Experience Sharing By Students: Startup During Covid Period AND Guest lecture on Mental Health & Well-being during Covid-19

I. In the NSS activity for 26th October, 2020 an experience sharing webinar by the students was organized. The topic of the webinar was 'Start up during covid-19' lead by Riya Bansal, Riya Sharma, NHX- a food delivery service and UrmilJeswani, Chocohlicz is startup under the supervision of the IISU Incubation cell. This startup is run by UrmilJeswani since 2018 dealing in homemade cakes, chocolates & other products. The startup has the objective of provide homemade, hygienic & healthy products to its customers for their celebrations & tea time gatherings. Chocoholicz provides serves products with best quality ingredients & maintaining adequate hygiene levels. From products like teatime cakes, flavourful cakes & customized theme cakes to different variety of chocolates & muffins.

II. In this webinar many information and knowledge was shared with the student's regarding mental health, issues related with mental health, how to overcome the probleMS and stay positive , why is it important to discuss about mental health ,how does it help our body to be energetic and do different activities actively, This activity was organised for group A and B and around 150 -160 member's were present and this activity was organised under the supervision of professors of (IIS deemed to be University) . It was. Great session as we got to know about the different ways to keeping ourselves mentally fit even during this pandemic situation in which we are going through so much of pressure and anxiety. Looking forward for many more sessions like this.