Annual Report 2016- 2017


NSS REPORT 2016-17


14 July, 2016

On 14 July, 2016 NSS orientation was held in A.V Hall. Students assembled in the hall on time. All fresher students were heartily interested in joining NSS as their activity. Through a power point presentation they were introduced with programme, activities, projects undertaken, teacher in charges and the benefits of opting NSS was made. In that presentation the focus was on the NSS slogan “NOT ME BUT YOU” and then the images showcasing the activities undertaken last year were also discussed. Dr. Sharad Rathore, NSS Programme officer introduced the students about the activities that will be taken up in the current session. At the end the students were given registration form for enrolling themselves as a NSS volunteer. The old students were distributed re-registration forms. Some of the old volunteers shared their experiences of NSS in the community. It was a program that increased the knowledge of the students about NSS and its functioning in The IIS University. Dr. Sharad Rathore took session for new NSS volunteers of B Com, B Com(H) and B Com Prof. and Ms. Sukriti Dev Verma for all professional courses. The orientation for BA and B Sc., Pass course and Honours students was taken by Ms. Chanda Asani.


1 August, 2015

Tree Plantation was done up by the unit II of NSS, The IIS University on1 August, 2016 Mahaveer Marg , Mansarovar, Jaipur on a patch of land newly acquired by the JDA next to International School for Informatics and Management (ISIM), Mahavir Marg Jaipur. The programme was inaugurated by Mr. Mukesh Lakhiyani, Ward Member, Ward 41, Mrs. Kamlesh Meena, Chairperson of Garden Committee of Jaipur and Dr. Raakhi Gupta, Registrar The IIS University. At the outset the students of the Semester I took an oath to conserve the environment and keep it green. The first sapling was planted by the Chairperson accompanied by the Registrar and the Ward Member followed by the student volunteers. The neighbourhood community members were involved and counseled to take care of the plants.


8th and 9th  August 2016

NSS Units of The IIS University organized Rakhi making Competition for NSS Volunteers on 8th and 9th August 2016. Total number of Rakhis that were made were 200. These were exhibited for sale on 17 August 2016 in campus. Judgment for the rakhis was done on the criteria of creativity, presentation and neatness. All the rakhis were very creative and judgment was difficult.  The following students were declared winners :

I Roshni Purohit BVA III

II Purvai Modi BVA III

III Rimsha Lodha BBA III


11 August 2016

To hone the leadership skills of Group Leaders a training programme was organized on  11 August, 2016 for the 50 students. Their leadership skills enable them to effectively give direction and steer the student body in the right direction and guide them with Team Spirit. Thus Training is very important for these students who volunteer to become group leaders.The Trainers were Mr. Imaya Valen, the Senior Trainer at Genpact, Jaipur and Dr. Sharad Rathore. Various issues like Team Spirit, Ingredients for a Good Personality, Motivation and Time Management were taken up along with many floor exercises, which was a learning experience for the volunteers.


15th August, 2016

On 15th August, Independence Day to celebrate the auspicious day, the NSS volunteers performed a Nukkad on “Horn Not OK Please” in the IIS Auditorium. This Nukkad was performed by the group of girls so as to make the audience aware about the traffic rules and certain rules which are to be kept in mind while driving on the road. The Nukkad performance included encouraging statements and quotations and the play helped the audience to get an insight about how traffic rules are to be followed as well as its importance and this awareness will help the NSS members to become rule abiding citizens of India .


17th August, 2016

Acne is considered to be major issue for the teenagers as it causes emotional distress and decreased self esteem. To make the Volunteers about the acne problem on 17th August, 2016 a guest lecture was organized on “Acne and its Management”  by Dr. Sanita Agarwal who is a well known skin specialist working with the Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, Jaipur. She made the students aware about how acne is to prevented, and if acne persist then she threw light on some treatment which are available so as to treat acne problems in teenagers. She also discussed certain myths associated with acne and gave simple tips to get clean and clear skin. At the end of the session, she answered the queries of the audience.

On the very Same day, the Rakhi Exhibition was organized in which Rakhi  made by the NSS volunteers on 9th August were displayed in the Srijan Hall . After the display of the Rakhis’s the Judges declared the results.


22nd August, 2016

On 22nd August, a guest lecture was organized on” Breast Cancer Awareness” by Dr. Soni.  She started her lecture by throwing light on the breast cancer as most invasive type of cancer in females. She also discussed about symptoms and cure of Breast Cancer. The NSS volunteers were benefitted by the information shared in guest lecture.


29th August, 2016

Tree Plantation was done up by the unit II of NSS, The IIS University on 29th August, 2016 at Jhalana forest area, Jaipur. NSS volunteers boarded the buses at 9:30 a.m and reached Jhalana area at 11:00 a.m. After refreshment they went to the plantation area. Volunteers made pairs and planted saplings. The laborers from the forest department had made pits for plantation. They helped during plantation session for planting about 200 trees.


5th September,2016

 The NSS members volunteered participated  in the poster making competition on 5th September to commemorate the  Literacy Day. The NSS Volunteers made excellent posters which reflected the importance of Literacy for the growth of Nation and Society.

The NSS members also went for Community work in Kalyanpura Basti where they made Basti people aware about cleanliness and personal hygiene.


