NSS CAMP (Day-3)

NSS- Camp

27thJanuary 2020 – 1st February 2020

Report – NSS Special Camp – Day 3 (29/01/2020)

Session 1 – Yoga Session

The day started with yoga session by Ms. JankiPareek. The NSS volunteers learnt and practiced various aasanas during the session. In the session , the instructor also tell them about various mantra like gayatri mantra , saraswati mantra  and make the volunteers understood their importance  in keeping one self fit. Towards the end of session, the instructor makes the volunteers practice meditation by spelling “OM”.

Session 2 – Lecture on Seed ball Preparation

The second session of the day was taken by Mr. Nikhil of Podha NGO. The NGO Podha works for conservation of forest in the country. In the session Mr. Nikhil talked about his latest initative – “Seed Balls”. Seed Balls are ball of mud and potters clay carrying seeds of trees. These ball when thrown in monsoon on soil leads to birth of a plant without any other efforts.  Sir, explained the process of preparing the balls to the volunteers .He informed that such balls can be prepared for all kind of plants and trees. NSS volunteers also prepared the seed ball in his supervision during the session.

Session 3 – Visit to Schools for Projects

Soon after two session all the NSS groups went to school for conducting their project related activities.22 Students of special NSS camp  of Group A  visited Dadabari Government school. The activity under Creative Learning was Creative Writing. The school students were shown an object/picture and were asked to write about it. The students were confused about the activity but when the instructions were cleared and the volunteers encouraged them, the students did the task with a smile on their face. 16  studentsof Group B went to Badmohanpura school with the project on envirornement. they help the different groups of students in preparing small skit on the topic environment conservation. Tomorrow these students will perform in front of other school students and teachers.Students of govt school participated with full enthusiasm and are looking very excited to perform tomorrow.12 Volunteers of Group C went to Kalyanpura School with the project on stress management during examination. They have shown documentary to students to cope with situation of stress during examination. They also have made the charts related to theme and explained them to the students. Volunteers gifted those chart to school for future use.13 volunteers of NSS Group D took the project cleanliness and hygiene and went to haziawalaschool .The students of group D did wall painting in the Hajiawala community in the theme hygiene and sanitation. They painted slogans and pictures to raise awareness on environmental hygiene.four posters were made on the wall. The activity was successful and highly appreciated by the residents.The project for students of Group E was on Learning Physiotherapy named “Finer and Motor Skills”.15NSS volunteers of Group-E visited the special school ‘Umang’ located in Kshipra Path, Mansarovar, Jaipur for the project related activity.

Session 4 – Poster Making

MsSheetal, Assistant Professor IIS (Deemed to be University) took a  knowledgeable and of  NSS volunteers on poster making. The main aim of the session was to impart knowledge regarding music and musical instruments of Assam to the participants.


Session 5 – Lecture of Mr. KapilAnand

On the third day of camp,an experience sharing lecture of Mr.KapilAnad was conducted. Mr. KapilAnand is National Award winner NSS officer. He shared his experience of as a NSS officer with all the volunteers. He also express his viewpoints regarding swachh BharatAbhiyan. He motivated the volunteers by quoting that youth of nation can serve the nation not only by means of defence but also through NSS.

Session 6 – Food of Assam

A session on Food of assam was also conducted during the camp as one of the theme related to  “Ek Bharat , Shrestha Bharat” project of government. During this session Ms. VyomaAgrawal demonstrated to the volunteers the recipe of various Assamidishes like Mogur-bor, Tel Pitha, Tetli Tangerine Shorbot ,BilahiBororTenga by cooking in front of them.All the volunteers very keenly learnt the recipe preparation and appreciated the efforts of Ms. VyomaAgrawal.

Session 7– Nukkad

After the project activity followed by lunch , groups gathered at backlawns and practiced for nukkadnatak on the themes allotted to them.

Fund Raising Initiative of NSS

For raising fund for  donationto government schools, NSS volunteers have put up four  stalls in the campus. One of the stall was of mehndi art wherein  Girlshave showcased their mehndi art by making various designs on hands of girls and teachers. Likewise a tattoo stall, selfie station and plant shop have been set up in the campus.