Guest lecture –Role of diet for boosting immunity during COVID -19/ Basics of Gardening and organic manure Preparation

Role of diet for boosting immunity during COVID -19

23 November,2020

A guest lecture was organised by IIS University for all the NSS volunteers on 23rd November 2020. Group B volunteers actively participated during the online guest lecture. The topic for the same was “Role of diet for boosting immunity during COVID”. The guest was for the lecture was MS. Vyoma Agarwal, Assistant Professor, IIS (deemed to be) University.

  The lecture was much useful in this pandemic as only people with a good immune system can fight back this virus successfully. In the lecture the main focus was that the dietary patterns may better prepare the body for microbial attacks and excess inflammation. The lecture was full of useful dietary and lifestyle guidelines with a proper knowledge of food that has to be consumed and what are the benefits of it.

All the volunteers have been benefited by this information and would also spread to there near ones. 

Basics of Gardening and organic manure preparation

In the NSS activity for 23 November, 2020, students of Group C of NSS of IIS (Deemed to be University), Jaipur attended a Guest Lecture on the topic "Basics of Gardening and organic manure peparation". The lecture was delivered by MS. Jaya Tiwari, who is the President of Kitchen Garden Association, Jaipur. She started by explaining about plants and their growth factors. She enlightened the students with various techniques for growing and nourishing plants. She also stressed on the importance of using "No chemicals" in the process. 

Apart from gardening and planting, she also suggested numerous ways to use plants as decorative pieces. She also suggested remedies for removing pests and thus healthy growth of plants. She also advised students to do vegetable planting at their homes.

Later, there was a lively interactive session with the students where they asked various questions including the best conditions for growth of different plants and indoor plants. The students enjoyed the session.