8th September, 2016

On 8th September, International Literacy Day the Poster Exhibition was organized to display the posters prepared by the NSS volunteers.  The posters were judged by the judges.


12th - 17th September, 2016

During the week of 12th -17th September, the NSS volunteers increased the awareness related to Cleanliness in the campus by performing rallies, putting up posters on the walls in the washroom, decorating dustbins thus encouraging the students not to litter around and rather prefer use of dustbins. The efforts of these volunteers were reflected as cleanliness was seen in the Campus.



19th September, 2016

On 19th September, the NSS volunteers came together as a group and started off with their preparation for Patriotic solo song Competition, their preparation included preparing the list of participants, arrangement of the refreshments and venue for the participants, arranging for their stay during the day time etc. Following only on that day, there was a guest lecture on Oral Health and Hygiene by DR. Divyaroop Rai which was followed by Dental Check up Camp in the Campus which started at 10:30 am and went on till 3:15 pm and all the NSS volunteers were a part of it.


24th September, 2016

24th September is celebrated as the NSS Day. The tenth NSS State level Patriotic Solo Song Competition was organized by NSS Units of the IIS University on 24th September 2016 to commemorate and celebrate NSS Foundation day. More than 400 colleges in Rajasthan state were sent invites via post and emails.

Dr. Aparna Sahay, Member Secretary of State Women's Commission and Financial Advisor RTDC, & RIICO, was the Chief Guest of the programme on this occasion. The judges for this competition were Shri Chandra Mohan Bhatt-the Sitar Maestro, Dr. Maya Tak, Principal, Shri Satya  Sai  College, Jaipur and Ms. Seema Raj. Dr. Raakhi Gupta welcomed the Chief Guest and the judges with flowers.

 Many participants came to participate from various colleges of state. Participants showcased their talents and creativity.  After the presentations the winners were announced and prizes were distributed to the winners. In the last judges also gave their musical presentation. Cash awards of Rs.1000.00, Rs.750 .00 and Rs.500.00 were given respectively for First, Second and Third prizes. All participants were given certificates of participation. The result of this competition was:


I        Ms. Vidhi Sharma, Rajkiya Kanya Mahavidhyalaya, Bundi

II       Ms. Surbhi Arya, Maharana Pratap PG College, Chittorgarh

III      Mr. Vishal Rana, Government  College, Sambhar Lake

                                            GUEST LECTURE

26th September,2016

On 26th September 2016 a guest lecture was organized on HIV Aids in collaboration with the Red Ribbon Club of the University.  The lecture focused on the fact that AIDS has no cure and prevention is only its cure. The lecture further aimed on the fact that what are the modes of transmission, how important it is to use disposable syringes and the person is suffering from AIDS should be brought in the mainstream and sensitivity towards people suffering from AIDS should be there. The guest lecture ended with the question and answer which showed enthusiasm of volunteers to know about HIV AIDS.


26th September – 1st October, 2016

26th -1st October, was observed as a Cleanliness week. During this week the NSS volunteers increased the awareness related to cleanliness in the campus by performing rallies, putting up posters on the walls in the washroom, decorating dustbins thus encouraging the students not to litter around and rather prefer use of dustbins. The efforts of these volunteers were reflected as cleanliness was seen in the Campus.


27th September , 2016

The Group Leaders Training Follow up was also organized on 27 September 2016 to solve the problems that the Group Leaders faced while leading their groups. The trainer Mr. Imaya Valen, the Senior Trainer at Genpact, Jaipur followed up the assignment that he had given to the students on the 11 August and thereafter involved all the students in a common task of building a bridge with newspaper focusing on Team building and collective working.


3rd October, 2016

On 3rd October, a guest lecture was held on the significance of Blood Donation and the guest speaker was Dr. Urmil Dhuria. She informed students that need for blood is constant, so is the need for donation. She discussed about the basic requirement for donating blood and she also addressed various myths associated with it.. It was followed by a blood donation Camp which was held in the campus where 66 donations took place in which the NSS volunteers participated enthusiastically.

Volunteers also did Shramadaan  and worked for keeping campus clean.


24th October, 2016

31st October is celebrated as Unity Day which was celebrated on 24th October due to Diwali vacation. To mark this day NSS volunteers organized a rally in surrounding area of the University. They carried plaque cards with messages highlighting Unity & Integrity. This was an awareness rally which received tremendous support from the Community.


1st December,2016

 1st December is celebrated as the World Aids Day. There was a guest lecture on AIDS Awareness. She told that AIDS has devastating effect on the life of infected person. The victims are sacked from the job and disowned by their own families. She stressed on finding ways to on to find ways and put efforts to bring them into main stream.  The more stress should be on the prevention of the disease.


2ndDecember, 2016

On 2ndDecember, on World Disability day the NSS volunteers were taken to Vivek Nirmal Special School where they spent time with special children. Theytalked and encouraged the students and the volunteers saw the sports and Cultural programme presented by them.


3 – 9 January 2017

A one week special camp was organized from 25- 31 January 2016 in which around 100 volunteers of both the units participated. Various activities were organized for them. Volunteers enthusiastically participated in the camp.


