoted their time and energy to spread the message of cleanliness across the campus at multiple canteens and rest rooms. They visited the 'Planet J' canteen and picked up littered trash and used paper plates. They also stopped by the 'Amul' canteen and spread awareness about the importance of cleanliness and being plastic free. The volunteers even closely inspected the cleanliness of the rest rooms and volunteered to close leaking taps and even picked up some scattered trash .The project does not end here volunteers took an initiative to continue this project even outside the campus and be a helping hand towards the conservation of environment .The volunteers were instructed to clean their hands with soap at the end.


Orientation to National Digital Library by Dr.Sonal Jain

Date- 5th August


India is one of those countries that is grappling with digital divide which in the present times can pull the country down in terms of development. We all are a part of ‘knowledge economy’ where information is the benchmark of progress and power

.We are past the days when knowledge had physical boundaries or a typical formal education was determining the intellect. After IT revolution India did have smart phone revolution too, modern technology is successfully substituting primitive methodology of work and hence under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, India started a project called National Digital library of India which is a digital repository containing textbooks, articles, videos, audio books, lectures, simulations, fiction and all other kinds of learning media. As IIS (deemed to be

)University is promoting learning on digital lines, 275 NSS volunteers were oriented for the same by Dr. Sonal Jain delivered lecture on how the portal is to be used. She acquainted the students with the registration process and gave them necessary information regarding access and restrictions.

She told the students about how they can access the Library and other digital libraries linked with it. From accessing the library through metacampus account to borrowing book digitally from another library,Dr Sonal Jain ensured that the session proves to be useful and informative.

Further, Dr Sonal Jainalso made the students aware about the best library user award, its criteria and the perks the award offers. She ended the session by telling the do’s and don’ts for the college library. The session came out to be very informative and useful. The volunteers were happy and contented to know such important details. The session ended at 10:30 am.


Painting Competition on Gandhiji

26 August , 2019


On 26th August 89 volunteers of NSS organized Painting competition of Gandhiji in the Badmohanpura and Dadabari govt. School. All the children of the school have to draw the drawing of Gandhiji we made drawing of the same on the blackboard and children also made it efficiently if anybody has a problem we helped them and make them draw, we also made them draw Swachhta related drawings like Dustbin ,people cleaning with broom ,how to clean our surroundings .We have collected the sheets and photographs of it. Children enjoyed it very much.


Quiz Competition

26th  August 2019


What a wonderful way to start the week!


The NSS volunteers were privileged that they got a chance to bring smiles on the faces of little children. Monday 26, August 2019, 85 NSS volunteers visited Kalyanpura government school with an aim to educate children about the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. Volunteers conducted a quiz session on Bapu's life and teachings. Each group had a total of 20 questions made & displayed either on a chart or on sheet. Students were asked to answer different questions. To our surprise, the observation was that the students of the school up to class fifth were not even aware of Mahatma Gandhi. We tried to impart the knowledge to them about who Mahatma Gandhi and his teachings.




Swachhata Pakhwada (2019)

2- 14th  September, 2019



Swachhata Pakhwada was conducted in IIS (deemed to be University), Jaipur between 1st September to 15th September. A Jal Shakti Team was constituted involving the faculties and students. The activities which were undertaken during this Pakhwada were conducted in University campus and in Hasampura village adopted by the University under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan. A total of 234 volunteers participated in all the activities. Details of the activities are:





2nd Sept 2019

Problem   Identification   and                   strategies planning to deal with those problems Constitution of “Gram Jal Shakti Team”

in villages

Hasampura village

4th Sept 2019

Water conservation Awareness campaign

(guest Lecture by expert)

Hasampura village

6th Sept 2019

Poster making on Efficiency in utilization

of water

Government      schools

Hasampura village


7th Sept 2019

Oath taking on Ban of single use plastic

Government      schools

Hasampura village


9th Sept 2019

Poster making on Efficiency in utilization

of water

IIS        (deemed        to        be

University), Jaipur Campus

11th Sept 2019

Slogan writing on “Ban use of Plastic”

Government      schools

Hasampura village


11th Sept 2019

Distribution of bags for collection of

plastics from households

Hasampura village

12th Sept 2019

Slogan writing on “Ban use of Plastic”

IIS        (deemed        to

University), Jaipur


14th Sept 2019

Documentary screening on “Ban use of


IIS        (deemed             to

University), Jaipur


14th Sept 2019

Skit on “Ban use of Plastic”

Government                             schools

Hasampura village



Audit of Existing rainwater harvesting

facility in the campus

IIS        (deemed             to

University), Jaipur




Problem Identification


Members of Jal Shakti team visited the Hasampura village on 2nd Sept 2019 to have an idea about the existing water conservation activities undertaken by the villagers, water related problem which they are facing and to formulate strategies to deal with those problems. One day before the visit Sarpanch was informed and he was requested to inform the villagers about the Jal Shakti team visit. Villagers were asked to gather at a common place and the activity started with a discussion on present status of water in the village. During the discussion the problems identified related to water are: There is an acute problem of water in the village and there is no alternate resource except Nevta bandh. The villagers did not just face problems with respect to irrigation for agriculture but also experienced difficulties in arranging water for day to day activities. The water level in the village had depleted alarmingly over the years.



Villagers were found to be aware about the water scarcity in their village and they are facing it too but surprisingly not doing anything for water conservation. Male complained that women at home waste water a lot but women did not agreed to their statement. Although they are informed about water scarcity in Rajasthan through different media sources but not taking any step to resolve this problem due to lack of self-realization. Only two-three households were found to have installed the system of water harvesting. No further step was taken to renovate the traditional water bodies like wells, ponds etc.



Constitution of “Gram Jal Shakti Team” in Hasampura


A Gram Jal Shakti team of total seven members were constituted in Hasampura village on 2nd Sept 2019. Two women and three women from the village and two faculty members of IIS (deemed to be university, Jaipur), Dr. Alka Kataria and Ms. Archana Kumari were included in the team. Approval of the village Sarpanch was taken for the Gram Jal Shakti Team.




Expert Talk on Water Conservation


On 4th Sept 2019 an expert talk was organized in Hasanpura village. The expert was Dr. Alka Kataria, Assistant professor in the Department of Environment Science. She

began her talk with importance of water and scarcity of it especially in Rajasthan. She said that water conservation should begin from home itself and teaching the future generation about the value of every drop of water should be practiced in each household. She suggested few measures for saving water and appealed especially to women present there to practice those strategies at their home. She talked about the depletion of groundwater level in the village and suggested the villagers to save rain water through the technique of rainwater harvesting. She also suggested few techniques to farmers for using and storing rainwater efficiently for irrigation in their farms. Tree plantation on a huge scale was also suggested by the expert.




Poster making on Efficiency in utilization of water


A poster making competition was organized in government school of Hasampura on 6th Sept 2019. The purpose to organize this competition was to make children aware about the ways they can adopt in their day-to-day life for saving water by using it efficiently. Before making the poster children were explained by the students of IIS (deemed to be University), Jaipur about how and when they generally waste water in their daily activities and how they can save water. It was very surprising to see that many students showed the ways of water being wasted in their surroundings through pictures or writing on paper.

On 9th Sept 2019 poster making competition on the same theme was organized in the IIS (deemed to be University), Jaipur campus. 46 students participated in this activity and prepared meaningful posters and pasted in every classroom.





Oath taking on water conservation


Students, teachers as well as non-teaching staff members of government school of Hasampura took a pledge to conserve water. The aim of this activity was to educate children on the importance of water and the need to plant saplings. Emphasizing on

the significance of water conservation, the faculty of IIS (deemed to be University), Jaipur and Principal of the school asserted that it was the need of the hour. The teachers advised the students to stop wasting water and motivate their family members, friends and other acquaintances to save it.


Slogan writing on “Ban use of Plastic”


The activity of Slogan writing on ban on single use plastic was organized in government school of Hasampura on 11th Sept 2019. To make the campus free from plastic it is very important to make the students aware about the harm to the environment caused by using plastic and encourage them to take initiatives in making their campus plastic free. Slogans on ban of single use plastic were written and displayed in each and every classroom by the students.

On 12th Sept 2019 slogan writting competition on the same theme was organized in the IIS (deemed to be University), Jaipur campus.


Distribution of bags for collection of plastics from households


During the visit it was found that plastic has created havoc in Hasampura as there is no facility of common dumping area. The whole village is littered with plastics. Faculties and students of IIS (deemed to be University), Jaipur tried to convince villagers for not throwing garbage in open areas but in the absence of garbage dumping area it cannot be possible. So as alternative villagers were given big plastic bags and were asked to dump their plastic waste in that bag so that the van from the university will come and collect the garbage once in a fortnight.



Documentary screening on “Ban use of Plastic”


On 14th sept 2019, documentary screening was done at Government School Hasanpura to promote ban on use of plastic.


Skit on Ban of single use plastic


Cattles roam the streets littered with garbage looking for food. As cows pick through piles of garbage, hunting for leftovers, they also consume plastic. Unsurprisingly, the biggest plastic pollutant digested by cows is plastic bags. The bits of plastic consumed build up in their internal organs, which make it difficult for cows to eat. As a result, milk production drops as does milk quality. Over time, the plastic consumption “sentences cattle to a slow and cruel death.


To sensitize the students towards this issue a skit was prepared and performed by students of government school under the guidance of students of IIS (deemed to be University), Jaipur in the school campus on 14th September 2019.



Documentary Screening on Ban of Single use of Plastic

DATE: 9th Sep, 2019


Plastic bags are everywhere in our environment. In our modern lives, they have become a part of us. However, the convenience of these plastic bags come at a very high cost to the environment and negatively affects human health. To raise awareness on the same, a documentary screening was organised for the students of D6-D10 of NSS on the topic of “Ban on the use of single use plastic”. Three documentaries were screened for the students namely ‘A plastic wave’, ‘India could ban 6 single-use plastic products from Oct 2’ and ‘What really happens to the plastic you throw away’. It was an eye opener for the students as most of them were not aware about the complexity of the situation.


Documentary screening on Mahatma: A great soul of 20th Century

September 16, 2019


364 volunteers of group A, B, C, D, E (6-10) attended the screening of the documentary on Mahatma – a great soul of 20th century for their NSS activity. The activity was held at the AV hall at 9:30 am. A short documentary was being played in which all the struggles faced and witnessed by our freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi – ‘The Father of the Nation ‘ were shown.

All the movements which took place for the independence of our country and the particular cause behind all these movements were also informatively displayed. All the rights, policies which were removed and implemented by the Britishers were also discussed.

All the students found the documentary very informative and interesting. They all came to visualise the lives of their freedom fighters more closely and got to know more about the history and importance of which played the vital role in the independence of our country.


Literacy Project in Government Schools

9th September,2019


The NSS volunteers went to 5 different government schools for the literacy project. There were 480 volunteers who took up the task to impart knowledge among the students by using innovative ideas related to education. The students made posters with the volunteers. They expressed their concern about the importance of cleanliness through art. This activity aimed at inculcating knowledge among the students so that they can become channels of spreading civic sense in general. It was a true learning experience for the volunteers as well as the students.


Literacy Project in Government Schools (Acknowledging Mahatma Gandhi’s contribution)

16th September, 2019


As a part of the literacy project, 335 volunteers of NSS went to 5 government schools to share knowledge about Mahatma Gandhi’s contribution as we mark the 150 years of his birthanniversary. The volunteers made the students write few lines about the father of the nation so that children can get exposed to India’s most crucial part of the history and understand the impact that substantial leadership can have.




Short film screening on Gandhi

September 16,2019


Under Literacy project, 236 NSS volunteers went to various Government Schools for their NSS activity. Under the guidance of Ms. Vyoma Agarwal, the students of the school were divided in groups. Each group was allotted one class and the volunteer taught them different topics like cleanliness of surroundings, traffic rules and animal cruelty, hygiene and healthy living, healthy eating and proper nutrition and screened a documentary on Mahatma Gandhi.

The main motives of the activity were to aware students about the little things which we tend to ignore and are important for the development of a little kid to a responsible citizen. The students were very happy to have an interactive session filled with knowledge, joy and fun. For NSS volunteers the feeling of teaching students was rewarding.


Guest Lecture on topic 'Healthy Breakfast as a part of PoshanMaah

23rd  September, 2019



A guest lecture was held in AV Hall on monday 23/09/19 on topic 'Healthy Breakfast as a part of PoshanMaah' by NSS Department of IIS University in a time slot of one hour. The main aim of the activity was to spread awareness about importance of healthy breakfast in day today life. The speaker for the session was Ms.VyomaAgarwal, who with her sound knowledge on the topic gave us important information and cleared doubts of students at the end of session. Thus it was an overall interactive session. 89 students attended the same.



Role play on Nutritive value of fruits and vegetables

30th  September, 2019



An interaction session was held in Government Middle school, Sumernagar for making the students aware about the importance of breakfast in their meal routine. They were made to interact and take a pledge to have their breakfasts daily and a poem was also sung with the kids on the importance of the first meal of the day. Overall, it was an interactive, fun filled session. 68 students participated in the event.


Guest Lecture on Rethinking Single use Plastic

30th September, 2019



On 30 September, 200 students of NSS attended a session on Single-Use Plastic. The session was taken over by Dr. Harshita Upadhyaya who is an assistant professor at IIS (Deemed to be University), Jaipur. She has life membership of certain organizations. She has also presented papers in more than 30 national and international conferences. She explained how plastic is made, how it is harmful to animals as well as for humans. She also suggested ways by which we can reduce the use of plastic and even substitute it.

The session was an informative session as the students gained a lot of information



Thali on Balanced diet

30th September, 2019


The topic was “Thali on balanced diet”. 158 NSS volunteers went to badmohanpura school and taught the students that they should eat nutritious food so all the volunteers brought a thermacol plate and pictures of healthy food and taught them to eat cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits, milk products which are high in calcium and are high in nutrition and also have many Vitamins in it, told them to avoid the packaged food and the food which is not good for their health.


Blood Donation Camp

Date:2nd October 2019

Venue: IIS (deemed to be University), Jaipur



National Service Scheme unit of IIS (Deemed to be University) organized a blood donation camp to commemorate 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on Wednesday, October 2nd from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm. The camp was organised in association with SwathyaKalyan Blood Bank and Rajasthan Hospital. The inauguration was done by the Dr. Ashok Gupta, Vice Chancellor, IIS (Deemed to be University). Dr. Rakhi Gupta, Rector and Registrar, IIS (Deemed to be University), Dr. SharadRathore, Programme Officer Unit I, Ms. Archana Kumari, Programme Officer Unit II, all the faculty coordinators, and student volunteers of NSS Unit were also present in the inaugural ceremony.

A team of 7doctors and nurses of SwathyaKalyan Blood Bank came for collection of blood. Doctors from Rajasthan Hospital checked all the registered donors thoroughly for hemoglobin, weight, BP and other disease before approving them for blood donation. Students and Faculty members of IIS (Deemed to be University) donated blood in the camp.

There was an overwhelming response from students and faculties, a total of 102 units were collected in the camp. Some of the donors who could not donate this time were assured for donation in the next camp. Blood donors were distributed refreshment after the donation to regain the energy. The camp created awareness regarding the importance of blood donation amongst the students and faculty members. A total of 200 volunteers became a part of the event.


Bapu’s Bhajan In Govrernment School

Date: 14th  October 2019


On 14thOctober 2019, 65 NSS volunteers , in order to mark 150th birth year of Gandhi ji , decided to make school students learn Gandhi ji’s quotes. NSS volunteers for the purpose selected several quotes Gandhi ji related to non -violence, truth, faith, Simplicity, belief, Vegetarianism, etc. Volunteers explained the meaning of quotes to school students and them make them memorize those quotes. Also volunteers ask the school students to follow those quotes in their life.


Skit Preparation on Gandhi, School

21stOctober 2019


178 students of NSS, Unit II went to Badmohanpura government school for celebrating Gandhi’s Birthday by preparing a skit with the school children.There they all gave brief ideologies of Gandhi Ji to inspire the students and motivate them.

It not only benefited the school students but also the NSS students to get a exposure and a wide area to come up to teach others and get a chance to be the reason for someone else's smile.

Hand-Wash Awareness

21st  October, 2019



86 Students from unit II went for community services in Badmohanpura Govt. School for hand wash awareness. Students played some animated videos and demonstration of how to wash our hand properly.

Students also distributed liquid hand wash soap in school to create hygiene awareness in small government school students. Students also displayed hygiene awareness posters on school notice board for their future referencing.



Awareness about importance keeping hands clean

Date: 21st  October 2019


On 21st October 2019, 108 NSS volunteers conducted one more activity in government school, kalyanpura and Dadabari. The motto of the activity was to create Awareness about importance of keeping hands clean among the teachers and students of the school. During the activity, first volunteers made the students and teachers aware about harmful effect of not keeping hands clean. They let the students know about different type of diseases caused on using dirty hands. Thereafter, Volunteers explained correct way of washing hands to everyone.The animated movies were shown to children for making them aware about correct procedure of washing hands, reasons to wash hands. Volunteers also interacted with the staff of school and handed them a pamphlet contain all about the activity motto. At the ends all school students were made to wash hands with correct procedure.




Diya Decoration Activity – Dadabari Government Primary School

21st  October, 2019


106 NSS volunteers from Unit I visited Dadabadi school for the NSS activity. The volunteers helped the students in decorating the diyas for diwali . The students enjoyed and used their creativity for decorating the diyas. This helped the students in using their artistic instinct.


Guest Lecture on Breast Cancer

21st  October, 2019


Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women all over India and accounts for 25% to 31% of all cancers in women in Indian cities. October is breast cancer awareness month, an annual campaign to educate people about breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer. This disease has become a major problem all across the world including India. The knowledge and awareness about breast cancer allows one to screen them for the disease, thereby helping in early detection of the cancer process. A Guest Lecture on Breast Cancer Awareness was organised in AV hall. 128 NSS volunteers from Unit I attended the same.The resource person was Dr. SapnaBothra Jain.



Celebration of Constitution Day

26th  November, 2019



“The Constitution Day” was celebrated by NSS Unit of the IIS (Deemed to be University), Jaipur at the Government Middle School, Sumernagar on 26th November, 2019, to spread awareness about the Indian Constitution and to instill a sense of patriotism among the students. . A special period was taken up by Dr. Archana Gupta, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, in class VIIIth and by Ms. Archana Kumari, Programme Officer, NSS, IIS (deemed to be University), Jaipur in class Vth. The meaning of the Constitution, the Preamble, the Five year Plan and the Directive Principle was explained to students in both the classes. In her address she said, “The constitution is the foundation of the country's political system under which its people are governed. Constitution of any State legislature, executive and judiciary wings establishes their powers, the demarcation of their obligations and regulates their relations with the public. Following the class, students of class Vth to VIIth were asked to assemble in the courtyard of school and explained about the significance of the Constitution Day and the importance of being a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic and Republic country. Dr. Archana Gupta spoke on the meaning of the Preamble and explained the very philosophy of the Constitution through the meaning of Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. She highlighted the attainment of Fraternity through Liberty and Equality. The celebration ended with students taking the pledge by reciting The Preamble to the Constitution. 65 students became a part of the event.


Interactive Session: Rajasthan Police on Self Defense (Nirbhaya Squad)

January 6th, 2020



200 Volunteers of NSS group A attended a session by Police Constables, Rajasthan Police, Nirbhaya Squad. The session was very interactive which threw light on the importance and need of the self defense among the young girls. They explained about basic safety measures to be taken by any female while travelling. The lady police constables’ demonstrated some basic techniques of self defence. Moreover, they created awareness amongst the girls about the self-defense training sessions organised by the Rajasthan Police for the females. The volunteers enthusiastically participated in the session and showed interest in attending the training sessions of self- defense.


Guest Lecture on Women’s health and Check- up

January 13, 2020



A guest lecture was organised by NSS on 13th January, 2019 on the topic of 'women's health' together with medical checkup for student as well as faculty of IIS (deemed to be  University).  A total of   371   NSS   volunteers   participated   in   the   same.   The guest speakers for the day were Dt. Manila Bhargava and Divya Gupta from B. Lal Path labs. Dr. Divya Gupta started with a brief introduction about the cervical cancer and how it affects the Indian women. She discussed the potential symptoms of cervical cancer and the basic diagnosis involved, including details about pap smearing. She further discussed about the available treatment options and the vaccines, i.e, gardasil and cervarix. The age-wise dosage and the need for routine medical check-up was also emphasized upon.

Later, Dt. Manila Bhargava spoke about the importance of a balanced diet and the ill effects of lack of nutrition in one's diet and the requirement of having atleast 3 full meals in a day.

The importance of having an adequate quantity of water and diet enriched with vitamins and minerals were also discussed. Towards the end, she spoke about the main constituents of a balanced diet like cereals, protein, carbs, oil, ghee, milk, fruits, vegetables etc. and debunked myths related to healthy diets which include fasting for a long stretch, strict fruit diet to name a few. The program ended with the presenting of the momentos to the guests followed by a health check up camp in the infirmary.




Women Empowerment through Self Defense Skill Camp

18-25th  January, 2020


The NSS unit of IIS (deemed to be university) organized a seven days camp for Women empowerment through self defense in collaboration with Women cell of Jaipur Police for NSS volunteers of the university. The objective of this camp was to empower the girls by imparting them with self defense martial art skills. Self defense martial art skills training is specifically chosen to empower the girls so that they can protect themselves from mis-happenings taking place with girls in society now a days.

During the camp two women police officers have trained 150 girls. In order to empower the NSS volunteers of university with skill of martial art, to be used against wrong doers, they taught various techniques practically to the girls. They also presented various situation in front of girls like front rolling, back rolling , when someone push from back or front , etc. and taught them how to tackle in such adverse situation.

