Guest lecture on “Therapeutic measures for Covid 19” AND Corona Virus Safety Prevention Posters on ‘No Mask No Entry’

I. On 12th October Group A of NSS had a Guest lecture on “Therapeutic measures for covid 19” conducted by Prof.Veena Maheshwari (President’s Silver Medal winner) on the microsoft Teams. It was a very informative and insightful session. She discussed  about the various therapy ways and medicines used, based on the symptomatic treatment. She briefed about the various drugs i.e. Remedesivir, azithromycin and ivermectinwhich doctor’s are using to cure covid 19 patients and also explained their  mechanisMS.  Shealso discussed different types of immunity, antibodies and how they work in our body.

She enlightened us about different vaccines for COVID19 which are in progress and  also about 'Plasma convalescent Therapy. We discussed the various interesting facts regarding the plasma therapy, eligibility criteria, procedure, risk factors. And in the end, we also discussed the basics for COVID19.

It was a much-needed session for us, and was very interesting and also full of information.We were also very much intrigued. It was a great session, and there was a lot we could take back from the session.

II. Volunteers were required to make Corona Virus Safety Prevention Posters on "No Mask No Entry" to raise awareness on Covid-19. Volunteers pasted the posters while keeping all the precautions in mind and practicing the Covid-19 preventive measures at different premises, such as local parks, bus stops, schools, outside gated communities, shopping complexes, workplaces like offices and banks along with others.