9th January, 2017

On 9th January, the NSS volunteers were a part of the promotion of Jaipur Marathon where Maharaja Padmanabh addressed the NSS volunteers about the need and importance of taking part in Marathon. This was followed up by a Zumba activity where all the NSS volunteers gave in their efforts to perform Zumba.


12th January 2017

On 12th January, it is celebrated as Vivekananda Jayanti where on that day all the NSS volunteers took part in the Youth Day celebration. To make this occasion more special, the volunteers performed a Fly Peace Kite Campaign where flying Kites were aimed towards promoting peace and friendship among humanity. Simultaneously on the same day a guest lecture on Constitution and Citizenship was addressed by guest speaker Ashutosh from Pravah. The highlighting point of the guest lecture was that the audience was made to know about how one can become a responsible Citizen and some facts about our Constitution.


13th January 2017

Our Prime Minister initiated the Digital Literacy which aims in coming of the Cashless transactions and so to spread his idea, the NSS volunteers organized for a Digital Literacy campaign in Thadi Market area, near the University Campus where the students spoke to various shopkeepers and street vendors and  made them aware of the benefits of the digital Literacy. They also helped them in learning and using online mode of payments.



On 16th January, a guest lecture on Digital Functional Literacy for Indian Citizens and the guest Speaker was Shilpi Chakrawati. She made students aware about the benefits of Casheless transactions as it prevents black marketing and other unfair means of using money. She also emphasized on using digital mode of payments as it helps them not to carry wad of cash and it’s save time as no need to stand in ATM queue. It is important that every Citizen of the country should be able to use Cashless transactions.



On 23rd January, the NSS volunteers went to Kalyanpura Basti and they continued their Literacy Projects and these Volunteers took Classes for the students and taught them subjects like English and Maths and their main aim was to promote literacy in the Basti areas.


25thJanuary, 2017

On 25thJanuary, 2017, a camp was held in the campus by the NSS volunteers where the Rajasthan election committee joined the NSS volunteers in their camp and they were distributing Aadhar Cards to the people who did not have Aadhar cards.


26th January, 2017

26th January is celebrated as a Republic Day and the NSS volunteers performed a Nukkad in lieu of Republic Day where the participants took up a Nukkad performance which was based on women empowerment named “Shashak” which was well appreciated by the  audience.


30th January, 2017

 30th January is celebrated as the Martyr’s Day and a 2 minute silence was observed by all present to commemorate that day. A guest lecture and demonstration on Physiotherapy was also organized. The guest Speaker was Dr.Ashita Vyas who is a professional physiotherapist. She made the students aware about the  importance  of  exercise as it can decrease the chances of further health complications. She also demonstrated few exercises which one should do daily to keep themselves healthy.


3rd February, 2017

On 3rd February, there was a performance of Nukkad by Ashmita Group of Theatre, New Delhi on “One Billion Rising”–“Dastak” where the Nukkad was performed on women empowerment and after the performance the Volunteers  interacted with the group of theatre .


6th February, 2017

On 6th February, there was a guest lecture on Road Safety and the guest speaker was Neha Bhuller from Muskaan Foundation. Children and young people are at significant risk on the road. She made the students aware about traffic rules and emphasized on the importance of following road safety rules while driving on the road,  the importance of wearing helmet as it will keep us from being killed or seriously injured.


13th February,2017

On 13th February, the NSS volunteers came together to work towards Swacchata Abhiyan in the Community centre in SFS, Mansarovar, These Volunteers worked for the cleanliness in centre and its surroundings.


 20th February,2017

On 20th February, The NSS volunteers went to Kalyanpura Basti to enhance literacy among the people. These volunteers taught the students and helped them overcame their doubts regarding their subjects and they taught these students in Basti school and cleared there fundamentals of Maths and Science with the help of animation films screened in their laptops.


27th February 2017

On 27th February, the NSS volunteers went to the Basti where they had a one to one interaction with all the students of the school where these volunteers took upon the topic of hygiene, sanitation, cleanliness. Each student was told that staying hygienic is essential and that they also added that washing hands helps to keep them germ free and they can prevent many diseases.


6th March,2017

On 6th March, A dental check up was held in Kalyanpura Government School by Central Smile Dental Clinic in Aanganwadi in the Basti. Free dental check up was provided to the people of the Basti and the NSS volunteers also participated by  helping the doctors and Basti people.

On the same day, there was a community awareness on online Banking and financial Literacy by Ms. Meha Saxena where she made the people know about how online transactions and other banking purposes are possible with the use of mobile phones. She also focused on the importance of online banking and financial literacy to the peoples of the Basti.


8th March 2017

8th March is celebrated as Women’s Day and on this day the Chief Minister of Rajasthan introduced an Application called the Rajasthan Mahila Suraksha App.  A guest lecture and demonstration of this Application was given by  Shri Hetram DY SP and team from Shipra Path Police Station, Jaipur. They informed students  about the use of this Application. They also discussed its benefits towards the safety of women.


14th March 2017

On 14th March 2017 a Dental check Up Camp was organized in Kalyanpura Govt. School  by the doctors of Central Smile Dental Clinic and the NSS Volunteers. Understanding the need of oral hygiene this camp was organised The  volunteers helped in the registrations and the smooth functioning of the camp.