The seven day camp ended on 25th January, 2020 in presence of DCP and IPS Preeti Jain, Additional DCP Sunita Meena and Inspector Mamta Shardul along with rector and faculties of university. In the valedictory session, DCP and IPS Preeti Jain addressed the gathering and quoted that martial art skills are insurance which will help girls to save in situation of difficulties. She focused on the fact that a girl should try to save herself on her own for first by making use of self defense techniques and then only look for legal help. Additional DCP Sunita Meena also addressed the girls and given them a message of not to be afraid of anyone. During valedictory session, NSS volunteers have demonstrated different tricks learned during the camp in front of dignitaries. All the volunteers trained in camp seemed to be full of strength and confidence after the camp.


Quiz: Road Safety

January 20, 2020



The NSS Department of IIS (deemed to be university) organised a guest lecture on 20th January, 2019 on the topic of 'road safety'. A resource person from Maruti Driving School was invited to take the session on road safety. The session was started with a brief introduction about road safety. He discussed the number of accidents that happen in India and the reasons for them. He then conducted a test on road safety and rules and regulations of driving on roads. He talked about the necessity and the importance of following the rules while driving on indian roads. Discussion on the questions and answers for the test was done. The student’s later questions about road safety. The program ended with presenting mementoes to the guests. 248 students attended the session.


NSS Special Camp

(26th  Jan-1st  Feb, 2020)


Day 1: Inaugration of the Camp and Visit to Kushthashram


NSS Units of IIS (Deemed to be University) have organized a seven day Special Camp for NSS volunteers from January 26th to 1st February 2020. 150 students registered for the camp. The inauguration of the camp took place on Republic Day, January 26th, 2020. The ceremony commenced with Flag Hoisting by Dr. Ashok Gupta, Vice Chancellor, IIS (deemed to be University). After that, the NSS volunteers presented the NSS song and a patriotic group song which was sung by the Group Leaders of NSS. A Nukkad Natak highlighting the positive role of the three pillars of the government and the role of the responsible citizens in democracy was also presented by the NSS volunteers. The inaugural ceremony and Republic Day celebration came to an end with the blessings and words of wisdom by Dr. Ashok Gupta, Vice Chancellor, IIS (deemed to be University) who was the chief guest on this occasion.


The volunteers then visited the ‘Manav Kushth Ashram’ at Galta. It is a home and work place specially dedicated to leprosy patients. The NSS  volunteers  visited  the  whole ashram which comprise of work stations, temple, residential quarters, common area, chaupal, etc. The volunteers performed a skit on the role of responsible citizens in democracy. The volunteers interacted with the residents of the ashram, and got aquainted with the challenges and the skills used by them for their livelihood. The ashram inmates shared their experience with the volunteers and thanked them for visiting. The ashram visit was followed by a visit to Bad Ka Balaji, a temple situated in front of the ashram.


Day 2: 27th  Jan 2020


Yoga session and Orientation for Nukkad Natak:


The first day of the NSS camp started with the yoga session. The early morning yoga session helped the students to collect their energy and get prepared for the entire day camp. The students participated in the session with keen interested. After the yoga session the Mr Mohammad Ali oriented the students about the intricacies of Preparing the Nukkad Natak. The mentors gave an insight into the basic principles and guidelines to be taken care off while making an impactful creative Nukkad Natak. The students were further divided into small groups which then brainstormed the ideas of the Nukkan to be showcased at the end of the camp.

Projects in Schools and Umang:


33 Students of special NSS camp of Group A participated and visited Dadabari Government school. There they all covered different subjects using creative methods of teaching from class 1st to 5th.Sudents of class 1st and 2nd were taught rhymes using hands ,class 3rd and 4th were taught addition and subtraction using number line and also prepared for their maths exam and 5th class students were revised hindi chapters for exams. Similarly the 35 students of Group B went to Badmohanpura school with the project on envirornement. NSS.. On day I students diliver a introductory session about environment pollution and their causes. In a week they are planning to arrange a documentary session , tree plantation and nukkad natak. Students of the school were excited for the whole week. 32 Volunteers of Group C went to Kalyanpura School with the project on stress management during examination. During the discussion, first they traced out the examination pattern followed in school. Thereafter they tried and find out students view point regarding stress before and during the examination. Volunteers have observed that there was a mixed response of students regarding stress but majority was found agreeing that they remain in stress during exam.12 volunteers of NSS Group D took the project cleanliness and hygiene and went to haziawala school . The project for students of Group E was on Learning Physiotherapy named “Finer and Motor Skills” for helping disabled children and learning how special children learn through these activities in special school. 26 NSS volunteers of Group-E visited the special school ‘Umang’ located in Kshipra Path, Mansarovar, Jaipur. To begin with the Chairperson of Umang Dr Deepak Kalra briefed them about the organisation Umang. Students have gone for a visit to the school; their classrooms and training rooms and also to the physiotherapy area. The volunteers worked into two groups; and gave them hands on learning assignment of physiotherapy named “Finer and Motor skills”. In this assignment NSS volunteers will get a chance to interact with the students; and also will learn about the physiotherapy school gives to disabled students.


Interaction with Principals of Government schools on Issues and Challangesin Govt Schools


Dr. Suman Visth, Principle, Haziawala School, Jaipur and Dr. Jogender Singh Bugalia, HM, Hazialwala School, Jaipur were welcomed with a token of gratitude. Dr. Suman commenced the lecture with telling the students how NSS Volunteers have helped the schools and students to grow high with not only education but also their rights, which the volunteers of NSS have made them aware with the help of nukkad nataks and functions. Mr. Jogender shared the problems that they are facing in educating these children. Sir talked about how the children who come to the schools struggle to come to school but are very excited to learn. The session concluded with the experiences of NSS volunteers with the children of these schools.


Guest Lecture on how to make posters


Dr. Shwet Goyal, Associate Professor IIS (Deemed to be University) gave a knowledgeable and fulfilled lecture in NSS Special camp. The main aim of the session was to acquaint the students with the role of posters in human life since centuries. The speaker enlightened the students about the inclusion of posters in communication design and how they connect masses with one idea, by one caption or slogan. It was a mesmerizing lecture and the girls were glued to their seats listening to the lecture with all attention. . Sir talked about different slogans used in posters to aware the citizens for various ideas like;”Youth chala polling booth” , “Hum do, humaare do”,”Chordo saare kaam kaaj, vote karne chalo aaj” and many beautiful slogans. The session was very knowledgeable and informative.

Day 3: 28th Jan 2020


Yoga Session: The second day of the NSS camp started with the yoga session. The session helps to warm up the body. Few small aasana are practiced in this session. Students are quite enthusiastic for the same.


Nukkad Natak: After the yoga session the Mr Mohammad Ali started teaching few skills of nukkadnatak. Students are divided in team and different themes are selected by them.Students started practicing their respective group theme.


Projects in School: Students of special NSS camp of Group A As a part of the project theme ’Creative Learning’, volunteers went to Dadabari school to help them with their studies. The volunteers as per the activity plan took pulses and gram to enhance motor skills of the students and teach them tables using the same. The NSS volunteers divided themselves into groups and each group went to various classes for interacting with the students and teaching them through innovative ways. For all those students who find mathematics difficult to learn,it was truly a fun activity and since they have their exams going on ,it was really a productive exercise for them .The volunteers used certain games to teach students that could help them remember various kinds of nouns. As a part of the literacy project, volunteers assisted the students to revise their curriculum.Similarly the students of Group B went to Badmohanpura school with the project on environment.They showcased a short movie on environment pollution, students love to see that. Film is based on a child who worked for environment conservation with limited resources.Volunteers of Group C went to Kalyanpura School with the project on stress management during examination. On day 2 ,nss volunteers shared strategy to cope with stress during exams .by means of chart they made the students understand how they can distress them by practicing very small things like time management, taking balanced diet,etc. Volunteers of NSS Group    D took the project cleanliness Three activities were undertaken: Drains cleaning, Paper bag making Poster making competition The drains in Hajiyawala are open and filthy. So an effort was made to clean them and raise awareness about the same in the community. Drains were cleaned with the help of a sweeper, under the supervision of students. The school students were taught the method of preparing paper bags in order to discourage the use of plastic bags. They prepared two bags individually. Poster making competition was organised on the theme of “Environmental hygiene”. The winners were given chocolates as a token of appreciation for their work. Students enjoyed the activities. Group E was on Learning Physiotherapy named “Finer and Motor Skills” for helping disabled children and learning how special children learn through these activities in special school. volunteers of Group-E visited the special school ‘Umang’ located in Kshipra Path, Mansarovar, Jaipur. With their brief orientation the previous day, students moved on to understand and learn the various

activities which they have to do with the special children in order to improve their finer and motor skills. There were 6 different activities involved which were related to development of sensation, perception, balance, etc., in special children. Thereafter, NSS volunteers were divided into groups of two and were monitoring the movement of every child in every activity. This was an enriching experience for all the NSS volunteers as they got to learn many complexities involved in such activities. They were thrilled to be a part of these activities developing ‘finer and motor skills’ in special children.



Rally on Assam: Students of NSS showcased the culture of Assam by the means of a rally in which students are dressed up in asamees attire along with different posters related to their culture, food, clothes, crops etc. The rally was full of excitement; even the other university students join them and followed their typical asamees steps.

Demonstartion on plantation: Dr. Aditi R Khandelwal, Sr. Assistant Professor IIS (Deemed to be University) Jaipur were welcomed. Her lecture was on Plant varieties available at market. She demonstrated how to put a plant both indoor and outdoor. She showcased different varieties of indoor plant, which are very user friendly. She concluded with significance of having plants at home so that we can have pollution free air to breathe.


Guest Lecture on Child Labor: Mr NavneetSingh and Nikita Meena director GoodweaveIndia, were welcomed with a token of gratitude. They people running an NGO to protect children from child labour. They starterd with a small quiz with students and then provide awareness about the child labour act and things we can do when we came across with such issues, the session was highly interactive and students found it informative.


Poster Making: Ms Sheetal, Assistant Professor IIS (Deemed to be University) gave a knowledgeable and fulfilled lecture in NSS Special camp. The main aim of the session was to get familier with assam culture by the means of poster making. The students learn poster making skills , how to make an expressive and acute posters.


Day 4: 29th Jan 2020


Yoga session: The day started with yoga session by Ms. JankiPareek. The NSS volunteers learnt and practiced various aasanas during the session. In the session , the instructor also tell them about various mantra like gayatri mantra ,  saraswati  mantra and make the volunteers understood their importance in keeping one self fit. Towards the end of session, the instructor makes the volunteers practice meditation by spelling “OM”.


Demonstration on Seed Ball Preparation: The second session of the day was taken by Mr. Nikhil of Podha NGO. The NGO Podha works for conservation of forest in the country. In the session Mr. Nikhil talked about his latest initative – “Seed Balls”. Seed Balls are ball of mud and potters clay carrying seeds of trees. These ball when thrown in monsoon on soil leads to birth of a plant without any other efforts. Sir, explained the process of preparing the balls to the volunteers .He informed that such balls can be prepared for all kind of plants and trees. NSS volunteers also prepared the seed ball in his supervision during the session.


Projects in Schools: Soon after two session all the NSS groups went to school for conducting their project related activities.22 Students of special NSS camp of Group A visited Dadabari Government school. The activity under Creative Learning was Creative Writing. The school students were shown an object/picture and were asked to write about it. The students were confused about the activity but when the instructions were cleared and the volunteers encouraged them, the students did the task with a smile on their face. 16 studentsof Group B went to Badmohanpura school with the project on envirornement. they help the different groups of students in preparing small skit on the topic environment conservation. Tomorrow these students will perform in front of other school students and teachers.Students of govt school participated with full enthusiasm and are looking very excited to perform tomorrow.12 Volunteers of Group C went to Kalyanpura School with the project on stress management during examination. They have shown documentary to students to cope with situation of stress during examination. They also have made the charts

related to theme and explained them to the students. Volunteers gifted those chart to school for future use.13 volunteers of NSS Group D took the project cleanliness and hygiene and went to haziawalaschool .The students of group D did wall painting in the Hajiawala community in the theme hygiene and sanitation. They painted slogans and pictures to raise awareness on environmental hygiene.four posters were made on the wall. The activity was successful and highly appreciated by the residents.The project for students of Group E was on Learning Physiotherapy named “Finer and Motor Skills”.15NSS volunteers of Group-E visited the special school ‘Umang’ located in Kshipra Path, Mansarovar, Jaipur for the project related activity.


Guest Lecture by Mr. Kapil Anand: On the third day of camp,an experience sharing lecture of Mr.KapilAnad was conducted. Mr. KapilAnand is National Award winner NSS officer. He shared his experience of as a NSS officer with all the volunteers. He also express his viewpoints regarding swachh BharatAbhiyan. He motivated the volunteers by quoting that youth of nation can serve the nation not only by means of defence but also through NSS.

Food of Assam: A session on Food of assam was also conducted during the camp as one of the theme related to “Ek Bharat , Shrestha Bharat” project of government. During this session Ms. VyomaAgrawal demonstrated to the volunteers the recipe of various Assamidishes like Mogur-bor, Tel Pitha, Tetli Tangerine Shorbot

,BilahiBororTenga by cooking in front of them.All the volunteers very keenly learnt the recipe preparation and appreciated the efforts of Ms. VyomaAgrawal.


Day 5: 30th Jan., 2020


On fourth day of the camp along with yoga session and Nukkad Natak Training. A cultural program of dance and music portraying assamese culture were organised after the poster making competition. The Guest of Honour for the event were Prof.

M.K Sharma, Dean, Commerce and Management, IIS (Deemed to be University), Prof.

K.S Sharma, CRIT, IIS (Deemed to be University) and Prof. Pradeep Bhatnagar, Dean,

Faculty of Sciences, IIS (Deemed to be University). The guests appreciated the volunteers' efforts of portrayal of Assamese culture.


It was followed by a guest lecture by Dr. Ritu Mehra on HIV AIDS. The lecture was conducted to make the volunteers aware about the HIV AIDS. Dr. Ritu Mehra shared, what the virus is. She also shared the symptoms and effects of HIV on human body. She also explained the volunteers about how HIV spread and what measures can be taken for the virus to not communicate to others. She also shared the preventive measures and treatment options of HIV AIDS. Volunteers learned about HIV and asked lots of questions to Dr. Mehra in the end of the lecture. It was a great learning experience for the NSS volunteers.


Day 6: 31st Jan 2020


The sixth day of the NSS camp started with the yoga session conducted by Ms. Janki Pareek. The session helps to warm up the body and rejuvenate the mind and soul. Few aasanas were practiced in this session and the students were enthusiastic for the same and became cheerful after the session.


Projects in Schools:


Students of special NSS camp of Group A As a part of the project theme ’Creative Learning’, volunteers went to Dadabari school to help them with their studies. The activity under creative learning was about seasons of India. The students used charts

and interesting pictorial presentation to make the children understand the concept of seasons in the country. The student volunteers sketched map of India on the wall of school for school children to understand the regional diversity of the country. All the students showed great enthusiasm while teaching the school children. At the end a revision exercise was conducted to evaluate the learning of school children in which majority of children understood about the concept of season.


Similarly the students of Group B went to Badmohanpura school with the project on environment. The volunteers create an environment friendly atmosphere in school by doing Yoga ,Zumba exercise with students. Students move along with them and felt so energetic. our volunteers also told them the importance of exercise and ask them to do daily.


On the last day of project Group C volunteers have shown a nukkad natak on the theme of project to school student. They also conducted a flash mob session in the school . At the end , volunteers distributed the handouts having strategies to make oneself stress free. All the activities of volunteers were highly appreciated by students and staff of school.


NSS volunteers of Group D went to Hajiyawala Government Primary School for Cleanliness and Hygiene project. The Volunteers along with the school students conducted rally for creating awareness towards cleanliness. They displayed the posters on cleanliness to the community people and raised the slogans for the same. The rally was followed by nukkad natak presentation on the theme of cleanliness by the volunteers which was appreciated by the gathering. The school students also presented a skit to show the importance of cleanliness.


The project for students of Group E was on Learning Physiotherapy named “Finer and MotorSkills” for helping disabled children and learning how special children learn through these activities in special school. 17 NSS volunteers of Group-E visited the special school ‘Umang’ located in Kshipra Path, Mansarovar, Jaipur. The students trained special children in various activities related to motor skills. Since it was the final day of NSS Special Camp on Project Disability, the students interacted with the supervisor also. They discussed the various obstacles faced in the treatment of these special children.


Quiz on Assam: The activity on quiz and poster making on culture of Assam conducted in AV hall by the NSS volunteers. The activity started with a quiz which was based on the culture and history of Assam in which 20 questions were asked and on every correct answer students got one chocolate, followed by a poster presentation by the students of each group as they came up with prepared posters on the culture and habitat of Assam. Students presented the poster made by them group wise and presented the learning which they learned during the camp.


Guest Lecture by Mr. Bhupendra Singh: Mr. Bhupendra Singh from the HEALTHY FOOD BAZAAR was invited to share his belief of attaining good helth by using healthy foods and the usage of RAW OVER REFINED food products. He had an interactive session on the do’s and dont’s of food eating practices and behaviours and PURE FOOD.

Poster Presentation: Ms Sheetal Chitlangia, Assistant Professor IIS (Deemed to be University) coordinated the activity and a vast collection of posters were displayed in the back stage area of the university.

Dat 7: 1st Feb 2020, Valadiction Ceremony


The valediction ceremony of the NSS Special Camp (26th Jan 2020 to 1st Feb 2020) was organised on Saturday, February 1st, 2020. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mr.

S.P. Bhatnagar, Director, NSS Regional center, Govt. of India, Jaipurand to judge the Nukkad Ntak Competitions two judges were invited- Dr.Meenakshi Srivastava, Course coordinator in Umang NGO and Dr Priyanka Verma, coordinator, IISU Theatrical Society. The ceremony commenced with the NSS song sung by NSS volunteers. The guests and judges were felicitated by the NSS programme officers Dr.SharadRathore and Ms. Archana kumari.


During the seven days camp various activities were performed by NSS volunteers such as guest lectures, demonstrations, yoga, nukkad training, cultural programmes under Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat and projects in five adopted communities. All these activities were beautifully showcased by the volunteers with the help of presentations. This presentation was followed with a fusion dance to depict the cultural exchange between Rajasthan and Assam. The Nukkad prepared by volunteers on different

themes (Disability, Creative Learning, Environment, Cleanliness and Hygiene and Examination Stress) were presented. The massage delivered through Nukkad on socially sensitive issues not only helped in creating awareness but also made the Guest, judges and volunteers emotional. Judgesappreciated all the nukkad but as a rule one had to win so the team presented nukkad on disability theme won the competition. The chief guest and judges also visited the stalls put in the campus as a part of skill development training given to the volunteers during the camp and poster presented on different themes of Assam.


The Chief guest, Mr. S.P. Bhatnagar, addressed the NSS volunteers. In his address to the volunteers he shared that NSS unit of IIS (Deemed to be University) is doing commendable work through NSS activities. He praised the efforts of volunteers. He asked the program officers to share the videos and photographs of the camp, so that he will put it on National NSS portalas a model to be followed for Special camp by other institutions


Towards the end Dr. Sharad Rathore delivered vote of thanks to each and everyone contributed in making the special camp successful. The programme ended with National anthem.


Activity - Zumba dance

3rd February, 2020


The rising levels of pollution and the falling quality of air resulting in the overall climate change is the consequence of human ignorance and reckless exploitation of nature. Climate change is a burning environmental issue and every citizen has the responsibility to take steps in order to act for the nature. Keeping this in mind students of group A participated in the zumba dance organised to express solidarity with the environment. Mr. Nikhil from Paudha Climate Network was the resource person. The message to address the climatic change was conveyed by the students through zumba. This energetic activity was meant to raise awareness and sensitivity towards the climate change. 459 students became a part of the activity.


Poster making on water conservation

February 3, 2020



The NSS wing conducted an activity of poster making on the topic water conservation. In this activity the volunteers were told to make posters on the spot on water conservation. There were teachers to assist the students and group leaders being the helping hand. Water conservation being dedicated to the urgent problem of the contemporary world, through the posters the NSS volunteer showcased how important it is to conserve water and also showed some of the possible ways of water protection. The volunteers in this way also became a part of a practice. This activity was really beneficial. The students gave their best and posters were pasted in the government schools. 168 students participated in the event.

NSS REPORT 2018-2019

National service scheme of The IIS University had organised a general orientation for 220 NSS Volunteers, so that they could plan activities for the entire semester. This interaction and orientation session was successfully completed with the help of faculties associated with different groups of NSS. The team members decided to perform various activities of NSS. As many students of VIth semester passed out of college so new volunteers were taken into the team.

The following key points were discussed:

1. All the activities performed during last semester by NSS Volunteers were discussed to find out the loopholes and areas to be focussed more, so that the new students who have joined NSS this year could get to know about different projects undertaken in NSS.

2. The achievements of last semester in collaboration with Rotary Gurukul Jaipur was also discussed and future plans were shared with volunteers.

3. The volunteers were asked to share innovative and workable ideas on the basis of challenges faced by them personally in implementation of activities.

4. Especially literacy project running in different schools adopted by each group was discussed and new ideas for improving the academic outcome of students were included in the planning.

Tree Plantation

23 – 30th July 2018
At the onset of Monsoon, as a step towards environmental conservation, National service scheme of The IIS University had organised ‘TREE PLANTATION DRIVE in collaboration with ANGELS EYE FOUNDATION, JAIPUR’ at different places in Jaipur. This activity was successfully completed with the help of Mr. Abhishek, Jaipur. 345 NSS volunteers of different groups went into different communities and government schools and planted plantlets of different varieties in following locations: Ramdwara, Sanganer, Haziyawala Government Primary School, Sukhiya Government Primary School, Dadabari, Badmohanpura and Kalyanpura Government School, Sanganer, Grass Farm Nursery, Army area, Sirsi Road Sanganer, Jaipur.
Guest Lecture

 23rd July, 2018
178 NSS volunteers of different groups attended a session by Dr. Indu Ravi who shared about IGNOU programmes with new volunteers who had joined this session. The distance education programmes are relevant in the community for those who are unable to study in regular college.

