Cloth Donation Drive/ Mandana Making

Cloth Donation Drive

A Donation Drive was organised on Monday 9 November 2020 by NSS  Department of IIS  University. The main aim of the activity was to help the people in need. 34students volunteered by donating clothes to their maids, small vendors, gardeners and other needy people who are deprived of these basic facilities. Overall it was a fun activity which brought smiles on many faces and every one participated enthusiastically.

Mandana Making

In the NSS activity for 9th November, 2020, A Skill development activity was organized on the topic - Manadana Making by MS. Sheetal Chitlangya.

She briefed the volunteers about the history of Mandana art. Mandana paintings are wall and floor paintings of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, India. This activity was practiced as a mark of celebration on festive occasions. 

She also mentioned what tools and material are required to paint one and what can be the alternative inputs in today’s time. She explained the whole process of making a Mandana painting by applying it practically simultaneously. 

In the end of the session Q/A round was held where the participants asked various questions related to the material, process along with others to sate their curiosity and queries.