20th March 2017

On 20th March, guest lecture was held on Road Safety Awareness and the guest speaker was Dr. Mridual Bhasin, Director, Muskaan NGO. She stressed on the fact that road safety is an important aspect which needs to be followed and she also talked about some traffic rules and made the students aware to follow these rules and regulations.


21st March 2017

On 21st Mrch 2017 a Dental check Up Camp was organized in Sukhalpura Govt. School  by the doctors ofCentral Smile Dental Clinic and the NSS Volunteers.Understanding the need of oral hygiene this camp was organised The  volunteers helped in the registrations and the smooth functioning of the camp.

The NSS volunteers  also organized a Swacchata Rally in Devnagar Basti, Hajiwala and also made the people aware about cleanliness and its importance.


27th March 2017

NSS Volunteers went to the Kalyanpura Government School on 27th March 2017 as a part of the regular programme.The volunteers interacted with the students there. The basic objective was to inculcate and develop social and moral values amongst the students.


28th March 2017

On 28th March, there was a guest lecture on Prevention of Cyber Hacking and the guest speaker was Mr. Dheeraj Madhukar who is a CEO in Techno legends, Jaipur. We are living in a He emphasized on the point that how cyber hacking can be prevented, and that one person can stay alert and vigilant about the cyber issues. He also made the students aware about some more facts and prevention methods of cyber hacking.  


3April 2017

An experience sharing session was organized on The Challenges of Public Services: Experience Sharing by a woman Police Officer on 3rd April 2017 where the speaker was Ms. Maruti Joshi, Additional SP, Jaipur. She said that time is changing and women are occupying key positions in administration. But still she said that stereotype idea of considering women inferior to men will take time to change. She said that we need to educate women, develop self confidence and make them realize that they can contribute to the nation apart from being domestic women.

 The Challenges of Public Services: Experience Sharing by a woman Police Officer: Ms. Maruti Joshi, Additional SP, Jaipur


7 April 2017

 On 7 April 2017 a guest lecture was organized on the dignity of the girl child. The speaker was Major Meeta Singh. She stated that human beings are born free and equal in rights and dignity. The Constitution of India guarantees equal rights and freedom toall citizens but still women are facing gender biased sex selection, and other forms of violence. With the help of statistics she threw light on the declining sex ratio. She motivated girls to be strong, educated and vigilant about their rights to become the empowered citizens of the country.


8 April 2017

The outgoing students were warmly welcomed by Dr. Sharad Rathore.. NSS Volunteers arranged a farewell for outgoing students of NSS. They made small cards with NSS, Not Me But You, 2014-17 written on them as token of remembrance for them. Few cultural programme were also presented. The outgoing students shared their learning experience while in NSS. All pledged to serve society in future also.

Group E volunteers made women empowerment badges.

14th March, 2017

On 14th March, A dental check up was held in Kalyanpura Government school by the doctors of Central Smile Dental Clinic and the NSS volunteers. The NSS volunteers   helped the doctors in dental check up camp by helping in doing the registrations of the students who were going for the dental check up camp.

On 22nd August ,2016, In a guest lecture held in the A.V. Hall, Dr. Soni the speaker for the guest lecture made the students aware with” Breast Cancer Awareness” she reflected about the hygiene which should be taken care by every women to prevent breast cancer. She also threw on light on some of her valuable suggestions if somebody is suffering from breast cancer then this problem can be deal with positivity and keeping some of the points she mentioned during the lecture in mind. The NSS volunteers were able to know about how to stay more hygienic after the guest lecture.

On 5th September, The NSS members volunteered to take part in the poster making excellent posters which reflected the importance of literacy in our society. The main aim of making this poster was to understand the importance of being literate and how can one spread literacy as well as gain some benefits out of literacy on this day.

During the Week of 5th -10th September, the NSS members had put in all of their best efforts towards helping in the Swacchata Week which was held. Our Prime Minter initiated the “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan” to make the citizens of the country aware about cleanliness. With the same thought and zeal in them, the NSS members sought to put in their contribution in the Swacchata week wherein they aimed to promote cleanliness in our Society.

On the 29th August, Six special School namely Disha, Shree Nirmal Vivek, Umang, Sweekar MR Home, Mile stone special school and Naya Sawera special school joined to participate in the Para Sports on sports Day which was held with sports Department.

These students took part in the sports activities and helping and supporting them by standing on their side were the NSS volunteers who encouraged, helped and supported them to take part in each & every sports activity. At the end of it, the Children’s precious smile which was seen as they enjoyed every bit of it came out as rewards for the NSS volunteers.

On 5th September, A group NSS volunteers headed towards the Community service work where they went to the Dadabari Basti, and these NSS volunteers interacted with the women in the slum areas and told them about the significance of literacy and made them understood the importance of literacy in today’s World and they also encouraged these women’s to make their Child attend School so as to make them literate and independent in their lives.

On 21st March, A dental checkup was organized in Sukhalpura Government School by the doctors of Central Smile Dental Clinic and the NSS volunteers.  Wherethese volunteers helped in the registration of who came for the dental checkup camp. The NSS volunteers organized a Swacchata Rally in Devnagar Basti, Hajiwala and also made the people aware about cleanliness and its importance.