Orientation for NSS Volunteers of Semester III by Dr. Sharad Rathore –

23rd July 2018
Though it is mandatory to choose one of the extracurricular activities in the I Semand most of the students join NSS in the very first year itself, they can volunteer to join NSS in Sem III as well. But as they doo not attend the Orientation programme meant for I year students, these volunteers who joined the NSS wing in their III Semester, weren’t aware about the activities and requirements of an NSS volunteer and with the procedure to become a group leader. Thus, Dr. SharadRathore, Programme Officer, NSS Unit I of IIS (Deemed to be University) oriented 300 such students and discussedthe various aspects of NSS with them.

 Rakhi Making Competetion –

29th July 2018
Rakshabandhan is a special occasion to celebrate the virtuous bond of love between a brotherand a sister which is one of the deepest in all human emotions. To immortalize this festival, arakhi making activity was organized for the students of NSS on 29th july 2019 and in whicharound 360 students participated. Students made beautiful rakhis using different articles likesilken thread, ribbon etc. Among these rakhis, the person with the best rakhiwere awardedand the rest of the rakhiswere sold in the campus.

Guest Lecture on Gender Sensitisation –

6 August, 2018
198 NSS volunteers attended a session on gender sensitization on sexual harassment. The session was organised on 6th August 2018. The session was initiated with a PPT presentation in order to create better understanding of gender discrimination for the NSS volunteers. During the entire session, the facilitators from Armaan, an NGO discussed about the various ways in which sexual harassment takes place in the society, at homes and at workplace. They also encouraged the volunteers to stand against the sexual harassment through their personal experience. They suggested that the students could carry a pepper spray and use whenever faced with any such situation. The volunteers came to know about their rights and how they could fight against such malpractices with the help of law. The session also ignited the spirit ofself-esteem.

Inauguration of PM’s SurajSarthibus

6 August, 2018

The another activity on the same day as launch of the YuvaVikasPrerak (YVP) SurajSarthi bus inaugurated on 6th August 2018 by chief minister of the state.The bus, with half a dozen digital hubs provides information about Raje government’s social welfare schemes, reforms and achievements across the state.The bus is designed to encourage visitors, share and learn through platforms like VASUdev, VASUNomics,etc. It also provides all detailed information about schemes like Bhamashah Health, CM .CM Rajshree Scheme, Rajasthan Free Scooty Scheme for Girls, Milk in MDM programm etc.State finance commission chairperson JyotiKiran who conceived the idea of YVP She addressed the gathering and said youth participation in government is crucial for every democracy. The YVP SurajSarthi bus will translate youths’aspirations into reality. It takes them through government innovations and reforms including programme for the youths. She said” The feedback of YVP and the suggestions from the visitors will be included in BJP’s election manifesto.” There was a song about the bus which sung by team of volunteers came along with bus. At the end 250 NSS volunteers visited the bus as well.

Guest Lecture by Mr. Amit Lodha, IPS Officer:

13th August, 2018
On Monday, 13th August 2018 a session was conducted by IPS officer, Shri AmitLodha. Mr. Lodha enlightened the students on how one can conquer their demons. He also philosophized the importance of being down to earth and confident at the same time. Mr. Lodha, in the session, talked about his professional life and narrated the story of how he caught dangerous criminals in Bihar. Mr. Lodha debunked some myths about being a police officer and told everyone how it is a job that requires willpower and grit. Apart from being an extraordinary police officer, Mr. Lodha is also a remarkable author. His book “Bihar Diaries”, an enthralling account of how he arrested one of the most feared gang-lords, is a best-seller. During the session he also talked about his book. The book has been praised my numerous celebrities like Emraan Hashami, Ronnie Skrewvala and Twinkle Khanna. His book is also being produced into two different movies by famous directors. Numerous students were inspired by him and bought his book and got it signed. Mr. Lodha wrote a personalized message for all those students. The session was attended by 189 NSS Volunteers and it turned out to be very interesting and inspiring one.


13th August, 2018

For this Group Leaders’ training 50 NSS volunteers assembled in the Seminar room initially to learn something new and invent something new in themselves. They were asked to give self-introduction. Mr. Valen and Miss Nadini, both Trainers in Genpact, in the LEARNING and DEVELOPMENT Department were the resource persons for this training. Mr. Valen, a calm, disciplined, determined, focused and wellcoordinated person introduced himself to the volunteers. Ms. NandiniDusad, was a Group Leader in NSS, The IIS University. The participants had to share one liner on their aspect about LEADERSHIP and their ASPIRATION as a NSS volunteer. It was a fun way to break ice. The volunteers then proceeded to the Back-Lawn of the campus to know each other and understand themselves in a better way. A game of blind fold was played by dividing into two groups. One person from each group was blind folded and the group had to direct her without letting her hurt and any miss-happening. Then was the time to jot down flaws and mistakes, what was lacking and what needed to be learnt. The journey of training and a memorable knowledge bank came to an end with Mr. Valen sharing his first impression of the volunteers. by Ms. Nandini’s motivational words would encourage the volunteers so that they think beyond what they could do more to facilitate the surroundings to make this World a better place for the one's who are stuck in deep dark hole's and need our hands to BRING THEM TO THE BRIGHT LIGHTS.

Literacy Projects

13th August,2018 




No. of Beneficiaries

Kalyanpura Government School



Indian Independence day

102 students

Hajiawala Government School

60 students

Sukhiya Government School

54 students

Badmohanpura Government School

80 students

 Since the independence day as approaching so theme for the activity was taken to be bIndian Independence day. Every NSS group worked on the same theme and imparted knowledge regarding Indian independence by means of certain activity. One of the group made students of class 1 & 2 draw and colour Indian flag .Another group by making use of ice cream pop sticks , taught to the students of class 3, how to make Indian flag out of ice cream sticks. Students of class 4 ,were made aware about importance of Independence by NSS volunteers and also NSS volunteers gifted flag stickers to them. Class 5 students were made aware about meaning of three colors in Indian flag.In all ,324 Nss Volunteers participated in the activity and it turned out to be a success not only on part of NSS volunteers but also on part of students as well.

 Swacchata Week :

12-18thAugust, 2018
Day 1-
The students went to Dadabadi Government School on day one and spread awareness regarding the importance of cleanliness in our daily life. The volunteers also taught the students about how to make use of the waste. They communicated the negative impact of the plastic bags and taught them how to make bags out of old used t- shirts.

The students organised a rally in the university campus to spread awareness regarding the importance of cleanliness in our daily life. The volunteers carried posters on the topic of cleanliness. Students of the University appreciated the volunteers and were made aware about the small efforts to keep the campus clean.

Day 3-
NSS volunteers prepared various badges on the topic of Swachch Bharat and gave it to all present during Independence Day programme at The IIS school campus pledging to keep the environment clean.

Day 4-
A workshop on recycling and reusing waste was organised by the NSS volunteers of the IIS students. The students displayed various methods of preparing items out of the waste. The students participated in the program with zeal and learned preparing items with newspaper and straws.

Day 5-
The students went to Dadabadi government school on day fifth. Along with the school students, volunteers conducted an awareness rally in Basti to create awareness regarding swacchta program. The NSS volunteers guided and helped the primary school children on the road. They all together raised slogans of cleanliness with gusto.

A total of 255 NSS volunteers worked in different activities during the entire week.

Guest Lecture by Mr. Sumit Saxena:

27th August 2018
187 Students attended a guest lecture on Indian Food and Laws on Packaging by Mr. SumitSaxena, from Maven Quality Assurance Councel on Food And Bevearage Packaging Laws . The guest told the volunteers about what all things as a consumer they should know while purchasing any food product and what all laws are there for them as a consumer regarding food and beverages.The lecture was very useful for the volunteers as they got to learn about their rights and laws that will make them a true consumer in future.The lecture became very much interactive as the volunteers asked questions from the guest in the end.

Literacy Project :

27th August, 2018



No. of Beneficiaries

Hajiawala Government School

Basic Introduction to concepts of Alphabets, Mathematics and self Introduction

70 students

Dadabari Government School

Importance of good health

76 students

Sukhiya Government School

Importance of good health

60 students

Badmohanpura Government School

Basic Introduction to concepts of Alphabets, Mathematics and self Introduction

89 students


NSS Unit of The IIS University had organized an activity related to “Literacy Project”. NSS Volunteers went to Hajiyawala Primary Government School and Badmohanpura Government School. Two students were allotted to one NSS Volunteer. All the NSS Volunteers then interacted with those students and tried to get what they actually know and what exactly they want to learn from those volunteers. Then they taught them some basic things like; alphabets, how to introduce, basic mathematics, etc

Students went to Dadabadi Government School and Sukhiya Government School where they first delivered the importance of good health and role of nutritional food, clean and hygienic conditions in it. Afterwards, the volunteers collected data on height and weight of all the students using the measuring tape and weighing balance they carried with themselves for the activity. A chart was prepared for the same asnd left at the respective schools for further reference.

A total of 315 student volunteers participated in the different activities conducted on the day.

Swacchata Week :

27August – 01 September, 2018

Day 1

The days you spend living for others are worth living for"On Monday that is 27th August, NSS volunteers visited children of kalyanpura government school with a aim to teach them basics of the personal hygiene by organizing an interactive session on importance of nail cleanliness and why is it important to cut them. They also volunteered to cut down the nails of the little children.

Children were very willing to learn.

Day 2

On second day rug making activity as conducted .Around 40 NSS volunteers participated in it.The motive was to reuse the waste clothes to reduce the waste. Three different types of rugs were made out of unusable clothes.

Day 3

On third day making ofuseful items from waste bottles took place. In this activity as to make the volunteers understood the concept of reducing waste by reusing it.

Day 4

On the 4th day of swachata week NSS volunteers have made cards with swachata message and gifted them to students and teachers of university. This was an initiative to create awareness about swachata among all.

Day 5

NSS volunteers have made dustbin and place them in different rooms. The motive was to motivate everyone to use dustbin for throwing trash in spite of throwing it here and there.

A total of 245 students participated in various events during the week.

Swachhata Week

(4th Sept – 8th Sept 2018)




4th September,2018

Games on cleanliness

Students of government schools Dadabari ,Haziyawala,Sukhiya,Badmohanpura,Kalyanpura


5th September,2018

Cleaning college libraray

IISU campus

6th September,2018

Flash mob

Students of IIS(deemed to be)University

7th September,2018

‘Swacchta Bharat, Swastha Bharat Rally’

Students of IIS(deemed to be)University

8th September,2018

Thadi market Visit

Local markets of Mansarovar

Activity-Observing Swacchta Week

Day I: 04 Sept 2018
Games on Cleanliness in Government schools

Total NSS volunteers were divided into two groups and the first group started their Swachhata week organizing games for students in the  campus of the government schools. The main objective to carry out this activity was to create awareness about the importance of cleanliness among the students and to make them responsible for keeping their surroundings clean. All the students participated enthusiastically along with the NSS volunteers. Prizes were also distributed to the winning team members.

Cleanliness Games in Haziyawala government Primary School

All the groups of NSS volunteers went to the community for household survey on cleanliness and hygiene. For this NSS volunteers had prepared a questionnaire covering all basic aspects of cleanliness. While conducting survey they also talked about the ways to keep their surroundings clean specially during rainy season as this is the most favorable season for breeding of mosquitoes.

Result of Household survey in various communities for cleanliness and Hygiene 


Yes (%)

No (%)

Availability of dustbins in houses



Disposal of Garbage in dustbins



Toilet in the house



Go for Open defecation



Water facility in their toilet



Proper cleaning of toilet in their houses



Use of sanitary pad during menstruation



Proper drainage system in houses




Day 2: 05 Sept 2018
Cleaning of Library
On the second day of Swachhata week, the NSS students cleaned the Library of IISU. All the shelves and books were cleaned and arranged properly by the volunteers under the guidance of Dr. Sonal, Librarian of IISU. There are around 60 shelves in library and 40 in reference section. They could clean 40 shelves in the library along with 26 shelves in the reference section.

Day 3: 06 Sept 2018
Nukad Natak in Communities
The NSS volunteers went to community to perform a Nukad on Swachhata. The Nukad was first held in school where all students actively came to enjoy Nukad which was all about "Swachhata". Then they moved towards the community along with the students of the school. Before starting their Nukad they collected the residents and passerby by enchanting loudly "Aao aao,natak Dekho".  All are other members of NSS who were not part of Nukad went to each house of community to invite them for Nukad. A huge crowd was gathered at the basti Chauraha.  The people in the crowd were seemed really very interested. When nukkad was going on there a lady said"suno suno dekho ye saaf safai ke Fayde bta rhe h". After Nukad was ended, people asked the volunteers for suggestions and ways of keeping their surrounding clean. It had a great impact on the people of community.

Day 4: 06 Sept 2018
Flash Mob and Zombies
On fourth day of Swachhata week Volunteers were divided into two groups. First group performed Flash Mob in the Back lawn area of the university Campus on Swachhata song. Since it was performed during the Lunch break so large number of students from all the department attended the activity. Along with this a small group of students participated in Zombie activity in which zombies were scaring the students who were found littering the campus. The zombies visited each look and corner (Parking area, staff room, back lawn ) of the campus to scare the person who were found littering the campus.
Day 5: Rally ‘SWACH BHARAT, SWASTHA BHARAT’ in The IIS University Campus
The NSS volunteers participated in the rally in the campus on 7th September,2019 with great enthusiasm and positive way to spread massage to the students of the campus about use of paper bags instead of polythene bags and keeping the campus life clean. Their enthusiasm and positive energy during participation were appreciable. There active participation enhanced the impact of our rally. All the NSS volunteers and students of the school were enchanting the slogan "SWACH BHARAT, SWAST BHARAT" with great charisma and louder voice making it effective.  

Day 6: Thadi Market Visit
The NSS volunteers visited a nearby “Thadi Market” with the purpose to make the shopkeepers aware about the use of dustbins and completely avoiding the use of plastic bags. For this purpose the volunteers had prepared posters on the theme of using dustbins and say no to plastic bags. The volunteers also talked personally about the harmful impact of plastic on our environment. Especially they talked to all of the owners of food corners about use of blue and green dustbins for dry and wet garbage. Few posters were pasted in and outside the shops.

A total of 243 students participated in various events during the week.

Guest Lecture
17th Sept 2018:

The NSS unit of The IIS University had organized a guest lecture on 17 September 2018 and the lecture was given by Ms. ChandaAsani, Asst Professor, The IIS University. There were about 189 volunteers of NSS Unit from all the groups who had assembled there to attend the same. Firstly, Ms. ChandaAsani told about the women’s rights mentioned in our constitution and also about the gender inequality in India and not only in India but in different parts of India too, by sharing her own experience which she had faced during that phase and how she had tackled every situation so strongly with the help of her parent’s and family support.This lecture was very interactive and so useful for each and every person who was there in the hall.

13th State Level Patriotic Solo Song Competition 

24th September, 2018:
On the occasion of foundation day, National Service Scheme of IIS (Deemed to be University) organized 13th State Level Patriotic Solo Song Competition on Monday at the university campus. This competition witnessed participants from different parts of the state including Bundi, Ajmer, Bharatpur to name a few Ms.KiranPoddar, Chairperson, CII Indian Women Network was the chief guest for the occasion. Singers Ms.Seema Raj Goyal and Mr.Abhijeet Joshi and Mr.DeepakMathur, Producer, Aakashvani were the esteem judges. NSS unit of the university every year organizes this competition to spread the message of peace and equality through music in the country. PoorvaShrivastava from Sophia College, Ajmer stood at first position. Rajat from JNU got the second position whereas Vaishali Singh from IIS University and Arjun from Stani Memorial shared the third position. At the end of the competition prizes were given away. Prof. SharadRathore, NSS Co-ordinator delivered the vote of thanks to all the participants and audience. On this occasion a newsletter of NSS was also released. 200 students volunteered for the event.

Activity: Awareness against open defecation

Date: October 2nd, 2018
In order to celebrate swatchchadiwas, NSS volunteers of group C have tried to create awareness against open defecation among students of govt. school. They made charts and placards for demonstrating the ill effect of open defecation.They also told students about proper sanitation practices. Students also asked questions related to the topic. It was a learning activity for the students.





2nd October,2019

Awareness against Open defecation

Kalyanpura-50 students



Haziyawala-40 Badmohanpura-40

A total of 324 students participated in the activities conducted in different schools.

Blood Donation Camp

3rd October, 2018:
The two Units organised a Blood Donation Camp on October 3rd, at the IIS University, Jaipur. It was organised from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The event was facilitated by the SwasthKalyan Blood Bank, Jaipur. 245 volunteers participated and many of them registered in the camp. More than 75 volunteers passed the minimum requirements to donate blood, i.e., to have weight above 50 kg and haemoglobin above 12.5 and donated blood. Those who didn’t donate blood, helped keep the enthusiasm fresh and growing. All the volunteers were given refreshments after donating blood so that they could reenergize themselves. A lot of enthusiastic teachers of the University also participated in this camp. Overall it was an amazing experience for the volunteers as well as teachers and they felt satisfaction of this good deed.

  Guest Lecture by Diwas Gaur
   8th October, 2018

The volunteers of NSS Unit I and II attended a session addressed by Diwas Gaur, Vivekananda Kendra Jaipur.The session revolved around the various activities of the Kendra that are going to be held in the month of October, paving the way before Sister Nivedita's 115th birthday. The session began with a piece of learning for everyone, "Education is worthless until and unless it gives you a feeling of social service." Mr. Gaur then informed everyone about the event Vimarsh that will be conducted on 21st of October at JLN Marg in Jaipur.The session ended on a happy note, leaving everyone super excited to be a part of Vimarsh and igniting a fire of zeal in every NSS volunteer.After the session, the volunteers of NSS Unit I went for an activity to DadabadiBasti. The volunteers interacted and explained to the students about the importance of eclipses. The solar and lunar eclipses were enacted by the volunteers as the Sun, Moon and Earth in an interactive way. 187 students were involved in both the activities.

Activity: Swachchta Rally

Date: 9th October, 2018

On 9th October, 145 volunteers of NSS department of The IIS University celebrated Swachchta Day as an honour to Mahatma Gandhi's birthday which was last week. NSS volunteers conducted a Swachchta Rally from the University up till the main market area of Mansarovar and then back again. The main motive was to inculcate the sense of responsibility in the hearts of the people towards the society, the surroundings as well as the nation. Besides making use of verbal messages and reciting slogans the volunteers also made swachchta badges and posters. They received a good response from the public on the streets who appreciated them and cheered for them.Overall it was a fun activity for volunteers and an inspiration to the general public.

 15th October, 2018
160 volunteers of NSS Unit I and II attended a session on gender role perception. The volunteers also went for an activity to DadabadiBasti. The volunteers interacted and discussed the religious and national festivals of India. Volunteers also explained the relevance of these festivals to the students. The students were curious, asked a lot of questions and enjoyed the session.

Literacy Activity

8th, 15th and 22nd October



Topic Taught on 8th October

Topic Taught on 15th October

Topic Taught on 22nd October

Dadabari Govt Primary school

Mathematics (Fraction)

EVS (Food)

Mathematics (Money)

Badmohanpura Govt Middle school

KalyanpuraGovt Sr. Sec school

HaziyawalaGovt Primary school

Sukhiya Govt Primary school

NSS volunteers of group C conducted literacy project at Government School, Kalyanpura, Jaipur. Under the project , volunteers have taught the students of government school . NSS volunteers made efforts to impart fundamental knowledge to the students of schools. They helped the students to remove their subject related doubts as well. Volunteers also imparted knowledge regarding general etiquettes and importance of cleanliness.

22nd October, 2018
The volunteers of NSS Unit I went for an activity to Dadabadi Basti. The volunteers interacted and discussed the importance of greeting people with the school students. The volunteers divided themselves in groups and explained the students how to greet people in English. The students enthusiastically participated in the activity. The volunteers also attended a session on film screening and review by Dr. Garima Srivastava, Head, Department of Journalism and Mass Media, IIS (deemed to be a University).

324 students participated in different activities in all.

