NSS CAMP (Day-1)

NSS- Camp

27thJanuary 2020 – 1st February 2020


Day 1


Yoga session and Orientation for Nukkad Natak:

The first day of the NSS camp started with the yoga session. The early morning yoga session helped the students to collect their energy and get prepared for the entire day camp. The students participated in the session with keen interested. After the yoga session the Mr Mohammad Ali oriented the students about the intricacies of Preparing the Nukkad Natak. The mentors gave an insight into the basic principles and guidelines to be taken care off while making an impactful creative Nukkad Natak. The students were further divided into small groups which then brainstormed the ideas of the Nukkan to be showcased at the end of the camp.

Visits to Schools for Projects:

33 Students of special NSS camp  of Group A  participated and visited Dadabari Government school. There they all covered different subjects using creative methods of teaching from class 1st to 5th.Sudents of class 1st and 2nd were taught rhymes using hands ,class 3rd and 4th were taught addition and subtraction using number line and also prepared for their maths exam and 5th class students were revised hindi chapters for exams. Similarly the 35 students of Group B went to Badmohanpura school with the project on envirornement. NSS.. On day I students diliver a introductory session about environment pollution and their causes. In a week they are planning to arrange a documentary session , tree plantation and nukkad natak. Students of the school were excited for the whole week.  32 Volunteers of Group C went to Kalyanpura School with the project on stress management during examination.  During the discussion, first they traced out the examination pattern followed in school. Thereafter they tried and find out students view point regarding stress before and during the examination. Volunteers have observed that there was a mixed response of students regarding stress but majority was found agreeing that they remain in stress during exam.12 volunteers of NSS Group D took the project cleanliness and hygiene and went to haziawala school . The project for students of Group E was on Learning Physiotherapy named “Finer and Motor Skills” for helping disabled children and learning how special children learn through these activities in special school. 26 NSS volunteers of Group-E visited the special school ‘Umang’ located in Kshipra Path, Mansarovar, Jaipur. To begin with the Chairperson of Umang Dr Deepak Kalra briefed them about the organisation Umang. Students have gone for a visit to the school; their classrooms and training rooms and also to the physiotherapy area. The volunteers worked into two groups; and gave them hands on learning assignment of physiotherapy named “Finer and Motor skills”. In this assignment NSS volunteers will get a chance to interact with the students; and also will learn about the physiotherapy school gives to disabled students.

Lecture: Challenges and Issues in Government Schools

Dr. Suman Visth, Principle, Haziawala School, Jaipur  and Dr. Jogender Singh Bugalia, HM, Hazialwala School, Jaipur were welcomed with a token of gratitude. Dr. Suman commenced the lecture with telling the students how NSS Volunteers have helped the schools and students to grow high with not only education but also their rights, which the volunteers of NSS have made them aware with the help of nukkad nataks and functions. Mr. Jogender shared the problems that they are facing in educating these children. Sir talked about how the children who come to the schools struggle to come to school but are very excited to learn. The session concluded with the experiences of NSS volunteers with the children of these schools.

Lecture on Poster Making

Dr. Shwet Goyal, Associate Professor IIS (Deemed to be University) gave a knowledgeable and fulfilled lecture in NSS Special camp. The main aim of the session was to acquaint the students with the role poster’s  have played in human life since centuries.  The speaker enlightened the students about  the inclusion of posters in communication design and how they connect masses with one idea, by one caption or slogan. It was a mesmerizing lecture and the girls were glued to their seats listening to the lecture with all attention. . Sir talked about different slogans used in posters to aware the citizens for various ideas like;”Youth chala polling booth” , “Hum do, humaare do”,”Chordo saare kaam kaaj, vote karne chalo aaj” and many beautiful slogans. The session was very knowledgeable and informative.