NSS CAMP (Day-4)


DAY – 4

 30th January, 2020

(8:00 am – 9:00 am).

The fifth day of the NSS Special Camp commenced with Yoga session in the morning. The volunteers learned and practised Surya Namaskar and various other asanas. The session went on for an hour.

(9:00 am -  10:00 am)

The second activity for the day was street play rehersal. All the volunteers practiced in their respective groups on the pre decided topics.

After the street Play practice, the volunteers had breakfast till 10.20 am.

(10.20 am - 12.00 pm)

All the volunteers went to their respective adopted schools in various areas.     

Group A (Dadabadi Government School)

The activity under Creative Learning was Creative Writing. The students today took educational puzzles related to numbers and states of India. Volunteers made different groups and made learning numbers interesting through puzzles for students of class one and two. A few volunteers taught the other students about the states of India and their location using geography of India Puzzle. The students were very enthusiastic with this innovative learning method. Many of them learned the location and name of the states very quickly.

Group B (Badmohanpura Government School)

After the rehearsing for a day, the school students  performed a skit on Environmental Conservation. The whole idea and dialogues were developed by the NSS volunteers. The volunteers awarded the students by giving away some gifts like pens , pencils, erasers, colors. It was a learning activity for both students and volunteers.

Group C (Kalyanpura Government School)

On the fourth day of project NSS volunteers of group C conducted meditation practice session at the school. As meditation is one of the best way to de-stress an individual, so volunteers taught correct way of meditation to all the students of school.They also shared the importance of meditation in life and correct way of doing it with the students. The school students and teachers enjoyed and appreciated the efforts of NSS volunteers.

Group D (Haziawala Government School)

The NSS volunteers met with the community residents on the fourth day of the camp. Under the theme of hygiene and environment the volunteers taught how to make cloth bags to the residents and government school students of Haziawala. The training was provided to reduce the use of plastic bags and make the environment plastic free. Volunteers also interacted with the children, briefed them about the advantages of using cloth bag and harmful effects of plastic usage.

Group E (Umang)

The project for students of group E was on Learning Physiotherapy named “Finer and Motor Skills” for helping disabled children and learning how special children learn through these activities in special school. The activity included hands on training of students on physiotherapy of disabled students within the school. The volunteers of Group-E visited ‘Umang’, A school for specially abled students located in Kshipra Path, Mansarovar, Jaipur. The volunteers were divided into groups and were asked to conduct various sports activities and physiotherapy exercises on “Finer and Motor skills”, like tunnel games , slides , playing with acupressure balls and tubes and various sensory objects. In this assignment NSS volunteers got a chance to interact with the students and also to learn various physiotherapy treatment school gives to disabled students. It was a great learning experience for the volunteers.

After returning from the respective communities, the volunteers had their lunch.

(12.30 pm - 1.30 pm)

The  fourth activity for the day was poster making at 12:30 pm on the theme of “ek bharat shrashth bharat”. The theme for the activity was the culture of Assam. The volunteers portrayed their Assamese culture in the posters.

(1.30 - 2.30 pm)

A cultural program of dance and music portraying assamese culture were organised after the poster making competition. The Guest of Honour for the event were Prof. M.K Sharma, Dean, Commerce and Management, IIS (Deemed to be University), Prof. K.S Sharma, CRIT, IIS (Deemed to be University) and Prof. Pradeep Bhatnagar, Dean, Faculty of Sciences, IIS (Deemed to be University). The guests appreciated the volunteers' efforts of portrayal of Assamese culture.

(2.30-3.30 pm)

The last activity of the day was a guest lecture by Dr. Ritu Mehra on HIV AIDS. The lecture was conducted to make the volunteers aware about the HIV AIDS. Dr. Ritu Mehra shared, what the virus is. She also shared the symptoms and effects of HIV on human body.

She also explained the volunteers about how HIV spread and what measures can be taken for the virus to not communicate to others. She also shared the preventive measures and treatment options of HIV AIDS.

Volunteers learned about HIV and asked lots of questions to Dr. Mehra in the end of the lecture. It was a great learning experience for the NSS volunteers.