NSS special camp

02-08 Jan-2019
Keeping in tune with the motto “Not me, but You”,NSS seven day Special camp was inaugurated on 2nd January , 2019. 150 volunteers enrolled for the camp. The day started with a powerful yoga session taken by MsJanki from 8:00am to 9:00 amwho made students perform yogasanas that help in improving concentration as well as physical health and this was followed by some off- beat laughing exercises which the volunteers really enjoyed. The yoga session was followed by refreshment. At 10:00 am , the inaugural ceremony started in the AV Hall.The event was graced by Dr. Ashok Gupta,ViceChancellor,the IIS University ,DrRakhi Gupta,Registrar,the IIS University ,Jaipur accompanied by the NSS program officers. The ceremony began with adoration in order to invoke the blessings of the almighty sung by the volunteers followed by lamp lighting. The NSS song filled up the volunteers with enthusiasm as they sang it.An outline about the special camp was given by Dr. SharadRathore ,the Programme Officer. She specified activities to be held in the camp like self defense, yoga, meditation and perfect personality etc. Dr Ashok Gupta shared information related to patriotism and personality development. Ms. ChandaAsani gave detailed introduction about daily schedule of NSS Camp. She also shared information regarding the projects that each group has to work on. From 11 :00 am to 12:00 noon,all the groups were briefed about their project topics and Nukkadnatak. All the work related to powerpoint presentations, reports,photographs and nukkadnatak was allotted to the volunteers. The volunteers proceeded for lunch and they washed their utensils. A guest lecture covering the vital and currents topics was delivered by PrateekKasliwal,who by profession is a lawyer. He discussed upon the laws that have been changed and added in last 10 to 15 years in regard to Section 377,GST,SabriMala,Evidence act and triple talak etc. From 2:00pm to 3:00pm, a popular art form ‘Mandana’ was demonstrated by MsSheetal who also discussed the roots of this art how this art form which involves geometrical figures can be used to make decorative pieces on various festivals. The last session taken by MrMahmood Ali covered NukkadNatak and was from 3:00pm to 4:00pm .He delved into the details and ideas behind performing street play and gave valuable suggestions to each group as to how they can come up story lines related to their topics. 5th Jan to 6th Jan 2019Students had their self-defense training with Shubham sir. He taught students to how to defend themselves through knife attack and students also practiced all previoustechniques. Students also visit to Kushthashram. There students were given brief knowledge about how cloth weaving is done. Also they donated some of the things of daily use to them. On their way back students took blessings of Galtaji(a famous temple in jaipur). students practiced for NukkadNatak and showed our performance to Mahmoud sir. The project for students was on preparation of Teaching aids for disabled children and conduction of activity in special school The teaching aids included posters, charts and models. The students were divided into small groups and were assigned the work. Many students came up with innovative ideas for projects. On 7th of January 2019, 22 NSS volunteers of group D visited the special school ‘Umang’ located in Kshipra Path, Mansarovar, Jaipur. To begin with the Chairperson of UmangDr Deepak Kalra briefed them about the organisationUmang. She was very impressed to know that NSS volunteers had prepared teaching aids for disabled children. So after interaction on the basis of teaching aids they had prepared, she divided the volunteers into five groups and sent them to different classes. NSS volunteers interacted with the students. After building a rapport with them they taught them few concepts with the help of their teaching aids. There were few games for lower classes which the students really enjoyed playing with. After one hour classroom interaction the volunteers donated all the teaching aids to the chairperson Dr. Deepak Kalra. It was a great learning experience for the volunteers as few of them had first time interacted with disabled children.


Guest Lecture on contemporary environmental issues

28th January, 2019

A guest lecture was organised in the AV Hall from 9:30-10:30am on Animal Rights. The guest and speaker for the session was Ms. Bridgette Cornelius, an Environmentalist. She began by showing us short film about the condition of elephants in Jaipur. 178 NSS volunteers came to know that elephants are made to work for 4-5 hours per day and so they get tired soon. A case in Supreme Court remains pending on this issue as well. She discussed the deplorable conditions of these elephants and how often they’re mistreated and beaten. Lastly, she also informed that the deserted conditions of Rajasthan are not really suitable for their living.

Literacy Activity

28th Jan 2019

The members of NSS went to five adopted schools as a part of the literacy drive. There were about 245 NSS volunteers. They made the children know about the importance of Republic Day and Voters’ Day. We discussed with them that why this day is celebrated, the historical importance, meaning and significance, etc. The students were taught to write the days in English and also their correct pronunciation. Lastly, the students of older classes were also told about our constitution and voting rights.


Literacy activity

3rd Feb 2019

260 NSS volunteers covered use of ‘has’ and ‘have’, sangya(noun),comprehension passage and expanded forms in the 5 schools. The volunteers took worksheets with them and oriented students about various topics. The children were acquainted with the various concepts through examples and they were also made to learn difficult words and their meaning. The volunteers took help of pictures to make their lessons interesting and keep the children involved.


Guest Lecture on Forest cleanliness and conservation


On 11th February, Mr Joy Gardner oriented 167 NSS volunteers about the need to conserve the forest and work towards making it clean so that we have a healthy future. He acquainted volunteers regarding the importance of conserving forest and how it will affect the existence of all human kind in future.


Literacy activity

11th February, 2019

 245 Students of NSS went to different schools. There, Students discussed about general physical hygiene with all the children like cutting nails, having regular bath and many other things. After that the volunteers went to Hajyawala Govt. School. Volunteers interacted with the students in the school. They taught students about general knowledge with fun games.


Guest lecture on soft skill development

18th February, 2019

 A session on self-realisation of goals and finding the correct path in your life was taken by a former ICGian, Ms. NandiniDusad on the 18th of February from 9:30 to 10:30. The session started with the introduction of all the audience. Ms. Nandini also told that she is currently working with Jaipur Rugs where rugs are woven by hand and all the profit earned by selling these rugs is distributed among the makers of it. She also told us stories about her experience with Genpact. The session ended with the advice that 'We will get what we deserve, we just have to work hard and we will automatically reach the designated destination'. 187 students participated in the event.


Literacy Activity - Community Awareness: Resource Conservation 18th February, 2019

234 NSS volunteers visited homes in different areas to spread resource conservation awareness among to locals. As we are facing consequences of increasing urbanization we really need to devise micro level strategies in order to conserve our resources and the best way is to teach and learn from each other. As the volunteers, interacted with the people they got to know that some homes did make essential efforts to conserve electricity and water and they do try to manage waste in the best possible ways. The volunteers also enquired about the waste disposal and it was noted that dustcarts are not visiting their daily which often leads to accumulation of waste. The interaction also focused upon dispensing knowledge about advantages of recycling.


Guest Lecture on “An insight into the world of special children” (25th Feb)
Date-25th February,2019

There was a guest lecture by Dr. Meenakshi on children with special needs. She discussed about the issues of the individuals who have different needs and how through education we can help them join the mainstream society and assume productive roles. She acquainted students with structural and functional requirements of the such children and how the NSS volunteers can also make a career as special educators in which they can address the differently -abled children’s needs. This would help make the society more inclusive for all. 165 volunteers attended the session.

Literacy Activity

(25th Feb 2019)
Topic : Importance of physical education in life

Since the school timings have changed so NSS volunteers didn’t got the chance to teach the students of school. In order to utilize the time volunteers took a session on “importance of physical education life”. The session as conducted on assembly ground of the school. At the onset of session first volunteers shared their knowledge on theme with students of school. Thereafter NSS volunteers taught few basic yoga asana to the students. They make them practice those asana several times. At the end of the session, Volunteers taught the meaning of “OM ” to students. Also they taught them the correct ay of spelling it and importance of spelling it. This activity as conducted on two days i.e. 18 /02 /19 and 25 /02 /19 by 256 volunteers.                     

 NSS group activity

11th March, 2019

The day marked sharing of experiences by the NSS volunteers and the teachers who are a part of NSS. The session was interactive and it acknowledged the worth of NSS in the volnteers’ lives. Both NSS volunteers and teachers admitted how NSS made them more sensitised towards the social problems and it also is an important pathway through which we can do our bit of social service. At the end of the session, volunteers of group A involved itself in art and craft preparations for the NSS farewell. The students worked on making items of decoration for the farewell day. This group activity facilitated a lot interaction among the volunteers, this also marked training for the students to learn managing group tasks and how coordination is applicable in real life. The activity was full of fun as the volunteers could explore their creative skills. 234 students participated in the events.

Literacy project

18 March 2019

89 NSS volunteers of NSS went to Haziyawala Government Primary School for literacy project. There they taught the students some basic topics like, Show & tell in Class I, Following basic instructions in class II, few common wordsand their meaning in Class III, reading activity in class IV and articles and their uses in class V.


Class I

Class II

Class III

Class IV

Class V

Group D6

Group D7

Group D8

Group D9

Group D10

Show & tell (sentences)

Following basic instructions

Vocabulary (few common words)

Reading activity


  Assisting Special Children in Umang

  25 March 2019

102 students of NSS visited the organisation for multiple challanges children: Umang located on Kshipra Path, Jaipur on 25th of March 2019. The main objective of this visit was creating sensitivity among NSS voluntevers towards special children and giving them the exposure to deal with those children in the classroom. Volunteers were divided and sent to different classrooms. There they followed the instruction given by the respective teachers in the classrooms. The assisted those special children in doing their work. Many of the volunteers had no idea about the kind of difficulties special children face in the classroom. Not only this they realised that what kind of skills a teacher require to deal with those children in classroom.

 NSS Activity: Literacy Project in Dadabari School

25th March,2019

90 NSS volunteers organized a ‘talent hunt ‘for the students of Dadabari School. The students were expected to display their interests apart from studies. A lot of students volunteered to sing, dance and recite poems. The activity was quite interactive and helped students to be open and the motivation by the volunteers helped the students overcome their inhibitions. The winners of the talent hunt were rewarded by the NSS volunteers.

Guest Lecture on Water Management And Women Empowerment in India

25th March,2019

On 25th March, a guest lecture in by Mr.DharmendraSharma on WATER MANAGEMENT and WOMEN EMPOWERMENT in India. He told the students about the schemes that are being run by Govt. of India to maintain the water level in India - how the rain water is been saved by the people, how the level of ground water is maintained and also about water-ATMs. Next he discussed that what government has done for empowering the women in the society i.e. the schemes which empowers the women and improve their position in the family. He also told us about government providing money on the birth of a girl so as to discourage female infanticide. This session was very useful and informative. 198 students participated in the lecture.

Literacy project

1st April 2019
89 NSS volunteers of NSS went to Haziyawala Government Primary School for literacy project. A half an hour test was conducted in class I, III & IV for whatever was taught by NSS volunteers in this session. In III and Vth classes NSS volunteers taught simple ettiquates and degrees of adjectives.

Class I

Class II

Class III

Class IV

Class V


Group D6

Group D7

Group D8

Group D9

Group D10

Class Test


Class Test

Class Test

Degrees of adjectives


NSS Report 2017-18




On 8 July 2017, through a power point presentation, the NSS volunteers were introduced tothe programme, activities, projects undertaken, teachers in-charge and the benefits of opting NSS.

The images of the activities undertaken last year emphasized upon the NSS slogan “NOT ME BUT YOU”. Dr.SharadRathore, NSS Programme Officer, introduced the students to the activities planned for the current session. At the end, the students were given registration form for enrolling themselves as an NSS volunteer. Some of the old volunteers shared their experiences of NSS in the community.

Activity - Planning for the session (10 July 2017)

This was the first day for the activity of NSS of the session 2017-18.On this day only old 20 NSS volunteers were present. Volunteers suggested several activities to be performed at IISU campus.They also suggested some projects to be performed in Kalyanpura Government school.They suggested projects related to literacy and swachtta.


Induction of New volunteers and TREE PLANTATION (17 July 2017)

The NSS Unit of The IIS University organized a tree plantation in collaboration with Raksha and Blossoms Organisations, Jaipur. Mr. RohitGangwal, Director, Raksha and the teamgot the digging done strategically to plant trees of Guava, Mango, Chickoo,

Shahtoot and Figs in PremNiketan, an old age home atJawahar Circle, Jaipur.  159 volunteers enthusiastically participated in learning plantation along with faculty members.

NSS Overview and Guest Lecture (24July 2017)

With the help of a PPT presentation, an overview of NSSprogramme was given to the beginners. The speaker shared the details of NSS activities, such as tree plantation, blood donation camp, swachhata campaign; the annual NSS Special Camp and patriotic solo song and community work in schools and slums.

a guest lecture to enlighten 156 NSS volunteers was also organized on the same day taken by Dr. Kapil Kumar Anand, NSS Programme Officer, S.S. Jain Subodh P.G. (Autonomous) College. The students got to know about his achievements in NSS, scope of contribution in this field, his social work and his meeting with the Honorable PM of India. Afterwards, he showed the students a short documentary film on NSS written, directed and produced by him in order to create awareness about the programme and to show the importance of social work in our society.

Rakhi Making Competition

Rakhi Making Competition (31 July 2017)


NSS Volunteers celebrate their creativity during festivals. 120 NSS volunteers enthusiastically broughtsome raw material to make rakhis which were judged by Dr. RoopaMathur, Ms. SunetraDutt and Dr. ArchanaKumari and one from each group was selected to be awarded. SomyaShekhawat of BSc III Sem secured the first Position in.


31st July 2017 - Demonstration on Skill Development programme for women of the Community

The main objective to conduct the demonstration was training 30 NSS students the skill of making paper bags which can be taught to the women of the community. This proved to be in line with the government’s ban on use of polythene bags.Ms. NehaAgrawal who conducts art and craft classes for children was invited for the same. She demonstrated the procedure of making a variety of bags from brown paper, newspaper and handmade sheets. She explained how basic as well as fancy paper bags can be made for different purposes.


Swachhata Week (31 July 2017 – 5 August 2017)

Stationary Donation (25 September)

Student Participation: 500

During community visits and interaction with the people, it was observed by the NSS volunteers and the Group coordinators that majority of parents of students coming to Hajiyawala Government Primary school are labors. They are not able to fulfil the basic educational requirements of their children and what is provided by the government isnot sufficient.


With the support of the Donation Drive of Rotary Jaipur Gurukul, the team donated the collected stationeries in Hajiyawala Government Primary school. The happiness on the face of every child after getting stationeries was the motivation for NSS volunteers and Rotary club Jaipur Gurukul to conduct such donation drive time to time in future too.

Rally for Rivers (14 August 2017)

The NSS department at the IIS University held an interactive session on the topic ‘Rally for rivers -India's lifelines’, in association with the Isha foundation. Mr. Rituraj Singh, an active volunteer and Ms. ChhaviRajawat, youngest women sarpanch at Soda, Rajasthan were the invitees for the event. Ms. Rajawat explained the concept behind their initiative with the help of an influential video. Isha foundation is proposing a comprehensive River Rejuvenation plan to help with the decline of the water level in majority of the rivers. And Rally for Rivers is a breakthrough campaign to save these lifelines of our country. It aims at highlighting the core solution to stabilize and revitalize the rivers by submitting a recommendation policy to the government of India. After this, the movement anthem, 'BharatamMahabharatam' was played and everybody sang to the tune. In the end, all the 97 people present pledged to contribute their part towards this national issue.

Art of Living Session (21 August 2017)

The NSS Department at the IIS University organized an interactive session in association with the Art of Living group. Mr. VivekAgarwal, state coordinator of the Art of Living group was invited to share his thoughts with 180 students present that day. Mr. Agarwal, who is a degree holder, hastaken such sessions in the University of New South West also. The event started with a warm welcome of our guest by the teacher in charges.

He talked about how being stressed reduces our efficiency of doing things. Further, through a fun clap game, he made us realize the importance of holding our calm while focusing on something. He taught us of a breathing technique to maintain composure. Towards the end, he talked about a workshop which the Art of Living group will be organizing for 5 days, 2 hours each day.


21August (Guest Lecture)On 21st of August a guest lecture was organized in the IISU Campus on the topic ‘Foods Nutrition and Health’. Ms. IshaSukhwal, Assistant Professor (Foods & Nutrition), The IIS University advised the students to inculcate healthy habits among adolescents. At adolescent age especially girls are very conscious of their outlook and in the absence of healthy eating habits they starve to maintain their physique. Ms. Isha talked about how they can maintain their perfect physique by having balanced diet. She also talked about what to eat and what not to eat to remain healthy and to avoid weight increase.


Literacy Activity in Hajiyawala School (28 August 2017)

64 students of Group D of NSS went to Hajiyawalaschool. There are 53 students in Hajiyawala primary school. The responsibility of academic development of one student of the school was shared by two NSS students of the IIS University. The NSS students were asked for taking responsibility of overall development (Academic, communication, personality) of the child allotted to them. In every two months the assessment of the child would be done to see his or her progress. The NSS students started building rapport with the students and tried to find the deficit areas where the child needs their help.


Essay Writing Competition (4 September 2017)

Youth are the strongest channel for any country to make any campaign successful. The only thing which is needed is to sensitize them towards their roles and responsibilities. To sensitize the students towards cleanliness and to elicit the innovative ideas from the students for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene, an Essay Writing Competition was held in the IISU campus. The theme of the competition was ‘How to Keep India Clean’. A total of 56 NSS students of group D participated in the competition. Students penned down their own innovative ideas for keeping India clean. Some had written about what initiatives should be taken by the government, few of them wrote about how the public should share the responsibility and suggested not to just blame and expect everything from the government. 




Individual Literacy Partnership in Hajiyawala School (11 September 2017)

A total of 72 students of NSS of The IIS University visited the Hajiyawala government primary school to conduct Individual Literacy Partnership programme. There were 64 students (class I to V) in the Hajiyawala government primary school. Only two teachers recruited by the government, including the Principal,somehow managed to handle five classes by clubbing all the classes together while teaching. It is against the teaching-learning provisions made under RTEA, 2009. It also dilutes the quality of learning by the students. To find a solution to this problem, each student of the school was allotted to two NSS volunteers who assisted him/her in learning. They maintained a register for their studentsto work on the deficit areas of all the subjects and prepare them for the assessment planned after two months.


Individual Literacy Partnership and demonstration on Hand Wash Activity in Hajiyawala Government School (18 September 2017)

This Individual Literacy Partnershipprogramme was based on the principle that every child is unique and they learn on their own pace. This raises a need to develop an Individualized education plan for each child and it is not possible for two teachers to plan for 62 students. So 50 NSS volunteers were asked to find the deficit areas and make IEP on the basis of need and interest of the child.

Simultaneously, few NSS volunteers were demonstrating the Hand Wash Activity in every class one by one. NSS volunteers had bought the soap, tub and towel from their home. In the beginning they discussed with the students about why should we wash our hands before and after eating and then demonstrated how to wash. Then they asked the students to stand in line and wash their hands one by one. All children enjoyed the activity and promised to practice it regularly.

Stationary Donation in Hajiyawala Government School (25th September 2017)

During community visits and interaction with the people it was observed by the NSS volunteers and the Group coordinators that majority of parents of students coming to Hajiyawala Government Primary school are labors. They are not capable to fulfill the basic educational requirement of their children like uniforms, notebooks, pencils, eraser and other stationeries. The principal of the school also reported that children do not have basic stationeries as the stationeries provided by the government is not sufficient. So she requested that it would be a great help if the children will be provided with stationeries.

The coordinator of Group D of NSS, The IIS University Ms. ArchanaKumari came to know about the “Donation Drive” held by Rotary Jaipur Gurukul, The IIS University. She along with the project Coordinator of NSS, The IIS University, Prof. SharadRathore coordinated with Prof. RoopaMathur and Dr. Mani Bhatia, The incharge of the Donation Drive of Rotary Jaipur Gurukul and requested them to donate the collected stationeries in Hajiyawala Government Primary school. They got agreed and with the collaboration of Rotary club Jaipur Gurukul a huge amount of stationary was collected. All the stationeries were arranged and packed as per the requirement of children and donated to the students of the Hajiyawala Government Primary school as well as the students of other schools adopted by NSS, The IIS University. Although the one time donation is not fulfilling their requirements for all time but the happiness on the face of every child after getting stationeries was the motivation for 20 NSS volunteers and Rotary club Jaipur Gurukul to conduct such donation drive time to time in future too.

Activity in the community on open Defecation (2 October 2017)

146 students of group C and D made a visit to the Hajiyawala Government School and the community on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, also the launch day of SwachBharatAbhiyaan. Our objective behind this activity was to make the students of the school as well as the people of the community aware about the hazards of open defecation. The students were prepared with their posters and slogans. They visited door to door , asking the families if they have toilet inbuilt in their houses or not and also are they using them or not. Surprisingly most of the houses were found to have toilets. Only few of them were going for open defecation. The NSS students talked to them about hazardous sides of open defecation and also discussed the procedure of how can they avail the fund from government for construction of toilets in their houses. Few NSS students discussed the topic of open defecation with students of Hajiyawala Primary school. The activity was ended with pasting the posters on open defecation in the community as well as in school.

30 October 2017 (Story Telling Competition)

A story telling competition was held in the IISU campus where all the volunteers of all the groups participated. The theme of the story was sharing any life experience related to corruption in their surroundings. There were certain rules to be followed while narrating the story. A total of 50 students participated in the competition and finally Ms. Sagarika of group D won the first prize. It was a great learning experience for students as well as for faculties.


Guest Lecture on Challenges of Government School (23 October 2017)

A one hour Guest lecture was organized for NSS Units at 9:30 AM on Challenges of Govt. School. The Speaker of the day wasSmt.RekhaChorasia, Principal, Sukhiya Government Primary School.  She discussed about the various problems faced by the students of Government Schools and provided a guideline to the students on the various projects that can be undertaken in these schools for an overall improvement in the students. Another guest for the session was Mr. MotiramArora who is currently working in government school. He shared his experience on his struggle and hard work he had done in his life to achieve success. He told that two things, i.e.,hard work and discipline are very important in life to earn success. One should always try to gain and grab positive from every other person,try to learn from others. He shared one story of Mrs. Surbhi Chaudhry, accountant and computer literate of the year 1995. He explained how her hard work and strong will power helped the Rajasthan govt. to save lakhs of money by digitalizing the money work in just 27 days. He also discussed the importance of behavior in one's life.One should always be polite, disciplined and sincere towards everyone in every situation of life.He concluded his speech by saying that one should always work hard and be optimistic. 172 students attended the session.


Oath taking on Unity Day (31 October 2017)


On the occasion of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel’s birth anniversary the 245NSS volunteers and faculty took oath towards keeping the unity and integrity of the nation.




NSS Special Camp (13-19 December,2017)

The first day of the Special camp started with a Yoga session conducted by Ms. JanakiPareek‘Diagnose Your Health’ in order to make students aware about health and fitness as an integral part of one's health. This special Camp was inaugurated by ShriAjeet Singh, IPS, Former DG Police, Rajasthan along with Dr. Raakhi Gupta, Registrar,IISU. The guests lighted the lamp in the name of glory, peace and harmony. NSS Volunteers sung the NSS song and the camp was declared open. After this,ShriAjeet Singhenlightened the students with his experience regarding his profession. He inculcated the spirit of hard work and determination to achieve one's goal. He suggested the Campers to be alert about contemporary situation and every possible reaction one should give.