On 27th March, Dr. Neeru Jain Ma’am and the Jewellery Department of the IIS University went to Dadabari Basti for Beading work and to enhance skill development in women’s of the Basti. The NSS volunteers along with the jewellery department taught the women’s on how to make jewelleries and also made them aware of the fact that making these jewelleries they can sell these in the wholesale markets. The NSS volunteers went to Sukhalpura Government School and made the students aware about being hygienic and the following the rules of sanitation is important. Some of the other NSS volunteers went to kalyanpura Government School to make the students aware the importance of hygienic and sanitation.

On 6th March, there was a guest lecture held on AIDS Awareness by Dr. Sharad Rathore Ma’am where she gave importance facts about concepts of AIDS, where are the various modes of transmission, that there is no cure to AIDS rather prevention is its best cure.

8th March is celebrated as Women’s Day and on this day the Chief Minister of Rajasthan introduced a app called the Rajasthan Mahila Suraksha App. There was a guest lecture held about the talk and demonstration of this app by Shri Hetram DY SP and team from Shipra Path Police Station, Jaipur. They talked about how this app is beneficial towards the safety of women and they also made the students aware so as to how to make use of the app.

On 20th March, guest lecture was held on Road Safety Awareness and the guest speaker was Dr. Mridual Bhasin who is the director of Muskaan NGO. She threw on some light on the fact that road safety is an important aspect which needs to be followed and she also talked about some traffic rules and made the students aware to follow these rules and regulations.

On 27th March, skill building by the department of jewellery designing was initiated in the Devnagar Basti, Hajiwala where the women’s of the Basti were taught to make jewelleries and the NSS volunteers motivated them to sell these jewelleries in wholesale markets.

On 28th March, there was a guest lecture on prevention of cyber hacking and the guest speaker was Mr. DheerajMadhukar who is a CEO in Techno legends, Jaipur. He emphasized on the point that how cyber hacking can be prevented, and that one person can stay alert and vigilant about the cyber issues. He also made the students aware about some more facts and prevention methods of cyber hacking.  

Youth Delegation from Plaestine for Cultural Exchange Programme

23 May 17

A 54 member youth delegation from Palestine visited the University for Youth Cultural Exchange Programme. The Delegation with Mr. Abbu Issa Dy. Minister Youth Affairs of the Govt. of Palestine was accompanied by the team leader Mr. Mohamad and Mr. Kutaiba. They interacted with the NSS volunteers of the University. The students of the University put up a cultural program showcasing Rajasthani culture and history. They also made a Sufi presentation which was appreciated by all. The Palestinian team members presented cultural program starting with their Palestinian national song followed by dance presentation. there was  group interaction, the Palestinian student asked about the bindi and the costumes worn by the Indian students and also discussed about Indian history and culture. Mr. Bhupendra Saini, Chairperson Raj. Youth board and State Minister  welcomed  the delegation and talked about the significance of such youth visits which are a good occasion to experience the culture and history of any country. the Program ended with national anthem and refreshments.


NSS REPORT 2015-16

NSS Report July 2015-Novemner 2015


17 July, 2015

On 17 July, 2015 NSS orientation was held in A.V Hall. Students assembled in the hall on time. All fresher students were heartily interested in joining NSS as their activity. A power point presentation on the programme, activities, projects undertaken and the benefits of opting NSS was made. In that presentation the focus was on the NSS slogan “NOT ME BUT YOU” and then the images showcasing the activities undertaken last year were also discussed. Dr. Sharad Rathore, NSS Programme officer introduced the students about the activities that will be taken up in the current session. At the end the students were given registration form for enrolling themselves as a NSS volunteer. The old students were distributed re-registration forms. Some of the old volunteers shared their experiences of NSS in the community. Dr. Sharad Rathore thanked Anubha for making the presentation and a NSS volunteers for sharing their experiences with the fresher students. It was a program that increased the knowledge of the students about NSS and its functioning in The IIS University.      



1 August, 2015

Tree Plantation was done up by both the units of NSS, The IIS University on1 August, 2015 at UmriDham forest area, Raisar forest range, JamwaGhat, Ramgarh, Jaipur and Jhulelal Park, Sector 12, Zone 123, Agarwal Farm, Mansarovar by Unit I and Unit II respectively.NSS volunteers boarded the buses at 9:30 a.m and reached JamwaGhat at 11:00 a.m. After refreshment they went to the plantation area - the forest was about half a kilometer walk from the main road. The surroundings of the JamwaGhat, were very beautiful with scenic beauty. Mr. Umrao Singh Rathore, the Forest officer and Mr. Joy Gardener from The Hope NGO gave a brief introduction about the importance of tree plantation. Volunteers made pair sand planted 4 saplings. The village laborers from the forest department had made pits for plantation. They helped during plantation session for planting about 200 trees. After thanking the Forest Officer and Mr. Gardner the NSS volunteers travelled back to the college and reached at 2:30 pm. It was a great and memorable event. 50 trees were planted in Jhulelal Park with collaboration of the community people.


8 August 2015

The ART OF LIVING people came and introduced themselves. Then presented a NukkadNatak on the topic of independence India, describing the scene where the Martyr Bhagat Singh and his friends’ struggle against British.They were put in jail and hanged. All volunteers were moved by emotional scene. The Art of Living team ended by singing the patriotic song “Hum Hai Hindustani”. They promoted the concept of unity in diversity and that we are all one. Their concepts enriched NSS volunteers to understand perspectives of NSS motto of ‘you before me’ to promote national integration.



