Anti-Corruption Vigilance Campaign in Community and among student/ Oath taking and Elocution on Anti-Corruption Vigilance

Anti-Corruption Vigilance Campaign in Community and among student:

In the NSS activity for 2nd November, 2020, A Poster Making and Display was held on the topic Anti-Corruption Vigilance Campaign in Community and among student by all the volunteers.Volunteers were required to make creative posters on Anti-Corruption slogans in English or Hindi which were to be displayed in the meeting organized. The aim of this activity was not only to bring out the creative aspect but also to prompt the thought process of the volunteers towards these serious issues. All the volunteers took active participation in the activity. The poster were really intriguing and well displayed.

Oath Taking & elocution on Anti-Corruption Vigillance

On 2nd November Unit I of NSS had a session on Anti-Corruption. An Oath taking session on Anti-Corruption was conducted followed by the Elocution on Anti-Corruption Vigilance by the Group Leaders of Unit I & II on the Microsoft Teams. It was a very informative and insightful session. 54 volunteers of Unit I promised and took a pledge that they will not indulge in any kind of corruption practices and will be honest and practice integrity at all times. The group leaders then showed a PowerPoint presentation, which gave an insight about the reasons that are leading to corruption, the steps that should be taken to curb corruption and how to further promote these steps. It was a very educative and informative presentation. After the presentation, allother volunteers discussed their personal experience about the corruption status in India, came up with alot of questions and also few solutions and indulged in an insightful and healthy discussion. It was an amazing initiative; this is an issue that is of great importance for all.