Rally for Rivers: 14 August 2017

The NSS department at the IIS University held an interactive session on the topic ‘Rally for rivers -India's lifelines’, in association with the Isha foundation. Mr. Rituraj Singh, an active volunteer and Ms. ChhaviRajawat, youngest women sarpanch at Soda, Rajasthan were the invitees for the event. Ms. Rajawat explained the concept behind their initiative with the help of an influential video. Isha foundation is proposing a comprehensive River Rejuvenation plan to help with the decline of the water level in majority of the rivers. And Rally for Rivers is a breakthrough campaign to save these lifelines of our country. It aims at highlighting the core solution to stabilize and revitalize the rivers by submitting a recommendation policy to the government of India. After this, the movement anthem, 'BharatamMahabharatam' was played and everybody sang to the tune. In the end, all the people present pledged to contribute their part towards this national issue.