NSS Special Camp

Start Date: 
Tuesday, December 17, 2013
Start Time: 
(All day)

NSS Special Camp

DATE:  17/12/2013

The 2nd day of the camp was quite fascinating and steak to the activities which the students enjoyed to their fullest. The cherishable moments began in early morning at about 8 a.m. amidst the chirping of birdswith a brief introduction to “ChinmayaYuvaKendra”. Its basically a spiritual movement which underlays the fact: Transforming you, Transforming nations. We had  a special  guest from Mumbai,Miss. Akanksha Tejpal, a graduate and MBA done and is presently undergoing one year course by the organisation.We had a brief introduction to their concept “Harnessing youth potential through dynamic spirituality” and all agreed it’s a different perspective of progress.Then all students advanced to college mess for a yummy breakfast with teachers and group leaders taking care of discipline scenario.

Following it, at 9,the students had a quality time learning first aid treatment from Mr. R.S. Sharma,Senior lecturer of first aid training,State branch,Jaipur.He taught some basic things on‘ how to stop bleeding’, all that can really help save the life of casualty.He made it all so simple and easy to learn.It was nice learning from such a personality. As the clock struck 10, unit I moved to Dadabari basti and unit II towards Bhadarva school as scheduled. Every volunteer there adopted 5 children and all had memorable moments teaching and having fun with school kiddies.After a promise to young talents, of the same warm meeting tomorrow, volunteers bid good bye and moved towards college. At  12noon,all had an apetite lunch in college mess and moved towards A.V hall.

At 1p.m.,we had a strong empowering session with Azad foundation.The foundation has a mission of providing a dignified life specially to the  under privileged women, summed up as “Women on Wheels”.It is an endeavour along with “Sakha” to bring on road, the professional women drivers. Avision, where all women can enjoy true citizenship and earn with dignity, wealth and all. At 2:15,the students had a dramatic interaction where all were segregated into groups and a socio economic or health status type subject was thrown to each group.The time passed soon in preparing  a short entertaining NukkadNatak as cool breeze flown through ICG lawns. The hard toil,funfilled,enthusiastic and  knowledge filled sessions day ended up with some self defence activities taught by Mr.Hemant from Indian Martial Art,Jaipur. The punch and kick was a bit tricky and hard yet interesting enough to land up all in a jolly mood at 4:15.It was a quite mesmerizing day,all regards to the co-ordinators, NSSvolunteers, and the promising organizatons of the country.