The Guest lecture after the lunch was that on Healthy Eating habits and Ayurveda by Dr. Jitendra Singh Baluwat and BhupendraShekhawat. The speakers described the harmful effects of junk food and also suggested a healthy diet to cure all ailments and stay fit in life. He also revealed some very interesting facts about various acute and chronic diseases, which can be cured by intake of fresh food without any preservatives and following healthy eating habits , the ayurvedic way. Through his words volunteers were inspired to stay healthy and follow regular exercise and a nutritive diet.

This was followed by another enlightening session on the Finer Nuances of NukkadNatak by Mr. Mahmud Ali. He suggested themes to the groups and told them about the different emotions (Rasas),by demonstrating them which are an important component of Drama. This was done in order to prepare a nukkadnatakin the Basti on the valedictory function of the camp as a part of the NukkadNatak competition between the five groups.

The next day, after the yoga session, a Self- Defense training session was held by Mr. DhananjayaTyagi, 4 times International and 3 times National Champion in the respective weight category from Indian Martial Art Sansthan. He initially discussed the prevailing conditions in the society and how to deal with them. He instructed girls with different self-defense techniques in order to combat and cope-up with odd situation.

The students then worked in Community Government Schools and carried out their Projects there. The post-lunch session began with a lecture on Gender Sensitization by Ms. ChandaAsani, Department of Women Studies, The IIS University, Jaipur. She discussed her own life experience regarding education and other Socio-cultural aspects during her teenage. Her spirit of venturing into new horizons of life inspired the girls for fulfillment of their dreams. She talked about the stereotyped programming that is done at early age, which is responsible to a great extent for existing gender gap in the society.  She inculcated the spirit that 'learning has no age bar'. Her session was truly motivational and blissful.

Following this was second discussion on Combating violence against women by Dr. Meeta Singh who is a founder Chairperson of Save the Dignity of Girl Child,Jaipur.She discussed the issue of violence against women in society. The different types of emotional, mental and physical violence inflicted by society on women were highlighted by her. She suggested certain measures to combat the different situations and to empower the women.

The following day began with a Yoga session followed by the Self-Defense session. The volunteers then went to the community to carry out their projects. After this, the guest speaker Ms. Komal Srivastava and her team talked about the Plight of homeless people in Jaipur and the consequences related to it. They shared their own experiences of treating them with their medication and care in different areas of the city.



The next session was on Skill Development and Career in Baking by Ms. Saher Sheikh. Ms Sheikh has worked as an Asst. Chef in Hotel Marriot and has undergone training in this regard. She gave a live demonstration on baking different types of cakes, breads, buns and biscuits of different types.Along with this she also explained and demonstrated the techniques to decorate the cakes and its presentation.

After this an Interactive Session with 10 Teachers from USA was held on “The Progress of Indian Education System ". This session was an interaction with a group of senior academicians from USA on the Education system of the two countries. It started with the introduction of the team members consisting of 10 people from USA. Discussion also moved to the education policy, taxation system. The students raised their queries with regard to the scope of community development and youth work in US .They also introduced the guest to NSS and introduced them to the programme and the activities undertaken by them. The guests also gave suggestion regarding student’s career streams and opportunities available in their country, procedure and policies to study in USA along with the developing areas of study.150 students attended the camp.

Guest lecture on “Animal rights and their welfare” by RohitGangwal

This session was addressed by Mr. RohitGangwal, from NGO Raksha, Jaipur. Its main focus was on the troubles faced by birds and animals in trouble. He shared the helpline number of Raksha so that anyone can call them if they see an injured animal which can be rescued by them in time and take care of. He informed about the Bird Treatment Camp organized by Raksha from 13-15 January,2018 in which the birds injured during kite flying will be taken care and provided treatment.

A Guest lecture on Traffic Awareness by Mrs.NehaKhullar from Muskaan NGO, Jaipur was organized. She made the volunteers aware about road safety and the necessity to follow the rules and regulation made by government in this regard.

With videos and images, she demonstrated the consequences of not following the traffic rules and going against them.She further said that the rules are made for the safety of the citizens and so it is the civic duty of all to follow them and save the life of oneself and others.

This was followed by an outdoor visit to SarthakManavKusthashram- a Leprosy Home located at Galtaji on 17thDecember 2018.The volunteers were welcomed by the Inmates, who took them around the campus and showed their skills of weaving and block printing in the units in which they work. The students also interacted with the families. The caretaker of the Ashram gave a talk about the lives of the Lepers, their source of income and their activities and the current support programme along with the history of the institution. The volunteers carried a soap and a bottle of Vaseline which they donated to the inmates.

Students also visited the nearby temple.

A session on Confidence Building to Groom Personality was conducted by Mr. ValenImaya on the next day. He focused on developing a stronghold on language through reading and use of good vocabulary. He also discussed the measures through which one can excel in any language especially English. He suggested small confidence building exercises and involved all the volunteers in them by dividing them in groups.NukkadNatak practice session was held.

On 19th December 2017, the valedictory session of NSS special camp 2018 took place atVinayak AV hall of The IIS University. On this occasion, the session was graced with the presence of Prof. PradeepBhatnagar, Dean, Department of Science, The IIS University.  In this session all five groups of NSS Volunteers presented their work which they have done in community schools allotted to them during the camp by means of power point presentation .It included pictures of activities taken up during the camp in government schools like teaching basic English, general etiquettes, awareness about protection of environment, liberty and empowerment of female students, etc. In the presentation, volunteers also included videos of their activities in the government schools. Presentation was followed by NukkadNatak competition related to projects taken up by volunteers in Government School. The competition was judged by Prof. DeepaPareek, Dr. RenuShunglu and Prof. Bhawani Shankar Sharma. In the competition, the NSS volunteers who presented the nukkadnatak on theme of environment conservation stood second and first position was bagged by nukkad on the theme of literacy presented by NSS volunteer of group D. The result was declared by Prof. PradeepBhatnagar, Dean, Department of Science, The IIS University. Prof. Bhawani Shankar also addressed the gathering. He mentioned that all the groups made good presentation with good nukkadNataks. Along with this he appreciated the NSS programme of The IISU for taking up current issues of social concern and working on them. The session ended with vote of thanks by Prof. Sharad Rathore.

The Yoga Trainer MsJankiPareek conducted Yoga session all throughout the seven days and demonstrated various asanas such as Pranamasana, Hastauttanasana, Hasta Padasana, AshwaSanchalanasana,Dandasana, AshtangaNamaskara, Bhujangasana, Parvatasana, AshwaSanchalanasana, Hasta Padasana, Hastauttanasana and Pranama Asana to all the campers. She assisted the volunteers in performing the ‘Asanas’, which would help them to become fit physically and mentally.

She advised the volunteers to be patient towards yoga. She suggested the students to not take shortcuts like the use of medicine, steroids or surgery to reduce weight which obviously have ill effects over the period of time


Self DefenceTraining,by Mr. DhananjayaTyagi from Indian Martial Art Sansthan, Jaipur

Self-defence, especially for women, is of utmost importance in the kind of the world we live in today. In a country like India where the cases of gender violence are on rise, out of which many go unreported, self-defence for women has become a necessity more than ever.Recognizing the importance of self defense especially for girls, a session on self defense was organized everyday as a part of NSS Special Camp.  All the volunteers of NSS joined the self defense session with the trainer, Mr. DhananjayTyagi from Indian Martial Art Sansthan, Jaipur. He demonstrated various techniques to be applied in different situation. He said that we do not need to be physically strong to defend ourselves but we should know few tricks to deal with difficult situation.

NukkadNatak Training, Mr. Mohammad Ali (13-19 December, 2017)

MR. Mohammad Ali,a theatre artist provided training about the finer nuances of NukkadNatakeveryday from 13th till 18th December. The final performance of which would result in the nukkadnatak competition on 19th December. He said that Nukkad is a medium to take the social message to a large number of people without a mic; hence the voices should be loud to be heard by one and all. Street theatre is always performed in outdoor public spaces and requires clarity of speech and effective dialogue delivery to attract public attention.. These spaces can be anywhere, including shopping centers, car parks, recreational reserves, college or university campus and street corners. The students learnt the nuances and everyone participated in the Nukkadnatak training during the camp.

Literacy Project, Government School, Dadabari (8 JANUARY 2018)

60 NSS Volunteers took literacy project atDadabadi Government School. They taught the students of all the classes how to introduce themselves in English. The students of class 1 and 2 were taught how to greet in English. The NSS volunteers explained the need for cleanliness to the school children. The school children enjoyed participating in making posters. A few NSS Volunteers then asked them to introduce and did a role play which the students enjoyed.

Guest Lecture on Animal Rights and their Prevailing Conditions on 08/ 01 /18

Mr. Joy Gardener, an animal activist from Hope &Beyond Organization, addressed the students regarding animal rights and their prevailing conditions. He explained the concept of 'human - animal conflict' and stated that due to intervention of human into natural habitat of animals it has resulted into the entering of animals into human colonies. For example- The movement of a Leopard on JLN Marg is very frequent.
He also stated the present scenario of forest area in the city. He talked about the deteriorating plight of animals inside the zoo.He and his team also launched a special camp for saving birds during the kite festival season. He stated the negative impact of human activities on fauna which is ultimately promoting the species to fall under the endangered category. He suggested that it's high time to think and act on the respective issue in order to maintain ecological balance and live instead of surviving.


Demonstration on Low Cost Nutritious Food Using Seasonal Vegetables (15 January 2018)

Nutritious food is the basic need at any age. The need to conduct a demonstration on cooking low cost food was felt especially in Hajiyawala community because most of the children looked malnourished may be because of the low socio economic status of their family or lack of time with their mother as most of them go to factory for earning their livelihood. On 15th of February a demonstration session was held in the school premises by Ms. IshaSukhwal, Asst. Professor in the IIS University on Cooking of low cost Nutritious foods in winter. The purpose to conduct the demonstration was to impart skill to the women of the community to cook nutritious food especially snacks for their children using seasonal available vegetables. She demonstrated the recipe of Appam and Utthapam. To add extra nutritious value she added many vegetables in the recipe and advised the women to use any kind of vegetables available in their kitchen. It was easy to make and took very less time to cook. After cooking each and every women tasted it and liked the taste as well. Apart from this she talked about other recipes which they can try at their home. 120 volunteers were involved. 

Republic Day Preparation (22 January 2018)

At Sukhiya School, students were busy learning dancingpreparing Skit,group songs,posters and decorating school with the help of 80 the college girls. Preparation for Republic day was in full swing, they were learning how to dance and also helped for decoration.

Manja Cleaning with HOPE Foundation (22 January 2018)

On 22January, the activity done was Manja Cleaning in which 67 NSS volunteers visited the Jawahar Circle and participated in collaboration with HOPE Foundation. Before starting the activity, Mr. Joy Gardener, an animal activist from Hope &Beyond Organization, addressed the students regarding animal rights and their prevailing conditions. He interacted with the students and talked about the special camp for saving birds during the kite festival season launched by his organization. He demonstrated the students how to clean Manja and distributed them in groups. After dividing he sent all groups in different directions of the park and asked to clean and collect manjas hanged on wires or trees. Students participated enthusiastically and collected a lot of manja. Finally Mr. Joy explained the negative impact of human activities on fauna which is ultimately promoting the species to fall under the endangered category. He suggested that it's high time to think and act on the respective issue in order to maintain ecological balance and live instead of surviving.

Entrepreneurship and Self Employment Activity (22 January 2018)


On 22 January 2018, an extension activityon “Entrepreneurship and Self Employment” was organized by the Department of Commerce (Business Studies) in collaboration with NSS unit of IISU. The motive of the activity was to create awareness about the importance of self-employment among the students of class IX and X of Government School. The students of department commerce and 120 NSS volunteers presented a short skit on the topic ‘Entrepreneurship and Self Employment’ before the students of the school. Along with this students and volunteers prepared and showed different posters to the students on the topic showing various startup schemes and policies started by government. Handouts about the concept were also distributed to the students. A quiz was also organized by the students and every right answer was rewarded whereas every try for an answer was appreciated. The activity ended with the vote of thanks to the teachers and students of government school for their coordination and cooperation.

Guest Lecture- Social Surfing5 February

A workshop was organized for 190 volunteers of NSS by Ms. PriyankaLodhe and Ms. Suhasini Mukherjee trainers at the media & communications division from the centre of social research, Delhi. Their organization has been presently working for the rights of women and girls in India since 1983 under the guidance of Dr. RanjanaKumari who is the present founder of this organization. This particular workshop was on “Social Surfing” a current project on which they are working in association with Facebook as their safety partner in India. In this workshop students were oriented towards use and misuse of internet and social networking sites.

Workshop on Embroidery(12 February 2018), two activities were organized for 124 volunteers of NSS. One was embroidery workshop another was literacy project. In embroidery workshop students were taught basic stitches of embroidery by Ms. Yogita, the Demonstrator in the department of Fashion Designing of The IIS University. The students practiced chain stitching, herring bone stitch, fillings and floats.

Workshop on “Social Surfing: Online Safety” (19 FEBRUARY 2018)

A Workshop on “Social Surfing: Online Safety” was organized by the Centre for Social Research, Delhi.  80 students of NSS participated enthusiastically to gain insight on the online safety. The resource persons for the workshop were Amitabh Kumar, Head, Media &Communication &Arnika Singh, Project Coordinator. The students were given information on the appropriate usage of the social networking sites, their security and privacy features and the issues related to the online practices in the present scenario. The queries of the students on the safety measures to be employed were also answered by the resource person.


Cancer Awareness Rally – Walkathon 2018 (24 February 2018)

A Cancer awareness rally, Walkathon 2018 was organized from city palace to RamNiwas Bagh by 150 students. The cancer survivors and supporters joined together to celebrate life, remember loved ones and share in the journey. The motto of the rally was to create awareness amongst people regarding cancer.


Session on Heartfulness and Yoga PranaVidya Healing (26 FEBRUARY 2018)


A Guest lecture on Yoga PranaVidya Healing and Heartfulness was organized on 26 February 2018 for 163 NSS students. Mr Karan Toshniwal from Rama Krishna Mission shared a beautiful story about a woodcutter who was getting less output inspite of putting more hours. His Guru put a relevant question to him - did he sharpen his axe? ,which made the students learn that hardwork is important but gives result only when done in the right direction. The session moved on to the release of MrJoshua's book and introduction of people from Ramkrishna Mission.Mr Joshua read parts of the book commenting in between to give clarity. He said meditation eases restlessness which is all about being alive. Heart inspires, informs to change. Heart is not preoccupied with self. When heart is concerned only with the individual it does not function as the heart only thinks of the common good.


Guest Lecture on Inner Soul, Good Vibes and Positivity in AV Hall (26 Feb 2018)


A guest lecturedelivered by Ms. Ritu Jain, a certified Yoga PranaVidya sr. Trainer & healer since 2006 & Trustee of Yoga VidyaPranic Healing Foundation, Jaipur was organized on healing through yoga for 180 NSS volunteers. The speakers talked about inner soul, good vibes and positivity with volunteers. She said that each one of us has the power to heal ourselves. The only thing we need to do is realize that energy and channelize it in a proper way. She was accompanied by two trainers who were practicing this technique. They also discussed about seven chakras of human soul. They talked about power of healing wherein they discussed how to get relief from different kinds of pain by means of power yoga. They demonstrated the healing session with students having minor ailments. Finally they also made volunteers practice different yoga asana related to meditation.


Interaction and Feedback Session (19 March 2018)

National service scheme of The IIS University had organized a general teacher-student interaction so that they both could exchange some innovative ideas regarding the development of children of government school and the people of the community.

All the teachers discussed the following key points with 200 NSS Volunteers:

1.      How to teach the children of the government school effectively and efficiently so that they could develop themselves for present as well as for their future.

2.      In what ways we can help the community people so that they could earn something and learn some new skills like jewellery designing, Mehendi designing, paper and cloth bag making and embroidery etc.

3.      What can be done for the cleanliness in that particular area so that people could save themselves from various types of diseases and remain healthy.


Guest Lecture on “ACNE VULGARIS: A Universal Skin Disease”(27 March 2018)

The NSS Unit of The IIS University organised a guest lecture on “ACNE VULGARIS: A Universal Skin Disease” which was taken by Gold Medalist Dr. PuneetGoyal who is presently the M.D. of Renova Skin & Laser Clinic, Mansarovar, Jaipur. This session was totally about Acne treatment. Dr. PuneetGoyal talked about what actually the Acne is, what are the participating factors that give rise to Acne, what are the treatments which should be followed to treat them carefully, how the diet influences acne, what should be the diet plan to prevent acne and food to be eaten by a person suffering from acne problem.178 students attended the session

Guest Lecture on “Care of hair for a wholesome personality”(2 April 2018)


A Guest lecture was organized on “Care of hair for a wholesome personality”. The Speaker of the day was Dr Ram Gulati, Dermatologist, SDMH, Jaipur. He focused on proper washing of hair and the products to be used which can help go a long way towards maintaining smooth and shiny hair. Moreover, he highlighted on simple tips to maintain healthy hair like wash oily hair more frequently, concentrate shampoo on the scalp, use of conditioner after every shampoo, etc. He concluded with encouraging words to the students on focusing more on their diet to get healthy hair.172  students attended the session


Guest Lecture onSwacchta: Creating Beautiful Smiles – Naturally (9 April 2018)


A Dental Braces Specialist DrDivyRoopRai visited the IISU campus and enlightened t185 NSS students with his words of wisdom. The doctor talked about the necessities of maintaining oral health and hygiene. He even emphasised on aesthetically sound braces, which help in building self-confidence thus improving overall personality.

The lecture enriched the students in other aspects of maintaining dental health as well.

Literacy Project at Dadabadi Government School (9 April 2018)

80 NSS Volunteers took literacy project at Dadabadi Government School and helped the students with their exam preparation. The students of class 1 and 2 were taught addition and subtraction. Students of class 3 and 4 were taught tables till 5. The students of class 5 were made to solve mock test papers and unseen passages.

Improvement in Hajiyawala Government Primary School in 2017-18


The NSS team in collaboration with Rotary club “Jaipur Gurukul” worked to transform not only the academic but overall status of the children and the school. They contributed towards the improvement of the infrastructure, boundary wall, permanent arrangement for drinking water, awareness on cleanliness and hygienic activities and distributed stationary, uniforms, shoes and socks to all the students. The NSS team of Group D adopted the Hajiyawala School in July 2017. With the efforts of the group, those students who belong to a family of very low socio-economic status got a lot of infrastructural and basic facilities. With the help of the Principal and the local leaders, the team arranged for a water connectivity to the school and instructed them about hygiene habits like hand wash before eating food.

NSS REPORT 2016-17


14 July, 2016

On 14 July, 2016 NSS orientation was held in A.V Hall. Students assembled in the hall on time. All fresher students were heartily interested in joining NSS as their activity. Through a power point presentation they were introduced with programme, activities, projects undertaken, teacher in charges and the benefits of opting NSS was made. In that presentation the focus was on the NSS slogan “NOT ME BUT YOU” and then the images showcasing the activities undertaken last year were also discussed. Dr. Sharad Rathore, NSS Programme officer introduced the students about the activities that will be taken up in the current session. At the end the students were given registration form for enrolling themselves as a NSS volunteer. The old students were distributed re-registration forms. Some of the old volunteers shared their experiences of NSS in the community. It was a program that increased the knowledge of the students about NSS and its functioning in The IIS University. Dr. Sharad Rathore took session for new NSS volunteers of B Com, B Com(H) and B Com Prof. and Ms. Sukriti Dev Verma for all professional courses. The orientation for BA and B Sc., Pass course and Honours students was taken by Ms. Chanda Asani.167 students attended the same


1 August, 2016

Tree Plantation was done up by the unit II of NSS, The IIS University on1 August, 2016 Mahaveer Marg , Mansarovar, Jaipur on a patch of land newly acquired by the JDA next to International School for Informatics and Management (ISIM), Mahavir Marg Jaipur. The programme was inaugurated by Mr. Mukesh Lakhiyani, Ward Member, Ward 41, Mrs. Kamlesh Meena, Chairperson of Garden Committee of Jaipur and Dr. Raakhi Gupta, Registrar The IIS University. At the outset 100 students of the Semester I took an oath to conserve the environment and keep it green. The first sapling was planted by the Chairperson accompanied by the Registrar and the Ward Member followed by the student volunteers. The neighbourhood community members were involved and counseled to take care of the plants.


8th and 9th  August 2016

NSS Units of The IIS University organized Rakhi making Competition for NSS Volunteers on 8th and 9th August 2016. Total number of Rakhis that were made by 179 colunteers These were exhibited for sale on 17 August 2016 in campus. Judgment for the rakhis was done on the criteria of creativity, presentation and neatness. All the rakhis were very creative and judgment was difficult.  The following students were declared winners :

I Roshni Purohit BVA III

II Purvai Modi BVA III

III Rimsha Lodha BBA III


11 August 2016

To hone the leadership skills of Group Leaders a training programme was organized on  11 August, 2016 for the 60 students. Their leadership skills enable them to effectively give direction and steer the student body in the right direction and guide them with Team Spirit. Thus Training is very important for these students who volunteer to become group leaders.The Trainers were Mr. Imaya Valen, the Senior Trainer at Genpact, Jaipur and Dr. Sharad Rathore. Various issues like Team Spirit, Ingredients for a Good Personality, Motivation and Time Management were taken up along with many floor exercises, which was a learning experience for the volunteers.


