NSS CAMP (Day-2)

NSS- Camp

27thJanuary 2020 – 1st February 2020


Day 2


Yoga session

The second day of the NSS camp started with the yoga session. The session helps to warm up the body. Few small aasana are practiced in this session. Students are quite enthusiastic for the same.


After the yoga session the Mr Mohammad Ali started teaching few skills of nukkadnatak. Students are divided in team and different themes are selected by them.Students started practicing their respective group theme.

Visits to Schools for Projects:

Students of special NSS camp of Group A As a part of the project theme ’Creative Learning’, volunteers went to Dadabari school to help them with their studies. The volunteers as per the activity plan took pulses and gram to enhance motor skills of the students and teach them tables using the same. The NSS volunteers divided themselves into groups and each group went to various classes for interacting with the students and teaching them through innovative ways. For all those students who find mathematics difficult to learn,it was truly a fun activity and since they have their exams going on ,it was really a productive exercise for them .The volunteers used certain games to teach students that could help them remember various kinds of nouns. As a part of the literacy project, volunteers  assisted the students to revise their curriculum.Similarly the students of Group B went to Badmohanpura school with the project on environment.They showcased a short movie on environment pollution, students love to see that. Film is based on a child who worked for environment conservation with limited resources.Volunteers of Group C went to Kalyanpura School with the project on stress management during examination.  On day 2 ,nss volunteers shared strategy to cope with stress during exams .by means of chart they made the students understand how they can distress them by practicing very small things like time management, taking balanced diet,etc. Volunteers of NSS Group D took the project cleanliness Three activities were undertaken: Drains cleaning, Paper bag making Poster making competition The drains in Hajiyawala are open and filthy. So an effort was made to clean them and raise awareness about the same in the community. Drains were cleaned with the help of a sweeper, under the supervision of students. The school students were taught the method of preparing paper bags in order to discourage the use of plastic bags. They prepared two bags individually. Poster making competition was organised on the theme of “Environmental hygiene”. The winners were given chocolates as a token of appreciation for their work. Students enjoyed the activities. Group E was on Learning Physiotherapy named “Finer and Motor Skills” for helping disabled children and learning how special children learn through these activities in special school. volunteers of Group-E visited the special school ‘Umang’ located in Kshipra Path, Mansarovar, Jaipur. With their brief orientation the previous day, students moved on to understand and learn the various activities which they have to do with the special children in order to improve their finer and motor skills. There were 6 different activities involved which were related to development of sensation, perception, balance, etc., in special children. Thereafter, NSS volunteers were divided into groups of two and were monitoring the movement of every child in every activity. This was an enriching experience for all the NSS volunteers as they got to learn many complexities involved in such activities. They were thrilled to be a part of these activities developing ‘finer and motor skills’ in special children.

Assam Rally

Students of NSS showcased the culture of Assam by the means of a rally in which students are dressed up in asmees attire along with different posters related to their culture, food, clothes, crops etc. The rally was full of excitement; even the other university students join them and followed their typical asmees steps.

Lecture: Being Plantish….

Dr. Aditi R Khandelwal, Sr. Assistant Professor IIS (Deemed to be University) Jaipur were welcomed. Her lecture was on Plant varieties available at market. She demonstrated how to put a plant both indoor and outdoor. She showcased different varieties of indoor plant, which are very user friendly. She concluded with significance of having plants at home so that we can have pollution free air to breathe. 

Lecture Child Labour

Mr NavneetSingh and Nikita Meena director GoodweaveIndia, were welcomed with a token of gratitude. They people running an NGO to protect children from child labour. They starterd with a small quiz with students and then provide awareness about the child labour act and things we can do when we came across with such issues, the session was highly interactive and students found it informative.

 Poster Making

Ms Sheetal, Assistant Professor IIS (Deemed to be University) gave a knowledgeable and fulfilled lecture in NSS Special camp. The main aim of the session was to get familier with assam culture by the means of poster making. The students learn poster making skills , how to make an expressive and acute posters.