Session on Heartfulness and Yoga PranaVidya Healing (26 FEBRUARY 2018)


A Guest lecture on Yoga PranaVidya Healing and Heartfulness was organized on 26 February 2018 for the NSS students. Mr Karan Toshniwal from Rama Krishna Mission shared a beautiful story about a woodcutter who was getting less output inspite of putting more hours. His Guru put a relevant question to him - did he sharpen his axe? ,which made the students learn that hardwork is important but gives result only when done in the right direction. The session moved on to the release of MrJoshua's book and introduction of people from Ramkrishna Mission.Mr Joshua read parts of the book commenting in between to give clarity. He said meditation eases restlessness which is all about being alive. Heart inspires, informs to change. Heart is not preoccupied with self. When heart is concerned only with the individual it does not function as the heart only thinks of the common good.