15th August, 2016

On 15th August, Independence Day to celebrate the auspicious day, the NSS volunteers performed a Nukkad on “Horn Not OK Please” in the IIS Auditorium. This Nukkad was performed by the group of girls so as to make the audience aware about the traffic rules and certain rules which are to be kept in mind while driving on the road. The Nukkad performance included encouraging statements and quotations and the play helped the audience to get an insight about how traffic rules are to be followed as well as its importance and this awareness will help the NSS members to become rule abiding citizens of India . 57 NSS voluneers participated in the same.


17th August, 2016

Acne is considered to be major issue for the teenagers as it causes emotional distress and decreased self esteem. To make the Volunteers about the acne problem on 17th August, 2016 a guest lecture was organized on “Acne and its Management”  by Dr. Sanita Agarwal who is a well known skin specialist working with the Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, Jaipur. She made the students aware about how acne is to prevented, and if acne persist then she threw light on some treatment which are available so as to treat acne problems in teenagers. She also discussed certain myths associated with acne and gave simple tips to get clean and clear skin. At the end of the session, she answered the queries of the audience.

On the very Same day, the Rakhi Exhibition was organized in which Rakhi  made by the NSS volunteers on 9th August were displayed in the Srijan Hall . After the display of the Rakhis’s the Judges declared the results. 250 students participated in the same.


22nd August, 2016

On 22nd August, a guest lecture was organized on” Breast Cancer Awareness” by Dr. Soni.  She started her lecture by throwing light on the breast cancer as most invasive type of cancer in females. She also discussed about symptoms and cure of Breast Cancer. 250 NSS volunteers were benefitted by the information shared in guest lecture.


29th August, 2016

Tree Plantation was done up by the unit II of NSS, The IIS University on 29th August, 2016 at Jhalana forest area, Jaipur.200  NSS volunteers boarded the buses at 9:30 a.m and reached Jhalana area at 11:00 a.m. After refreshment they went to the plantation area. Volunteers made pairs and planted saplings. The laborers from the forest department had made pits for plantation. They helped during plantation session for planting about 200 trees.

Para Sports Meet For Special Children
29th August, 2016 
The IIS University celebrated 110th birth anniversary of Dhyan Chand on 29th August, 2016. The National Sports Day was celebrated with special children so the day  was known as "Para Sports Meet". The following schools participated in the para sports meet with great enthusiasm- Disha Milestone, Shree Nirmal Vivek School, Sweekar MR Home, Umang and Asian Group. The various games that were organised by The University Sports Board were-Exhibition Hockey Match,Softball Throw for Wheelchair Athletes,Lemon& Spoon Race,BalloonRace,BookBalancing,Pair Ball Race,PyramidRace,Pick& Collect the Things 
Refreshments and medals were given to each and every participant by Prof. K.S. Sharma, University Advisor, Prof. Raakhi Gupta, Registrar and Prof. Bhatnagar, the Dean, to cheer and motivate them to participate more in such events. The managers/coaches and caretakers were presented momentos. The programme ended by a dance performance by the Umang School students


5th September,2016

 The NSS members volunteered participated  in the poster making competition on 5th September to commemorate the  Literacy Day. The NSS Volunteers made excellent posters which reflected the importance of Literacy for the growth of Nation and Society.

The NSS members also went for Community work in Kalyanpura Basti where they made Basti people aware about cleanliness and personal hygiene.284 students participated in the two events.


8th September, 2016

On 8th September, International Literacy Day the Poster Exhibition was organized to display the posters prepared by 124 NSS volunteers. 124 volunteers showcased their talent to the judges, Dr. Ujjvala Tiwari and Dr. RadhaKashyap. The posters were judged by the judges.


12th - 17th September, 2016

During the week of 12th -17th September, 165 NSS volunteers increased the awareness related to Cleanliness in the campus by performing rallies, putting up posters on the walls in the washroom, decorating dustbins thus encouraging the students not to litter around and rather prefer use of dustbins. The efforts of these volunteers were reflected as cleanliness was seen in the Campus.



19th September, 2016

On 19th September, the NSS volunteers came together as a group and started off with their preparation for Patriotic solo song Competition, their preparation included preparing the list of participants, arrangement of the refreshments and venue for the participants, arranging for their stay during the day time etc. Following only on that day, there was a guest lecture on Oral Health and Hygiene by DR. Divyaroop Rai which was followed by Dental Check up Camp in the Campus which started at 10:30 am and went on till 3:15 pm and all the 165 NSS volunteers were a part of it.


24th September, 2016

24th September is celebrated as the NSS Day. The tenth NSS State level Patriotic Solo Song Competition was organized by NSS Units of the IIS University on 24th September 2016 to commemorate and celebrate NSS Foundation day. More than 400 colleges in Rajasthan state were sent invites via post and emails.

Dr. Aparna Sahay, Member Secretary of State Women's Commission and Financial Advisor RTDC, & RIICO, was the Chief Guest of the programme on this occasion. The judges for this competition were Shri Chandra Mohan Bhatt-the Sitar Maestro, Dr. Maya Tak, Principal, Shri Satya  Sai  College, Jaipur and Ms. Seema Raj. Dr. Raakhi Gupta welcomed the Chief Guest and the judges with flowers.

 Many participants came to participate from various colleges of state. Participants showcased their talents and creativity.  After the presentations the winners were announced and prizes were distributed to the winners. In the last judges also gave their musical presentation. Cash awards of Rs.1000.00, Rs.750 .00 and Rs.500.00 were given respectively for First, Second and Third prizes. All participants were given certificates of participation. The result of this competition was:


I        Ms. Vidhi Sharma, Rajkiya Kanya Mahavidhyalaya, Bundi

II       Ms. Surbhi Arya, Maharana Pratap PG College, Chittorgarh

III      Mr. Vishal Rana, Government  College, Sambhar Lake

250 NSS volunteers helped make the event a grand success

                                            GUEST LECTURE on HIV Aids

26th September,2016

On 26th September 2016 a guest lecture was organized on HIV Aids in collaboration with the Red Ribbon Club of the University.  The lecture focused on the fact that AIDS has no cure and prevention is only its cure. The lecture further aimed on the fact that what are the modes of transmission, how important it is to use disposable syringes and the person is suffering from AIDS should be brought in the mainstream and sensitivity towards people suffering from AIDS should be there. The guest lecture ended with the question and answer which showed enthusiasm of volunteers to know about HIV AIDS.187 students attended the session.


26th September – 1st October, 2016

26th -1st October, was observed as a Cleanliness week. During this week   NSS volunteers increased the awareness related to cleanliness in the campus by performing rallies, putting up posters on the walls in the washroom, decorating dustbins thus encouraging the students not to litter around and rather prefer use of dustbins. The efforts of these volunteers were reflected as cleanliness was seen in the Campus.


27th September , 2016

The Group Leaders Training Follow up for 60 volunteers was also organized on 27 September 2016 to solve the problems that the Group Leaders faced while leading their groups. The trainer Mr. Imaya Valen, the Senior Trainer at Genpact, Jaipur followed up the assignment that he had given to the students on the 11 August and thereafter involved all the students in a common task of building a bridge with newspaper focusing on Team building and collective working. 60 volunteers participarted in the same.


3rd October, 2016

On 3rd October, a guest lecture was held on the significance of Blood Donation and the guest speaker was Dr. Urmil Dhuria. She informed students that need for blood is constant, so is the need for donation. She discussed about the basic requirement for donating blood and she also addressed various myths associated with it.. It was followed by a blood donation Camp which was held in the campus where 66 donations took place in which 254 NSS volunteers participated enthusiastically.

Volunteers also did Shramadaan  and worked for keeping campus clean.


24th October, 2016

31st October is celebrated as Unity Day which was celebrated on 24th October due to Diwali vacation. To mark this day 247 NSS volunteers organized a rally in surrounding area of the University. They carried plaque cards with messages highlighting Unity & Integrity. This was an awareness rally which received tremendous support from the Community.

GUEST LECTURE on Aids Awarnessx

1st December,2016

 1st December is celebrated as the World Aids Day. There was a guest lecture on AIDS Awareness. She told that AIDS has devastating effect on the life of infected person. The victims are sacked from the job and disowned by their own families. She stressed on finding ways to on to find ways and put efforts to bring them into main stream.  The more stress should be on the prevention of the disease.178 volunteers attended the same.

Visit to Vivek Nirmal Special School  

2ndDecember, 2016

On 2ndDecember, on World Disability day  89 NSS volunteers were taken to Vivek Nirmal Special School where they spent time with special children. Theytalked and encouraged the students and the volunteers saw the sports and Cultural programme presented by them.


3 – 9 January 2017

A one week special camp was organized from 25- 31 January 2016 in which 135 volunteers of both the units participated. Various activities were organized for them. Volunteers enthusiastically participated in the camp. The day commenced with a Seven Day workshop on Youth Empowerment by Dr. ManojKhurana, from The Chinmaya MissionYuva Kendra, Jaipur who inspired the volunteers with the feelings of patriotism and brotherhood for fellow citizens.The day commenced with the workshop of Dr. ManojKhurana from Chinmaya Mission - Yuva Kendra on Transforming Indians to Transform India. During the fourth day session on Intellectual Transformation, Dr. Khurana came up with another formula which was CLEAR (Choice is yours,Love what you do and do what you love, Enquire within, Act from inspiration and Routine practice of four R's: reflect, recognize, remove, replace and rise). The last day of the NSS Special Camp all the campers were dressed according to the themes of their Nukkadnataks


9th January, 2017

On 9th January, 89 NSS volunteers were a part of the promotion of Jaipur Marathon where Maharaja Padmanabh addressed the NSS volunteers about the need and importance of taking part in Marathon. This was followed up by a Zumba activity where all the NSS volunteers gave in their efforts to perform Zumba.


12th January 2017

On 12th January, it is celebrated as Vivekananda Jayanti where on that day all the 256 NSS volunteers took part in the Youth Day celebration. To make this occasion more special, the volunteers performed a Fly Peace Kite Campaign where flying Kites were aimed towards promoting peace and friendship among humanity. Simultaneously on the same day a guest lecture on Constitution and Citizenship was addressed by guest speaker Ashutosh from Pravah. The highlighting point of the guest lecture was that the audience was made to know about how one can become a responsible Citizen and some facts about our Constitution.


13th January 2017

Our Prime Minister initiated the Digital Literacy which aims in coming of the Cashless transactions and so to spread his idea, 346 NSS volunteers organized for a Digital Literacy campaign in Thadi Market area, near the University Campus where the students spoke to various shopkeepers and street vendors and  made them aware of the benefits of the digital Literacy. They also helped them in learning and using online mode of payments.



On 16th January, a guest lecture on Digital Functional Literacy for Indian Citizens and the guest Speaker was Shilpi Chakrawati. She made students aware about the benefits of Casheless transactions as it prevents black marketing and other unfair means of using money. She also emphasized on using digital mode of payments as it helps them not to carry wad of cash and it’s save time as no need to stand in ATM queue. It is important that every Citizen of the country should be able to use Cashless transactions.124 students were benefitted by the same.



On 23rd January, 500 NSS volunteers went to Kalyanpura Basti and they continued their Literacy Projects and these Volunteers took Classes for the students and taught them subjects like English and Maths and their main aim was to promote literacy in the Basti areas.


25thJanuary, 2017

On 25thJanuary, 2017, a camp was held in the campus by the 345 NSS volunteers where the Rajasthan election committee joined the NSS volunteers in their camp and they were distributing Aadhar Cards to the people who did not have Aadhar cards.


26th January, 2017

26th January is celebrated as a Republic Day and the NSS volunteers performed a Nukkad in lieu of Republic Day where the participants took up a Nukkad performance which was based on women empowerment named “Shashak” which was well appreciated by the  audience.In all 155 volunteers participated in the event.


30th January, 2017

 30th January is celebrated as the Martyr’s Day and a 2 minute silence was observed by all present to commemorate that day. A guest lecture and demonstration on Physiotherapy was also organized. The guest Speaker was Dr.Ashita Vyas who is a professional physiotherapist. She made the students aware about the  importance  of  exercise as it can decrease the chances of further health complications. She also demonstrated few exercises which one should do daily to keep themselves healthy. 195 students attended the same.


3rd February, 2017

On 3rd February, there was a performance of Nukkad by Ashmita Group of Theatre, New Delhi on “One Billion Rising”–“Dastak” where the Nukkad was performed on women empowerment and after the performance the Volunteers  interacted with the group of theatre . 145 student volunteers participated in the same.

GUEST LECTURE On “Road Safety” 

6th February, 2017

On 6th February, there was a guest lecture on Road Safety and the guest speaker was Neha Bhuller from Muskaan Foundation. Children and young people are at significant risk on the road. She made the students aware about traffic rules and emphasized on the importance of following road safety rules while driving on the road,  the importance of wearing helmet as it will keep us from being killed or seriously injured.188 students were benefitted.


13th February,2017

On 13th February, 150 NSS volunteers came together to work towards Swacchata Abhiyan in the Community centre in SFS, Mansarovar, These Volunteers worked for the cleanliness in centre and its surroundings.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Health And Hygiene 

 20th February,2017

On 20th February, 200 NSS volunteers went to Kalyanpura Basti to enhance literacy among the people. These volunteers taught the students and helped them overcame their doubts regarding their subjects and they taught these students in Basti school and cleared there fundamentals of Maths and Science with the help of animation films screened in their laptops.


27th February 2017

On 27th February, the NSS volunteers went to the Basti where they had a one to one interaction with all the students of the school where these volunteers took upon the topic of hygiene, sanitation, cleanliness. Each student was told that staying hygienic is essential and that they also added that washing hands helps to keep them germ free and they can prevent many diseases.


6th March,2017

On 6th March, A dental check up was held in Kalyanpura Government School by Central Smile Dental Clinic in Aanganwadi in the Basti. Free dental check up was provided to the people of the Basti and the NSS volunteers also participated by  helping the doctors and Basti people.

On the same day, there was a community awareness on online Banking and financial Literacy by Ms. Meha Saxena where she made the people know about how online transactions and other banking purposes are possible with the use of mobile phones. She also focused on the importance of online banking and financial literacy to the peoples of the Basti.500 students participated in both the activities.

GUEST LECTURE on  Awarness to Rajasthan Mahila Suraksha App.

8th March 2017

8th March is celebrated as Women’s Day and on this day the Chief Minister of Rajasthan introduced an Application called the Rajasthan Mahila Suraksha App.  A guest lecture and demonstration of this Application was given by  Shri Hetram DY SP and team from Shipra Path Police Station, Jaipur. They informed students  about the use of this Application. They also discussed its benefits towards the safety of women.500 students attended the same.


14th March 2017

On 14th March 2017 a Dental check Up Camp was organized in Kalyanpura Govt. School  by the doctors of Central Smile Dental Clinic and the NSS Volunteers. Understanding the need of oral hygiene this camp was organised. 120 volunteers helped in the registrations and the smooth functioning of the camp.

GUEST LECTURE on Road Safety Awarness

20th March 2017  

On 20th March, guest lecture was held on Road Safety Awareness and the guest speaker was Dr. Mridual Bhasin, Director, Muskaan NGO. She stressed on the fact that road safety is an important aspect which needs to be followed and she also talked about some traffic rules and made the students aware to follow these rules and regulations. 145 Volunteers Participated in the same.


21st March 2017

On 21st Mrch 2017 a Dental check Up Camp was organized in Sukhalpura Govt. School  by the doctors ofCentral Smile Dental Clinic and 200 NSS Volunteers.Understanding the need of oral hygiene this camp was organised The  volunteers helped in the registrations and the smooth functioning of the camp.

The NSS volunteers  also organized a Swacchata Rally in Devnagar Basti, Hajiwala and also made the people aware about cleanliness and its importance.


27th March 2017

500  NSS Volunteers went to the Kalyanpura Government School on 27th March 2017 as a part of the regular programme.The volunteers interacted with the students there. The basic objective was to inculcate and develop social and moral values amongst the students.

Guest Lecture on Prevention of Cyber Hacking 

28th March 2017

On 28th March, there was a guest lecture on Prevention of Cyber Hacking and the guest speaker was Mr. Dheeraj Madhukar who is a CEO in Techno legends, Jaipur. We are living in a He emphasized on the point that how cyber hacking can be prevented, and that one person can stay alert and vigilant about the cyber issues. He also made the students aware about some more facts and prevention methods of cyber hacking.  178 volunteers attended the same.

GUEST LECTURE:The Challenges of Public Services: Experience Sharing by a woman Police Officer

3April 2017

An experience sharing session was organized on The Challenges of Public Services: Experience Sharing by a woman Police Officer on 3rd April 2017 where the speaker was Ms. Maruti Joshi, Additional SP, Jaipur. She said that time is changing and women are occupying key positions in administration. But still she said that stereotype idea of considering women inferior to men will take time to change. She said that we need to educate women, develop self confidence and make them realize that they can contribute to the nation apart from being domestic women.156 volunteers attended the same.

 The Challenges of Public Services: Experience Sharing by a woman Police Officer: Ms. Maruti Joshi, Additional SP, Jaipur


7 April 2017

 On 7 April 2017 a guest lecture was organized on the dignity of the girl child. The speaker was Major Meeta Singh. She stated that human beings are born free and equal in rights and dignity. The Constitution of India guarantees equal rights and freedom toall citizens but still women are facing gender biased sex selection, and other forms of violence. With the help of statistics she threw light on the declining sex ratio. She motivated girls to be strong, educated and vigilant about their rights to become the empowered citizens of the country.134 volunteers attended the same


8 April 2017

The outgoing students were warmly welcomed by Dr. Sharad Rathore. 200 NSS Volunteers arranged a farewell for outgoing students of NSS. They made small cards with NSS, Not Me But You, 2014-17 written on them as token of remembrance for them. Few cultural programme were also presented. The outgoing students shared their learning experience while in NSS. All pledged to serve society in future also.

Group E volunteers made women empowerment badges.

14th March, 2017

On 14th March, A dental check up was held in Kalyanpura Government school by the doctors of Central Smile Dental Clinic and the NSS volunteers. The NSS volunteers   helped the doctors in dental check up camp by helping in doing the registrations of the students who were going for the dental check up camp.

On 22nd August ,2016, In a guest lecture held in the A.V. Hall, Dr. Soni the speaker for the guest lecture made the students aware with” Breast Cancer Awareness” she reflected about the hygiene which should be taken care by every women to prevent breast cancer. She also threw on light on some of her valuable suggestions if somebody is suffering from breast cancer then this problem can be deal with positivity and keeping some of the points she mentioned during the lecture in mind. The NSS volunteers were able to know about how to stay more hygienic after the guest lecture.

On 5th September, The NSS members volunteered to take part in the poster making excellent posters which reflected the importance of literacy in our society. The main aim of making this poster was to understand the importance of being literate and how can one spread literacy as well as gain some benefits out of literacy on this day.

During the Week of 5th -10th September, the NSS members had put in all of their best efforts towards helping in the Swacchata Week which was held. Our Prime Minter initiated the “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan” to make the citizens of the country aware about cleanliness. With the same thought and zeal in them, the NSS members sought to put in their contribution in the Swacchata week wherein they aimed to promote cleanliness in our Society.

On the 29th August, Six special School namely Disha, Shree Nirmal Vivek, Umang, Sweekar MR Home, Mile stone special school and Naya Sawera special school joined to participate in the Para Sports on sports Day which was held with sports Department.

These students took part in the sports activities and helping and supporting them by standing on their side were the NSS volunteers who encouraged, helped and supported them to take part in each & every sports activity. At the end of it, the Children’s precious smile which was seen as they enjoyed every bit of it came out as rewards for the NSS volunteers.

On 5th September, A group NSS volunteers headed towards the Community service work where they went to the Dadabari Basti, and these NSS volunteers interacted with the women in the slum areas and told them about the significance of literacy and made them understood the importance of literacy in today’s World and they also encouraged these women’s to make their Child attend School so as to make them literate and independent in their lives.

On 21st March, A dental checkup was organized in Sukhalpura Government School by the doctors of Central Smile Dental Clinic and the NSS volunteers.  Wherethese volunteers helped in the registration of who came for the dental checkup camp. The NSS volunteers organized a Swacchata Rally in Devnagar Basti, Hajiwala and also made the people aware about cleanliness and its importance.

On 27th March, Dr. Neeru Jain Ma’am and the Jewellery Department of the IIS University went to Dadabari Basti for Beading work and to enhance skill development in women’s of the Basti. The NSS volunteers along with the jewellery department taught the women’s on how to make jewelleries and also made them aware of the fact that making these jewelleries they can sell these in the wholesale markets. The NSS volunteers went to Sukhalpura Government School and made the students aware about being hygienic and the following the rules of sanitation is important. Some of the other NSS volunteers went to kalyanpura Government School to make the students aware the importance of hygienic and sanitation.

On 6th March, there was a guest lecture held on AIDS Awareness by Dr. Sharad Rathore Ma’am where she gave importance facts about concepts of AIDS, where are the various modes of transmission, that there is no cure to AIDS rather prevention is its best cure.

8th March is celebrated as Women’s Day and on this day the Chief Minister of Rajasthan introduced a app called the Rajasthan Mahila Suraksha App. There was a guest lecture held about the talk and demonstration of this app by Shri Hetram DY SP and team from Shipra Path Police Station, Jaipur. They talked about how this app is beneficial towards the safety of women and they also made the students aware so as to how to make use of the app.

On 20th March, guest lecture was held on Road Safety Awareness and the guest speaker was Dr. Mridual Bhasin who is the director of Muskaan NGO. She threw on some light on the fact that road safety is an important aspect which needs to be followed and she also talked about some traffic rules and made the students aware to follow these rules and regulations.

On 27th March, skill building by the department of jewellery designing was initiated in the Devnagar Basti, Hajiwala where the women’s of the Basti were taught to make jewelleries and the NSS volunteers motivated them to sell these jewelleries in wholesale markets.