8 August 2015

 On 8 of August 2015, a tribute was paid to the former president of India APJ ABDUL KALM AZAD in NSS program. All NSS volunteers were gathered at sharp 9:30 am in A.V Hall. Whole room was filled with energized volunteers. A documentary film on the life and achievements of Dr. Kalam was screened. It contained a compilation of interviews with Dr. Kalam focusing on launching of the missiles, his contribution to education system and also experiences of his life was well appreciated by the volunteers. He is an inspiration to any person wanting to do well for the nation and contribute to the development to our country.

A power point presentation on Abdul Kalam was made by NSS volunteers, ShrutiPareek and Deepti Khandelwal. In the PPT Shruti talked about Dr. Kalam’s VISION 2020 of development in every field and promotion of scientific temper to take India among the premier league nations of the world. His vision also dealt with development in every field like, agriculture, electricity, water and education for the growth of India. He was known as “MISSLIE MAN” for his great work and contribution to India.

Lastly the NSS Programmer Officer Dr. SHARAD RATHORE thanked Shruti, Deepti, Tuhina and Aakansha for their efforts.



15 August 2015

The flag hoisting was done by Vice Chancellor, Dr. Ashok Gupta accompanied by NCC cadets. NSS Volunteers presented two nukkadnataks on the topics of women empowerment and addressing various issues portraying tolerance in society. The first was by a group of students who were presenting for the first time and the second from the team of theatrical society of the IIS University. The nukkads were appreciated by all faculty.



24 August 2015

Mr. Sidharth Jain, a trainer from the Art of Living, did an invigorating session on Art of Living. He and his team of Art of Living volunteers shared how Art of Living helped them change in their day to become focused. Generally people in a crowd do not remember all good things told about them but stress of one drawback mentioned offhand. With help of clapping game he stressed on the virtue of listening. Staying calm was one of the qualities he stressed which is important for NSS volunteers. Mr. Jain shared the upcoming Art of Living session where Ms. Pakhi was to come from Mumbai.

Art of Living Team

IIS Student Volunteers of Art of Living

Mr. Sidharth Jain

Mr. PranjalGarg

Mr. Naman Agarwal

Aishwarya 9214429607

Sanya Khanna 7792858585


Isha Gupta



24 August 2015

NSS volunteers and Students of the University participated enthusiastically in raakhi making competition with Raakhi coming. The raakhis were judged for creativity and presentation.

The following students were selected for making the best raakhis

I           RoshniPurohit BVA Sem I

II         Poojan Gupta B V A Sem I

III        Manisha Aggarwal B Com III



24 August 2015

“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others”

Keeping in mind with this philosophy, the NSS Unit of The IIS University conducted Group Leaders Training workshop on August 24th, 2015.Pravahteam including Ms. MeenakshiBhanjdeo, Ms. Amrin and Mr. Ashutosh conducted the training for group leaders. Via an interactive session they slowly involved the future leaders in concepts of leadership, the true essence of a leader and what is required by a leader to achieve team cooperation. They also conducted games. One of which was a race wherein the students were supposed to not use one or more of their limbs during the race. This stimulated teamwork, presence of mind and thus leadership attributes among the NSS volunteers.



Para Sports on 28 August 2015

29th August is celebrated as the National Sports Day in India. To celebrate the occasion, Sports, NSS wings and the Equal Opportunity Cell of The IIS University invited students of Umang and Disha to celebrate it with them on 28th August. The event started with inaugural by Dr. Ashok Gupta, Honorable Vice Chancellor declaring the event open. Students were divided for the various sports activities organized by the University. There was carom, balloon race, relay race and many more followed by tug of war in the end between the students and the teachers. All the players were awarded with the medals by the Deans of the University and the event was thus a huge success. For many students of the University it was the first time to interact with specially challenged children. Sports being an equalizer it was a learning for NSS volunteers towards assimilating diverse existence.



8-9 September 2015

The following activities were held on the occasion of International Literacy Day on the 8th September, 2015:-

Poster Making Competition

Literacy Day Poster Making Competition was organized by NSS Units of The IIS University for all students of the University. 53 students drawn from different faculties participated in the competition and made posters on the topic of ‘Padhega India tohBadhegaIndia’ . The students enthusiastically participated in the poster making and made this program a success.

Slogan Writing was the other activity in which NSS volunteers wrote innovative slogans on literacy to generate awareness on the significance of education.

Community Work

The IIS UNIVERSITY has organized a special programme on the occasion of World Literacy Day in KALAYAN PURA GOVERNMENT SCHOOL.

The NSS volunteers organized activities like quiz for the students of 9th and 10th standard and fun time Mathematics, ‘kheloaursikho’ with classes sixth, seven and eight.

They interacted with the students to know their plans and ambitions and learnt that the Government school students too had great enthusiasm in them to become achievers. They shared about various career options.

All they needed was some motivation, guidance, support and mediums to turn into useful citizen of our nation through their personal growth.