On 28th March, there was a guest lecture on prevention of cyber hacking and the guest speaker was Mr. DheerajMadhukar who is a CEO in Techno legends, Jaipur. He emphasized on the point that how cyber hacking can be prevented, and that one person can stay alert and vigilant about the cyber issues. He also made the students aware about some more facts and prevention methods of cyber hacking.  

Youth Delegation from Plaestine for Cultural Exchange Programme

23 May 17

A 54 member youth delegation from Palestine visited the University for Youth Cultural Exchange Programme. The Delegation with Mr. Abbu Issa Dy. Minister Youth Affairs of the Govt. of Palestine was accompanied by the team leader Mr. Mohamad and Mr. Kutaiba. They interacted with the NSS volunteers of the University. The students of the University put up a cultural program showcasing Rajasthani culture and history. They also made a Sufi presentation which was appreciated by all. The Palestinian team members presented cultural program starting with their Palestinian national song followed by dance presentation. there was  group interaction, the Palestinian student asked about the bindi and the costumes worn by the Indian students and also discussed about Indian history and culture. Mr. Bhupendra Saini, Chairperson Raj. Youth board and State Minister  welcomed  the delegation and talked about the significance of such youth visits which are a good occasion to experience the culture and history of any country. the Program ended with national anthem and refreshments.


NSS REPORT 2015-16

NSS Report July 2015-Novemner 2015


17 July, 2015

On 17 July, 2015 NSS orientation was held in A.V Hall. Students assembled in the hall on time. All 195  students were heartily interested in joining NSS as their activity. A power point presentation on the programme, activities, projects undertaken and the benefits of opting NSS was made. In that presentation the focus was on the NSS slogan “NOT ME BUT YOU” and then the images showcasing the activities undertaken last year were also discussed. Dr. Sharad Rathore, NSS Programme officer introduced the students about the activities that will be taken up in the current session. At the end the students were given registration form for enrolling themselves as a NSS volunteer. The old students were distributed re-registration forms. Some of the old volunteers shared their experiences of NSS in the community. Dr. Sharad Rathore thanked Anubha for making the presentation and a NSS volunteers for sharing their experiences with the fresher students. It was a program that increased the knowledge of the students about NSS and its functioning in The IIS University.      



1 August, 2015

Tree Plantation was done up by both the units of NSS, The IIS University on1 August, 2015 at UmriDham forest area, Raisar forest range, JamwaGhat, Ramgarh, Jaipur and Jhulelal Park, Sector 12, Zone 123, Agarwal Farm, Mansarovar by Unit I and Unit II respectively.NSS volunteers boarded the buses at 9:30 a.m and reached JamwaGhat at 11:00 a.m. After refreshment they went to the plantation area - the forest was about half a kilometer walk from the main road. The surroundings of the JamwaGhat, were very beautiful with scenic beauty. Mr. Umrao Singh Rathore, the Forest officer and Mr. Joy Gardener from The Hope NGO gave a brief introduction about the importance of tree plantation. 135 Volunteers made pair sand planted 4 saplings. The village laborers from the forest department had made pits for plantation. They helped during plantation session for planting about 200 trees. After thanking the Forest Officer and Mr. Gardner 67 NSS volunteers travelled back to the college and reached at 2:30 pm. It was a great and memorable event. 50 trees were planted in Jhulelal Park with collaboration of the community people.


8 August 2015

The ART OF LIVING people came and introduced themselves. Then presented a NukkadNatak on the topic of independence India, describing the scene where the Martyr Bhagat Singh and his friends’ struggle against British.They were put in jail and hanged. All volunteers were moved by emotional scene. The Art of Living team ended by singing the patriotic song “Hum Hai Hindustani”. They promoted the concept of unity in diversity and that we are all one. Their concepts enriched 134 NSS volunteers to understand perspectives of NSS motto of ‘you before me’ to promote national integration.



8 August 2015

 On 8 of August 2015, a tribute was paid to the former president of India APJ ABDUL KALM AZAD in NSS program. 145 NSS volunteers were gathered at sharp 9:30 am in A.V Hall. Whole room was filled with energized volunteers. A documentary film on the life and achievements of Dr. Kalam was screened. It contained a compilation of interviews with Dr. Kalam focusing on launching of the missiles, his contribution to education system and also experiences of his life was well appreciated by the volunteers. He is an inspiration to any person wanting to do well for the nation and contribute to the development to our country.

A power point presentation on Abdul Kalam was made by NSS volunteers, ShrutiPareek and Deepti Khandelwal. In the PPT Shruti talked about Dr. Kalam’s VISION 2020 of development in every field and promotion of scientific temper to take India among the premier league nations of the world. His vision also dealt with development in every field like, agriculture, electricity, water and education for the growth of India. He was known as “MISSLIE MAN” for his great work and contribution to India.

Lastly the NSS Programmer Officer Dr. SHARAD RATHORE thanked Shruti, Deepti, Tuhina and Aakansha for their efforts.



15 August 2015

The flag hoisting was done by Vice Chancellor, Dr. Ashok Gupta accompanied by NCC cadets. 56 NSS Volunteers presented two nukkadnataks on the topics of women empowerment and addressing various issues portraying tolerance in society. The first was by a group of students who were presenting for the first time and the second from the team of theatrical society of the IIS University. The nukkads were appreciated by all faculty.



24 August 2015

Mr. Sidharth Jain, a trainer from the Art of Living, did an invigorating session on Art of Living. He and his team of Art of Living volunteers shared how Art of Living helped them change in their day to become focused. Generally people in a crowd do not remember all good things told about them but stress of one drawback mentioned offhand. With help of clapping game he stressed on the virtue of listening. Staying calm was one of the qualities he stressed which is important for NSS volunteers. Mr. Jain shared the upcoming Art of Living session where Ms. Pakhi was to come from Mumbai. 165 NSS volunteers participated for the same.

Art of Living Team

IIS Student Volunteers of Art of Living

Mr. Sidharth Jain

Mr. PranjalGarg

Mr. Naman Agarwal

Aishwarya 9214429607

Sanya Khanna 7792858585


Isha Gupta



24 August 2015

154 NSS volunteers and Students of the University participated enthusiastically in raakhi making competition with Raakhi coming. The raakhis were judged for creativity and presentation.

The following students were selected for making the best raakhis

I           RoshniPurohit BVA Sem I

II         Poojan Gupta B V A Sem I

III        Manisha Aggarwal B Com III



24 August 2015

“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others”

Keeping in mind with this philosophy, the NSS Unit of The IIS University conducted Group Leaders Training workshop on August 24th, 2015.Pravahteam including Ms. MeenakshiBhanjdeo, Ms. Amrin and Mr. Ashutosh conducted the training for group leaders. Via an interactive session they slowly involved the future leaders in concepts of leadership, the true essence of a leader and what is required by a leader to achieve team cooperation. They also conducted games. One of which was a race wherein the students were supposed to not use one or more of their limbs during the race. This stimulated teamwork, presence of mind and thus leadership attributes among the NSS volunteers.50 NSS Volunteers of the University participated in the same



Para Sports on 28 August 2015

29th August is celebrated as the National Sports Day in India. To celebrate the occasion, Sports, NSS wings and the Equal Opportunity Cell of The IIS University invited students of Umang and Disha to celebrate it with them on 28th August. The event started with inaugural by Dr. Ashok Gupta, Honorable Vice Chancellor declaring the event open. Students were divided for the various sports activities organized by the University. There was carom, balloon race, relay race and many more followed by tug of war in the end between the students and the teachers. All the players were awarded with the medals by the Deans of the University and the event was thus a huge success. For many students of the University it was the first time to interact with specially challenged children. Sports being an equalizer it was a learning for NSS volunteers towards assimilating diverse existence.90 NSS Volunteers of the University participated in the same



8-9 September 2015

The following activities were held on the occasion of International Literacy Day on the 8th September, 2015:-

Poster Making Competition

Literacy Day Poster Making Competition was organized by NSS Units of The IIS University for all students of the University. 145 students drawn from different faculties participated in the competition and made posters on the topic of ‘Padhega India tohBadhegaIndia’ . The students enthusiastically participated in the poster making and made this program a success.

Slogan Writing was the other activity in which NSS volunteers wrote innovative slogans on literacy to generate awareness on the significance of education.

Community Work

The IIS UNIVERSITY has organized a special programme on the occasion of World Literacy Day in KALAYAN PURA GOVERNMENT SCHOOL.

80 NSS volunteers organized activities like quiz for the students of 9th and 10th standard and fun time Mathematics, ‘kheloaursikho’ with classes sixth, seven and eight.

They interacted with the students to know their plans and ambitions and learnt that the Government school students too had great enthusiasm in them to become achievers. They shared about various career options.

All they needed was some motivation, guidance, support and mediums to turn into useful citizen of our nation through their personal growth.

Literacy Day Posters Exhibition – 9 September 2015

Shri Abhishek Tiwari, Cartoonist, Rajasthan Patrika, and Shri TarunHriday, Associate Programme Coordinator, State Resource Centre, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India came to judge the posters.145 NSS Volunteers of the University participated in the same

The results are as follows:-

I           RUPAL YADAV






12 September 2015

Dr. Sharad Rathore, NSS Programme Officer discussed the participatory approach that the students need to adopt in order to interact with the community. These breakthrough interventions are necessary for effective communication. The students should become the listeners rather than a giver of information to be able to make a place in the families in the community. She gave tips to the students in this regards. 150 NSS Volunteers of the University participated in the same

Dr. Sharad Rathore further introduced the Group leaders to their respective groups and asked them to interact with each other to build team spirit.



16 September 2015
140 NSS Volunteers of The IIS University celebrated The Ozone Day in the Forest Training Institute located opposite JKK, Jaipur. 16 girls of NSS participated in it. There were 5 school and college. 
The programme began with the introduction of all members of institute. The first presentation on ozone gas was by Mr. L.K. Khan from the Department of Environmental Science RU. The presentation was highly in spring (not clear) and knowledgeable. The second presentation was given by Mr. Jhaon.
Then a break of 15 min was give. After that a competition was held between all 5 teams. All three competitions were interesting and knowledgeable. 
It was a great experience and one line which left its footprints were.

LakshitaGoel got 3rd prize in extempore competition.

"The God fly in the birds
 The God wakes in the animals 
 The God sleeps in the minerals and
The God thinks in the man ".



19 September 2015

Students learnt and practiced the NSS song for NSS Day 24th September. The State level Patriotic Solo song competition is held on NSS Day. There after the volunteers that were put on duty got down to making preparations accordingly and assisted the programme officers. A total of 150 volunteers were involved in the preparations for the NSS day



24th September 2015

On the occasion of NSS Foundation Day 24th September 2015, theNSS Units of The IIS University organized a NSS State level Patriotic Solo Song Competition in which students from all over Rajasthan participated. Colleges and universities such as Dr K N Modi University, Niwai, Seth J B Poddar College, Nawalgarh, Mahaveer College of Commerce, Jaipur, The IIS University, Jaipur, Baba Shree Narayan Das College, Behror, Mahatma Gandhi PG College, Tagore PG College, Jaipur, SS Jain Subodh Girls PG College, Jaipur, Maheshwari College of Commerce and Arts, Jaipur, Kanodia PG College, Jaipur, Khandelwal Girls Institute of Technology, Jaipur, IIRED, The IIS University Jaipur, Compucom Institute of Technology, Jaipur, Kasturi Devi College, Chaaksu, Jaipur, St Wilfred PG College, Jaipur and Rawat PG Girls College, Jaipur sent their participation. All participants were given certificate for their performance.

Mr. Niranjan Kumar Arya, IAS, Commissioner, Departmental Enquiries, Rajasthan was the Chief Guest. He gave away the awards to the winners which consisted of a certificate and cash prize of Rs1000/-, Rs. 750/- and Rs.500/- as first, second and third prizes. The details are:

I Prize – Mr. ShubhankarBajpei, St Wilfred PG College, Jaipur

II Prize – Mrbahrat GK, Dr K N Modi University, Niwai

III Prize – MsDhritiBumb, The IIS University, Jaipur

The Judges on this occasion were Ms. Sunita Amin, The famous Drupad Singer, Ms. Tripti Pandey, Former Deputy Director Tourism and Cultural expert and Ms. RekhaKotwani, Finalist, the Voice of Rajasthan. NSS State Liaison Officer Sh. DilipGoyal also graced the occasion with his presence.190 NSS Volunteers of the University participated in the same


25 September 2015

100 NSS volunteers of the IIS University visited St Wilfred College, Mansarovar for State level Blood Donation Camp organized by Directorate of Rajasthan. Since a camp was planned in University campus on October 2, 2015, the volunteers did not donate in that space but pledged to do so regularly.



26 September 2015

Day by day, competition among students is increasing leading to more and more stress and hence lifestyle problems such as-obesity. Thus, there is a major need for all of us to devote a little time to ourselves. We could do some form of physical exercise along with meditation to calm our nerve cells. 

For this purpose, NSS unit of The IIS University called Ms. JankiPareekto orient its volunteers with basic yoga and meditation. She started with breathing exercises (or pranayamas). We did anilomvilom, kapaalbhati, brahmahari and deep breathing with Om chanting. All the volunteers enthusiastically followed her directions. 

This was followed by a short session of meditation. During meditation, she guided us while we closed our eyes to a beautiful journey of our body from tip of the toes to our pony tails. She told us to connect ourselves with the surroundings. This left all the volunteers filled with immense energy and joy. Each and every student felt an unknown peacefulness in their minds and bodies. 160 NSS Volunteers of the University participated in the same.

Overall, this week’s session was a much needed one for all the students who were/are going through their CA tests. Now, they will be able to concentrate more and be more efficient in their work.


2 October 2015

The enthusiasm was amazing this year towards donating blood and the results were equally amazing. Out of 110 registrations 82 including students and faculty members were able to donate after their hemoglobin tests were acceptable.A total of 200 volunteers participated in the event

SwasthyaKalyan Kendra senior Dr. R S Rajawat explained the importance of blood donation to students. Jagriti gave three packets, one for blood, one for platelets and

The other team members were:-


Deepak Verma – Camp Incharge


Madan Mohan





2 October 2015

110 NSS Volunteers took the pledge for Swachhata. They distributed themselves in groups and contributed in cleaning different areas of the campus. Few volunteers took brooms to sweep the back lawns. Some of them checked all classrooms. As an initiative from the NSS volunteers the previous year all class rooms have been provided with dustbins.



17 October 2015

The NSS Units of The IIS University welcomed Mr. Pankaj Kumar of the The IIS University to make the students aware of the meaning and importance of IPR, i.e., Intellectual Property Rights. The session started with Dr. Sharad Rathore welcoming sir. Sir held an interactive session with the students on the basics of patents, copyrights, trademarks, etc. This was followed by a video which emphasized on the different types of IPR, their uses and their differences. Overall, the session was very informative and the students benefitted a lot.167 NSS Volunteers participated in the same.



31 October 2015

To mark the National Unity day, the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, NSS Units of the IIS University organized a programme. Dr. Sharad Rathore introduced the role of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in the integration of the country after Independence in 1947. The mammoth task of bringing together the 525 princely states after the lapse of paramountcy by the British was accomplished effortlessly by Patel. While dismounting the difficulties owing to the wishes of the rulers of Junagadh, Hyderabad, Jodhpur and Kashmir, Patel appealed to the patriotic and national sentiments of the Princes inviting them to join the forming of a democratic constitution in the national interest. He thereafter led to the assimilation, centralization and unification of states. The states were brought together to form a union creating the Union of India

After this brief introduction the NSS volunteers took a solemn pledge to preserve the unity, integrity and security of the nation and to spread the message of unity among the fellow countrymen.A total of 150 students participated in different activities during the event.

This was followed by slogan writing by the students within the limit of 10-15 words on the Unity of the country.

Thereafter the students assemble for a rally focusing on National Unity with their ready slogans. The rally was flagged off by Dr. RenuShungloo, Director Sports the IIS University from the University campus. The rally covered sector 1, 2, 5 and 6 SFS Agarwal Farm and the Shopping centreMansarovar and they conveyed the message of Unity and integrity through their posters which they carried during the walk. The rally converged in the University campus.

 Meeting with VC Dr. Ashok Gupta

4 th December, 2015 After meeting the Vice Chancellor Dr. Ashok Gupta on 4th December NSS volunteers enthusiastically decided the five colors, yellow, green, red, blue and turquoise for IIS University T shirts. The different colors of the t-shirts would represent a colorful enriched culture of Rajasthan. 188 NSS Volunteers participated in the same

Preparation of Rotary International

The NSS volunteers met again on 17th December for final planning. The NSS Volunteers discussed the programme of rotary . They were given instruction about their role in the program and they made preparation for the same. 185 NSS Volunteers participated in the same

NSS Report December 2015-April 2016


18 December 2015

After meeting the Vice Chancellor Dr. Ashok Gupta on 4th December NSS volunteers enthusiastically decided the five colours, yellow, green, red, blue and turquoise for IIS University T shirts. The NSS volunteers met again on 17th December for final planning. On 18th many students gathered in University campus and proceeded for Statue Circle by University bus. Few came directly to the venue. 193 students stood in the outer circle of Statue circle and welcomed the guests holding gas balloons and flags. As soon as the convoy passed them there was a riot of colours in the sky as they let go of the balloons.

 NSS Special Camp Report 2015-2016

25/01/2016 31/01/2016

A one week special camp was organized the NSS Units of The IIS University, Jaipur from 25- 31 January 2016 in which around 120 volunteers of both the units participated. Various activities were organized for them. Volunteers enthusiastically participated in the camp. The camp was inaugurated by Shri Manoj Kumar Sharma IAS, Deputy Chief Protocol Officer,Government of Rajasthan in the presence of Shri Ashok Gupta, Vice Chancellor, The IIS University along with Dr. Raakhi Gupta, Registrar of the University . The programme begun with the lighting of the lamp by the chief guest, which was followed by Prayer and NSS song sung by the Group leaders and welcome note by Dr. Ashok Gupta. Dr. Sharad rathore, PO Unit I presented the outline of the camp which was followed by the blessings of the chief Guest.

After the inauguration and lunch a two hour workshop on Youth Empowerment by Dr. Manoj Khurana, from The Chinmaya Mission-Yuva Kendra, Jaipur who inspired the Location IIS University Location Co-ordinates -26.837371,75.770276 (Google Maps) Location IIS University Location Co-ordinates -26.837371,75.770276 (Google Maps) volunteers with the feelings of patriotism and brotherhood for fellow citizens on Transforming Indians to Transform India. This programme continued throughout the camp. The campers were divided in four groups and Four NSS Projects were planned and taken up in the special Camp 2016. The topics were Literacy, Health Awareness & Cleanliness, Environmental Conservation, and Social Evils, in Dadabari Basti and Kalyanpura.

NSS Project Plan for Special Camp 2016 

1. Brain Storming on problem areas of academics Balance Diet Slogan writing Informal Discussion on Child Marriage (Causes & Consequences)

2 Comprehension Healthy seasonal foods Poster making Informal Discussion on Child Labor

3 Tenses (Past, Present & future) Deficiency diseases and source of nutrients Documentary on environmental conservation topics Informal Discussion on Gender Discrimination

4 Mental Maths General cleanliness/Good habits Creating awareness about environmental conservation with Power Point Informal Discussion on Anti-social behavior

The Second Day started with Self Defence training by Indian Martial Art Sansthan It was followed by a Self- Defense Training by Mr. Dhananjaya Tyagi, 4 times International and 3 times National Champion in the respective weight category from Indian Martial Art Sansthan. He initially discussed the prevailing conditions in the society and how to deal with them. He instructed girls with different self-defense techniques in order to combat and cope-up with odd situation.

This was followed by Republic day celebration in which campers participated whole heartily and presented patriotic songs for all. This was followed by another enlightening session on the Finer Nuances of NukkadNatak by Mr. Mahmud Ali on a five topics of social relevance assigned to five groups into which the volunteers were divided. Mr. Mohammad Ali suggested themes to the groups and told them about the different emotions (Rasas),by demonstrating them which are an important component of Drama. This would be taken up and a nukkad natak would be prepared, which would be performed in the Basti and would be performed on the valedictory function of the camp as a part of the Nukkad Natak competition between the five groups.

This was followed by Nutritious Salad making session by Kuhu Jain and Tanya Agarwal( NSS Volunters) They gave a live demonstration on making different types of Salad with healthy Nutritive Ingredients. Along with this they also explained and demonstrated the techniques to decorate the Salad and its presentation.After this session students left for their project works in the community while focusing on Environment Conservation, Health and Hygiene.

A guest lecture with Skin Specialist Dr. Vivek Rungta was organized in the A V Hall. Dr Rungta started by explaining the structure of the skin, the different layers and the role of Nutritive food in its upkeep. He talked about the different skin problems faced by the girls and also answered the queries of the students in this regard.This was followd by Nukkad Lecture & Training by Mahmood Ali. And the self Defence training too.

The Fourth day started with Yoga session by Yoga instructor Ms. Janaki Pareek after which the volunteers took a short break for breakfast. This was followed by a Guest lecture on care and well being of infants"  by Dr. Anshu Mathur, Pediatrician. While focusing on Care of the New Born , she also talked about the significance of lactation, essential for the healthy growth of a baby. This was a very important message that she said that the students should carry in the community, the Aanganbaris and even in their homes. After this the students left for the community to carry out their Projects assigned to them. After Lunch Guest lecture on Soft Skills, by Dr. Shruti Rawal,was held in which Dr. Rawal shared the significance of good communication skills to put forth one's point of view clearly. She focused on the clarity of thought and assertion to make a point and be understood by others. This session was followed by Nukkad training and Self Defence Training.

The Fifth day started with Yoga session by Yoga instructor Ms. Janaki Pareek after which the volunteers took a short break for breakfast. The first lecture of the day was a skill building demonstration on Baking Cakes and Muffins by Ms Sheikh Sahar. She demonstrated how to make basic cake first and thereafter make improvisations to further give a variety. She also told th students how this skill has made her earn some money and now she gets orders and supports herself with her fees. The students reallty enjoyed the session.After Lunch Nukkad Natak Training was resumed which was followed by a session on Intellectual Transformation by Dr. Manoj Khurana. Dr. Khurana came up with a formula which was CLEAR (Choice is yours,Love what you do and do what you love, Enquire within, Act from inspiration and Routine practice of four R's: reflect, recognize, remove, replace and rise). He stated that the basic CLEAR phenomenon is essential to bring about intellectual transformation in any individual. This lecture was enjoyed by the students very much . This lecture was followed by Self defence Training.

The Sixth day of the camp also started with Yoga session by Yoga instructor Ms. Janaki Pareek after which the volunteers took breakfast. The first lecture on this day was on the by Arman Team. This team is formed by young boys and girls who are empowering the young girls against any sort of Sexual harassment. They talked about different ways by which harassment takes place and also discussed the ways to counter it.The students like everydaty went to the community to carryout their projects. Today was the day to show their Nukkad to th people in the community. The students performed Nukkad in Gyan Vihar School, Dadabari Basti, and Kalyanpura Government School. Their presentation enthralled all the school Kids and their messages were well taken by the people of the community too.

After lunch the ppt presentation of all the activities undertaken by the four groups was taken up followed by Nukkad Natak Competition The volunteers had conducted many activities in the bastis related to their projects. They made a presentation of the activities conducted by them in the community. Each group showcased their activities in the community allotted to them vividly in a PPT presentation. Active participation of all campers was sought in these group Projects and its presentation .which was followed by a Nukkad Natak also based on the same theme in a competition. Nukkad Presentation was judged by a panel consisting of Mr Mohammed Ali, Freelance Trainer; Dr. Oby Nagar, Professor, Obstretics and Gynecology, SMS Medical College and Ms. Ridhsidh Singh, Coordinator for IAS Preparatory Classes, The IIS University. The street play presentation on literacy and Social Evils bagged the first and second prize respectively.NSS Programme Officer Dr Sharad Rathore thanked the judges and the students. The seventh day of the camp also started with Yoga session by Yoga instructor Ms. Janaki Pareek after which the volunteers took breakfast and took off for a Sensitization visit to Sarthak Manav Kusthashram, Galtaji. This visit was organized to acquaint the students with the life of leprosy patients and how they overcome their hardships. The students carried soaps, Vaseline and Hair oil for the inmates of the Ashram. Some also donated clothes for them.The students we taken on a visit of the Ashram followed by interaction with the inmates which was quite a learning experience. After Lunch a small valedictory programme was organized in which the students shared their experiences of the camp and performed a folk dance and Patriotic song. The programme ended with National Anthem after proposing thanks to the Nukkad Trainer Mr. Mohammad Ali and the Self Defence trainer Mr. Dhananjay Tyagi.



4 January 2016

The degradation of the environment in the present times has affected all the living beings on this planet-whether human beings, fauna, flora and even the climate and the weather etc. In this degradation the humans have a large role as they have exploited the environment mindlessly leading to increasing levels of pollution, deforestation, mining of the resources leading to the depletion of the Ozone layer etc.  All these man made activities have resulted in alteration in the pattern of the cycle of nature and global warming etc. We with our actions have also adversely affected the animal and plant world by cutting down the forests and displacing both. In the rat-race of the time we have further become cold hearted towards the pains and agonies of the living world. On the festival of MakarSakranti, we fly kites and enjoy  mindlessly and have no concern for the avian world. Thus to make the people aware of the hard times that the birds face due to kite flying on the day of MakarSakranti and the careless attitude of the people to  pay no attention to the birds so injured with the glass coated Manjha, the Aavian conservation awareness lecture was organized on 4th January, 2016.  

The team of volunteers headed by RohitGangwal from RakshaOrganisation of Jaipur interacted with 140 NSS volunteers. The lecture was focused on the avian conservation in the light of the arrival of the festive season of Makar Sankranti. Mr. Gangwal told that the sky belongs to the birds and we encroach their space by flying kites just hampering their flights. So we should take care to not fly the kites between 6 to 8 in the morning and 4 to 7 in the evening. The second important point that he raised is to stop the use of glass coated maanja for flying kites as the birds get cuts and are injured and sometime loose their life too and are unable to fly forever. Thirdly he informed about the Bird-relief camp which this NGO would set up at 3 places in the city where the injured birds could be brought for treatment. And lastly he shared the helpline number through which a mere phone call would be enough on which a volunteer from Raksha would take the injured bid for treatment.

On his occasion it was decided that to hold a joint rally in the Mansarovar area on 8th January at 9.30 a.m.



8 January 2016

On the 8th January 2016 an avian conservation rally was organized with the purpose of making the public aware about bird injuries due to kite flying. About 300 volunteers of NSS assembled near the Housing Board Office at Agarwal Farm,  Mansarovar at 9.30 a.m. The rally was flagged off by Ms. Sunita Jain, Patron of Raksha and Prof Sharad Rathore, NSS Programme officer, The IIS University. The students in files of three walked across Madhyam Marg, via Durgadas Park and reached B-2 bypass and finally converged in the IIS University campus. The students carried banners and posters with slogans on Avian conservation such as ‘Stop the use of glass coated maanjaa’, ‘Save the Birds’, ‘Do not fly kites between 6-8 a.m. and 5-7 p.m.’, ‘Bring Injured Birds to the Bird Treatment Camp’, etc. This rally was done under police supervision and was covered by media. The rally was welcomed by the public who stopped to read the messages and slogans on the placards carried by the students.



12 January 2016

To commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda a programme was organised at The IIS University auditorium by NSS Units of the IIS University Jaipur. It was also aimed to acquaint the youth with the philosophy of Swamiji and the ideals for which he lived and worked to act as a great source of inspiration for the Youth. Dr. Poonam Sharma from the Department of Political Science delivered a speech in which she shared the life history and thoughts of Swami Vivekananda to make the students aware of his contribution in nation building. She told about his birth on January 12, 1863 in Calcutta; education and his works. He breathe his last on July 4, 1902 at the young age of 39. He was the founder of Ramakrishna Mission (1897), his often spoken quote was "Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached".130 NSS Volunteers participated in the same

Dr. Poonam Sharma stated the literary works of this great monk on Bhakti Yoga, Karam Yoga, and the last Raj Yoga. She also said that Vivekananda was interested in spiritualism and was committed and goal targeted. Vivekananda inspired the youth with “to achieve goal, read together, take up one idea and make that idea your life; Think of it, dream of it; live that idea; let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success”. Further, “If you have faith in all the three hundred and thirty millions of your mythological gods, and still have no faith in yourselves; there is no salvation for you. Have faith in yourselves, and stand up on that faith and be strong; that is what we need.”

Dr. Sharma stressed the importance of Swamiji’s teachings in today’s modern world. She talked about the youth being the real strength of our country, and India needs the young people to come forward and carry the baton of its growth and development. She also explained through Swamiji’s words about the importance of understanding our rich Indian   culture in the face of rising westernization, which is eroding our culture with the help of an informative Power Point Presentation. Dr. Sharma also highlighted the difference between the character and reputation. She ended her speech with beautiful quotes written by Swami Vivekananda.

Dr. Sharad Rathore, NSS Programme Officer, further added that Vivekananda represented India in the world Parliament of Nations held at Chicago. There he addressed the people with "my fellow brothers and sisters of America" and won the hearts of all. He highlighted the essential tenets of vedantic philosophy that believes in the concept of Vasudhevkutumbakam and the present of the paramatma in every atma and when he ended his speech, everyone present there gave a standing ovation to Swamiji.

Dr. Sharad Rathore ended the program by summing up all the activities and thoughts of Vivekananda, which continue to inspire the youth for a very long time and his contribution in the enrichment of Indian culture. This programme enriched the young students with the inspiring thoughts and works of Vivekananda, to lead a meaningful life and bring laurels to our country.

In the end all participants took the following pledge to devote their lives to their country and countrymen. “I pledge to leave no stone unturned to integrate myself in India's progress and ensure youth-led development across the Nation. I will strive for the universal brotherhood in the country, respect all religions and be tolerant towards them. I will treat women with respect and pride and maintain utmost integrity to the nation and its citizens, while giving my heart and soul for the nation."


9 January 2016

For this Group Leaders’ training the NSS volunteers assembled in the Seminar room initially to learn something new and invent something new in themselves. 130 NSS Volunteers participated in the sameThey were asked to give self-introduction. Mr. Valen and Miss Nadini, both Trainers in Genpact, in the LEARNING and DEVELOPMENT Department were the resource persons for this training. Mr. Valen, a calm, disciplined, determined, focused and well-coordinated person introduced himself to the volunteers. Ms. NandiniDusad, was a Group Leader in NSS, The IIS University. The participants had to share one liner on their aspect about LEADERSHIP and their ASPIRATION as a NSS volunteer. It was a fun way to break ice.

The volunteers then proceeded to the Back-Lawn of the campus to know each other and understand themselves in a better way. A game of blind fold was played by dividing into two groups. One person from each group was blind folded and the group had to direct her without letting her hurt and any miss-happening. Then was the time to jot down flaws and mistakes, what was lacking and what needed to be learnt. 

The journey of training and a memorable knowledge bank came to an end with Mr. Valen sharing his first impression of the volunteers. by Ms. Nandini’s motivational words would encourage the volunteers so that they think beyond what they could do more to facilitate the surroundings to make this World a better place for the one's who are stuck in deep dark hole's and need our hands to BRING THEM TO THE BRIGHT LIGHTS. 



25 January 2016

The program started with Dr. Govind Sharma introducing the chief guests and the theme of the program. He also talked briefly about voting rights and the importance of the voter’s id card.

Explaining the topic, “Inclusive and qualitative electoral participants”, he said that Voting is a common man’s strength. He also introduced the call line “Koi Matdatanachoote” to the participants.

The speakers were PranshuPareek, SachinBalahedi and Preksha Jain. They talked in detail about the importance of voters day and why voting is important for the common man. Voting shapes our government and thus the kind of country we are choosing to live in.

The following activities were carried out in the course of the program:

Release of the poster of the 6th National Voters day by the guests.

Distribution of the voter’s id card to new voters.100 NSS Volunteers participated in the same

Distribution of certificates and mementos to the BLOs of different cities.

Distribution of certificates and cash prizes to the winners of the painting competition held on 19 January 2016

Distribution of prizes to the speakers.

The audience was addressed by Gurjot Kaur and Ram Lubhaya.

The program ended with the gathering tuning to the National Anthem and pledging to vote in the next elections.



26 January 2016

As part of the Republic Day celebration NSS volunteers presented a Nukkad on women empowerment ‘Sashakt’ which was appreciated by all. The everyday issues of women’s oppression were addressed and also how to tackle them by being ‘sashakt’ – strengthened. NSS volunteers are part of the Theatrical society of the University and perform street plays regularly.80 volunteers participated in the event.



4 February 2016

The NSS Units of the University organized a programme on One Billion Rising in which issues pertaining to violence against women were taken up. 135 NSS Volunteers participated in the same. The programme started with welcoming of Ms. AbhaBhaya, Founder and Senior Advisor, Jagori Rural Charitable Trust and TARA. She was accompanied by Dr. Meeta Singh, Chairperson, Dignity of the Child, Jaipur and Shri Brijmohan Sharma, a Senior worker on violence against women from SARD, NGO, Sirohi. She discussed the journey of women from childhood to motherhood and the travails faced women by her in this. The stereotypical representation of women and its reinforcement in the family and society leads to a creation of inequality. This is further portrayed by media which is a potentially powerful source of information and leads to gender appropriation through certain practices and behaviour. This imagery is blindly ascribed without realizing the trap of victimhood which women get into. Ms. AbhaBhaya shared a few clippings of celebrating the coming together of young women to speak up against violence.



Speaker- Shri Manoj Kumar Sharma IAS

6 February 2016

Shri Manoj Kumar Sharma IAS, Deputy Chief Protocol Officer, Government of Rajasthan, an IAS Officer spoke on motivational. He not only spoke about being attached to mother land, but also what he said made the  NSS volunteers feel more confident for putting their efforts for the upliftment of the country.

He opened the session with "How to prepare for the IAS and enhance communication skills".

The IIS University started the IAS Preparatory classes in 2013. The students are prepared along with graduation for the competitive exams. In the very first year 60% of the students cleared thePrelim. Ongoing batch too is being prepared by excellent experienced faculty to be able to clear in their first attempt.

Mr. Sharma’s speech was a humorous combination of dedication towards deciding student’s dreams, aiming high and achieving goals and finally living LIFE. It was inspired the NSS volunteers for aiming high.160 NSS Volunteers participated in the same.




13 February 2016

Whether it is a workplace, a market or even an educational institution, sexual harassment is prevalent in the society massively. To promote awareness among the volunteers, the NSS unit of The IIS University invited the volunteers of Armaan to shed light on the issue. They started their presentation by showing us a video about the impact of patriarchy on the Indian girls and how they should unite to break the force of patriarchy from the roots. The video was impactful, and all the students were moved.

Next, they started discussing about what defines sexual harassment and how it affects the confidence and self-esteem of the victims. We had a discussion about how to react when a situation of this sort takes place wherein we concluded that no matter what, the authorities find one way or the other to humiliate, ridicule and demean the victim.

The session concluded with sharing of some helpline numbers for assistance. They also informed us that Jaipur Police is now on WhatsApp for assistance which turned out to be new information for many. Overall, the session was informative and gave the NSS volunteers confidence to stand up against the evil of sexual harassment. 154 NSS Volunteers participated in the same.



20 February 2016

Carlo Albert Dorigatti, Chairman, Karma Free Trust, Holland shared his experience of being in India and that too in the feet of Lord Krishna. He narrated how he had visions of a land unknown which beckoned him all his life. He suddenly decided to come to India while on a trip to Afghanistan as a tourist. He realized his spiritual calling when he chanced to read the Bhagwat Gita. He directly flew to Delhi and took bus to Vrindavan and met his Guru and since then there is no looking back. Carlo has adopted the Hindu way of life, has taken to strict vegetarian diet and spends all his time in the service of Govinddevji of Jaipur. He also take out time to deliver lectures and interactive session on Indian Culture and spititual aspects of Hinduism. He appealed to the students to devote a few minutes of the day chant the name of Krishna and read a few slokas of Gita every day as it consists of the essence of human life. He sang bhajans and slokas from Gita and thereafter interpreted them in simple words for the students. The programme ended with soft chanting of Hare-Rama Hare-Krishna. 130 NSS volunteers participated and appreciated the session and marveled at the comprehension of The Indian Culture by this Italian business who gave up everything to hear his hearts calling.



23 February to 4 March2016

Self-Defence and protection is a priority for girls these days. Saksham, the Self-Defence workshop was organized by the IIS University in joint collaboration with Rajasthan State Sports Council Jaipur. This ten day camp from 23rd was aimed at empowering the girl students with the skills of self defence. This programme was designed to make the girls more aware and prepared to face any situation that might occur in everyday life. The coach team was led by Mr. ManojGoyar , with three assistant coaches viz.ManishVerma,VinayKumawat and Chaksu Kanda. They taught Taekwondo and karate to the girls, by using which the girls could smartly throw the opponent and save themselves.187 NSS Volunteers participated in the same.



27 February 2016

MsChandaAsani asked the students to consider their campus as their body. If they give 20 minutes for cleaning their bodies then they need to think the proportion of time to put towards cleaning their surroundings too if it is part of their body. It is possible that the dirtiness is invisible to people, as the surrounding is not considered, as their own personal space.

Dr Sharad Rathore made the students take oath to commit 2 hours per week for cleanliness.

Students were then distributed into groups as per NSS volunteer Aakanksha suggestion as per blocks in campus. They decided to commit to cleanliness.150 NSS Volunteers participated in the same



Dadabari Basti, Sanganer

5 March 2016

88 NSS Volunteers visited GyanViharMandir School and Anganwadi in Dadabari Basti. They reached in time for the lunch time in school and talked to the students about the hygiene and the significance of washing he hands before a meal.They distributed lunch to children. They then went to each class and worked in group of children to disseminate information about personal hygiene. Other group of students went to the Aanganbadi and talked to the women of the basti, who were in the Aanganbadi. Others went around the basti creating awareness about health and cleanliness among the people of the  the community . The people in community were aware of the SwacchbharatAbhiyan but were reluctant to take a lead and put the blame on the government and  that there is no cleanliness in the basti. NSS volunteers talke to the men and women in the basti and gave them suggestions to keep the basti clean by throwing the litter in the designated place only and sweeping not just the home but also their surroundings for a clean and healthy community while following the swachhataabhiyaan!

Kalyanpura Government School

5 March 2016

88 NSS Volunteers went to the  Kalyanpura Government School on 5th  March 2016 as a part of the regular programme .The NSS volunteers divided themselves in groups of ten and went to classes. They interacted with students on one to one basis, in an effort to find out the academic issues that the students might have. Some students moved to the ground, where the students were playing games. In play-way method NSS volunteers tried installing values of health and hygiene. Issues such as always washing hands, keeping food covered,not to put hands in the mouth, not putting hands in the potable water, not to spit anywhere etc. It was two-way learning as NSS Volunteers got to know about the diverse backgrounds of the students and in turn they gave lessons of cleanliness, hygiene to the students, who promised to follow it in school and their homes too.Thevolunteers have been following up the lessons by meeting these students in the school to ensure that they develop a healthy value system.




11 March 2016

Dr. Pradeep Chaudhary, Joint Director (IEC) & APD (RSACS), from Rajasthan State AIDS Control Society, Jaipur delivered a lecture on HIV AIDS And Youth Vulnerability on 11th March 2016. He said that the youth of today, specially the women are highly vulnerable to HIV AIDS and that is why it is important to organize such a lecture in women’s university. He shared the statistical figures which showed the growing menace of HIV in India, in Rajasthan and then in Jaipur which was alarming. He emphasized on the need for awareness and right information to prevent the onslaught of HIV. He discussed the modes of HIV transmission among the youth and warned the students to adopt protective measures such as use disposable syringes, use of condoms, and ensure the status of the blood donors. He also insisted on the students to strictly avoid multiple sex partners. He also shared actions that do not transmit HIV like hand-shake, or sharing a towel or soap etc, to develop sensitivity towards the affected population. This would avoid marginalization of the people infected with this syndrome and create a more humane approach towards them. He was accompanied by master trainer Mr. UmeshRautrey, who has been imparting awareness training at the grassroot levels. He shared the need to know the thoroughly about HIV and AIDS before going to create awareness. The session was informative for NSS Volunteers.159 NSS Volunteers participated in the same



19 March 2016

In order to empower and arm the girls with insight that will help them protect themselves from almost any type of danger and equip them with self confidence, a session on Women Empowerment was organized for the NSS volunteers. The guest speaker on this occasion was Dr. GarimaSrivastav, Head, Department of Journalism and mass Communication. She encouraged the girls with these words “ A young woman who knows how to connect with — and listen to — the voice of her own authentic self is emboldened by inner resilience and self-esteem, whereas a woman disconnected from this inner power source is vulnerable to outside forces”.190 NSS Volunteers participated in the same

She, through short films prompted the girls to herald a revolution that challenges women to break through gender stereotypes and achieve their dreams. She raised certain pertinent questions through her short films related to the depiction of women in media and disapproved of the ways women are represented and targeted in marketing and media? After every film , she took up asked the girls to reflect and share their view point while giving tips on  how to recognize offensive, harmful, and manipulative messages, how to keep your self-esteem intact, and become empowered to speak up and demand changes!

This session provided a platform to the students to share their view points without hesitation while helping them maintain healthy attitudes, values, and self-esteem.



26 March 2016

Ms. Sukriti Dev Verma, from Department fop Computer Science conducted a session on Welfare Schemes of Government of Rajasthan with the help of a Power Point Presentation. 150 NSS Volunteers participated in the sameDuring the interactive session she screened three short films which were made by her to make the people aware at the grassroot level for BPL population. These animated films made during 2010-11 under Rajasthan Health System Development Project to spread awareness about health facilities offered by the government in hospitals for BPL. She also talked about and highlighted two types of housing schemes offered by the Government for BPL population: Chief Minister’s Rural BPL Housing Scheme and Urban BPL Housing Scheme. She also shared about AmritamJalamYojana, related to cleaning, storage and conservation of water around Jaipur city with public private partnership of Rajasthan Patrika and Government of Rajasthan. This session was very informative and the volunteers gained practical knowledge which would be helpful to them for working in community.



2 April 2016

Ms. ChandaAsani shared with the NSS Volunteers what volunteering for NSS means. The criterion for NSS Certificate entails 240 hours of work and participating in one Special Camp.  During the six semesters of volunteering in NSS she stressed that the volunteers need to be participating to enjoy and learn. Not only do they participate in regular activities of NSS but also work in different spheres like in government schools where they can contribute a lot. Working with specially challenged children is another area where they could give their time. All this at one level would be helping children of under priviledge section at another level this would help them learn about themselves. It would bring NSS MOTTO "You Before Me" functiioning in their lives. Volunteering in NSS is more about participation that struggling to complete required attendence to clear activity. .130 NSS Volunteers participated in the same



4 April 2016

Dr. Sharad Rathore warmly welcomed the NSS outgoing students. NSS Volunteers arranged a farewell for outgoing students of NSS. They made small badges with NSS, Not Me But You, 2013-16 written on them as token of remembrance for them.  They also showed a small PPT of students. The outgoing students shared their learning while in NSS. Some of them shared the importance of NSS while being interviewed for further studies and jobs. It was an emotional farewell with promises to remain in touch in future.100 NSS Volunteers participated in the same