Literacy Day Posters Exhibition – 9 September 2015

Shri Abhishek Tiwari, Cartoonist, Rajasthan Patrika, and Shri TarunHriday, Associate Programme Coordinator, State Resource Centre, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India came to judge the posters.

The results are as follows:-

I           RUPAL YADAV






12 September 2015

Dr. Sharad Rathore, NSS Programme Officer discussed the participatory approach that the students need to adopt in order to interact with the community. These breakthrough interventions are necessary for effective communication. The students should become the listeners rather than a giver of information to be able to make a place in the families in the community. She gave tips to the students in this regards. 

Dr. Sharad Rathore further introduced the Group leaders to their respective groups and asked them to interact with each other to build team spirit.



16 September 2015
NSS Volunteers of The IIS University celebrated The Ozone Day in the Forest Training Institute located opposite JKK, Jaipur. 16 girls of NSS participated in it. There were 5 school and college. 
The programme began with the introduction of all members of institute. The first presentation on ozone gas was by Mr. L.K. Khan from the Department of Environmental Science RU. The presentation was highly in spring (not clear) and knowledgeable. The second presentation was given by Mr. Jhaon.
Then a break of 15 min was give. After that a competition was held between all 5 teams. All three competitions were interesting and knowledgeable. 
It was a great experience and one line which left its footprints were.

LakshitaGoel got 3rd prize in extempore competition.

"The God fly in the birds
 The God wakes in the animals 
 The God sleeps in the minerals and
The God thinks in the man ".



19 September 2015

Students learnt and practiced the NSS song for NSS Day 24th September. The State level Patriotic Solo song competition is held on NSS Day. 



24th September 2015

On the occasion of NSS Foundation Day 24th September 2015, theNSS Units of The IIS University organized a NSS State level Patriotic Solo Song Competition in which students from all over Rajasthan participated. Colleges and universities such as Dr K N Modi University, Niwai, Seth J B Poddar College, Nawalgarh, Mahaveer College of Commerce, Jaipur, The IIS University, Jaipur, Baba Shree Narayan Das College, Behror, Mahatma Gandhi PG College, Tagore PG College, Jaipur, SS Jain Subodh Girls PG College, Jaipur, Maheshwari College of Commerce and Arts, Jaipur, Kanodia PG College, Jaipur, Khandelwal Girls Institute of Technology, Jaipur, IIRED, The IIS University Jaipur, Compucom Institute of Technology, Jaipur, Kasturi Devi College, Chaaksu, Jaipur, St Wilfred PG College, Jaipur and Rawat PG Girls College, Jaipur sent their participation. All participants were given certificate for their performance.

Mr. Niranjan Kumar Arya, IAS, Commissioner, Departmental Enquiries, Rajasthan was the Chief Guest. He gave away the awards to the winners which consisted of a certificate and cash prize of Rs1000/-, Rs. 750/- and Rs.500/- as first, second and third prizes. The details are:

I Prize – Mr. ShubhankarBajpei, St Wilfred PG College, Jaipur

II Prize – Mrbahrat GK, Dr K N Modi University, Niwai

III Prize – MsDhritiBumb, The IIS University, Jaipur

The Judges on this occasion were Ms. Sunita Amin, The famous Drupad Singer, Ms. Tripti Pandey, Former Deputy Director Tourism and Cultural expert and Ms. RekhaKotwani, Finalist, the Voice of Rajasthan. NSS State Liaison Officer Sh. DilipGoyal also graced the occasion with his presence.


25 September 2015

NSS volunteers of the IIS University visited St Wilfred College, Mansarovar for State level Blood Donation Camp organized by Directorate of Rajasthan. Since a camp was planned in University campus on October 2, 2015, the volunteers did not donate in that space but pledged to do so regularly.




Day by day, competition among students is increasing leading to more and more stress and hence lifestyle problems such as-obesity. Thus, there is a major need for all of us to devote a little time to ourselves. We could do some form of physical exercise along with meditation to calm our nerve cells. 

For this purpose, NSS unit of The IIS University called Ms. JankiPareekto orient its volunteers with basic yoga and meditation. She started with breathing exercises (or pranayamas). We did anilomvilom, kapaalbhati, brahmahari and deep breathing with Om chanting. All the volunteers enthusiastically followed her directions. 

This was followed by a short session of meditation. During meditation, she guided us while we closed our eyes to a beautiful journey of our body from tip of the toes to our pony tails. She told us to connect ourselves with the surroundings. This left all the volunteers filled with immense energy and joy. Each and every student felt an unknown peacefulness in their minds and bodies. 

Overall, this week’s session was a much needed one for all the students who were/are going through their CA tests. Now, they will be able to concentrate more and be more efficient in their work.


2 October 2015

The enthusiasm was amazing this year towards donating blood and the results were equally amazing. Out of 110 registrations 82 including students and faculty members were able to donate after their hemoglobin tests were acceptable.

SwasthyaKalyan Kendra senior Dr. R S Rajawat explained the importance of blood donation to students. Jagriti gave three packets, one for blood, one for platelets and

The other team members were:-


Deepak Verma – Camp Incharge


Madan Mohan





2 October 2015

NSS Volunteers took the pledge for Swachhata. They distributed themselves in groups and contributed in cleaning different areas of the campus. Few volunteers took brooms to sweep the back lawns. Some of them checked all classrooms. As an initiative from the NSS volunteers the previous year all class rooms have been provided with dustbins.



17 October 2015

The NSS Units of The IIS University welcomed Mr. Pankaj Kumar of the The IIS University to make the students aware of the meaning and importance of IPR, i.e., Intellectual Property Rights. The session started with Dr. Sharad Rathore welcoming sir. Sir held an interactive session with the students on the basics of patents, copyrights, trademarks, etc. This was followed by a video which emphasized on the different types of IPR, their uses and their differences. Overall, the session was very informative and the students benefitted a lot.



31 October 2015

To mark the National Unity day, the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, NSS Units of the IIS University organized a programme. Dr. Sharad Rathore introduced the role of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in the integration of the country after Independence in 1947. The mammoth task of bringing together the 525 princely states after the lapse of paramountcy by the British was accomplished effortlessly by Patel. While dismounting the difficulties owing to the wishes of the rulers of Junagadh, Hyderabad, Jodhpur and Kashmir, Patel appealed to the patriotic and national sentiments of the Princes inviting them to join the forming of a democratic constitution in the national interest. He thereafter led to the assimilation, centralization and unification of states. The states were brought together to form a union creating the Union of India

After this brief introduction the NSS volunteers took a solemn pledge to preserve the unity, integrity and security of the nation and to spread the message of unity among the fellow countrymen.

This was followed by slogan writing by the students within the limit of 10-15 words on the Unity of the country.

Thereafter the students assemble for a rally focusing on National Unity with their ready slogans. The rally was flagged off by Dr. RenuShungloo, Director Sports the IIS University from the University campus. The rally covered sector 1, 2, 5 and 6 SFS Agarwal Farm and the Shopping centreMansarovar and they conveyed the message of Unity and integrity through their posters which they carried during the walk. The rally converged in the University campus.


NSS Report December 2015-April 2016


18 December 2015

After meeting the Vice Chancellor Dr. Ashok Gupta on 4th December NSS volunteers enthusiastically decided the five colours, yellow, green, red, blue and turquoise for IIS University T shirts. The NSS volunteers met again on 17th December for final planning. On 18th many students gathered in University campus and proceeded for Statue Circle by University bus. Few came directly to the venue. 193 students stood in the outer circle of Statue circle and welcomed the guests holding gas balloons and flags. As soon as the convoy passed them there was a riot of colours in the sky as they let go of the balloons.



4 January 2016

The degradation of the environment in the present times has affected all the living beings on this planet-whether human beings, fauna, flora and even the climate and the weather etc. In this degradation the humans have a large role as they have exploited the environment mindlessly leading to increasing levels of pollution, deforestation, mining of the resources leading to the depletion of the Ozone layer etc.  All these man made activities have resulted in alteration in the pattern of the cycle of nature and global warming etc. We with our actions have also adversely affected the animal and plant world by cutting down the forests and displacing both. In the rat-race of the time we have further become cold hearted towards the pains and agonies of the living world. On the festival of MakarSakranti, we fly kites and enjoy  mindlessly and have no concern for the avian world. Thus to make the people aware of the hard times that the birds face due to kite flying on the day of MakarSakranti and the careless attitude of the people to  pay no attention to the birds so injured with the glass coated Manjha, the Aavian conservation awareness lecture was organized on 4th January, 2016.  

The team of volunteers headed by RohitGangwal from RakshaOrganisation of Jaipur interacted with the NSS volunteers. The lecture was focused on the avian conservation in the light of the arrival of the festive season of Makar Sankranti. Mr. Gangwal told that the sky belongs to the birds and we encroach their space by flying kites just hampering their flights. So we should take care to not fly the kites between 6 to 8 in the morning and 4 to 7 in the evening. The second important point that he raised is to stop the use of glass coated maanja for flying kites as the birds get cuts and are injured and sometime loose their life too and are unable to fly forever. Thirdly he informed about the Bird-relief camp which this NGO would set up at 3 places in the city where the injured birds could be brought for treatment. And lastly he shared the helpline number through which a mere phone call would be enough on which a volunteer from Raksha would take the injured bid for treatment.

On his occasion it was decided that to hold a joint rally in the Mansarovar area on 8th January at 9.30 a.m.



8 January 2016

On the 8th January 2016 an avian conservation rally was organized with the purpose of making the public aware about bird injuries due to kite flying. About 300 volunteers of NSS assembled near the Housing Board Office at Agarwal Farm,  Mansarovar at 9.30 a.m. The rally was flagged off by Ms. Sunita Jain, Patron of Raksha and Prof Sharad Rathore, NSS Programme officer, The IIS University. The students in files of three walked across Madhyam Marg, via Durgadas Park and reached B-2 bypass and finally converged in the IIS University campus. The students carried banners and posters with slogans on Avian conservation such as ‘Stop the use of glass coated maanjaa’, ‘Save the Birds’, ‘Do not fly kites between 6-8 a.m. and 5-7 p.m.’, ‘Bring Injured Birds to the Bird Treatment Camp’, etc. This rally was done under police supervision and was covered by media. The rally was welcomed by the public who stopped to read the messages and slogans on the placards carried by the students.



12 January 2016

To commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda a programme was organised at The IIS University auditorium by NSS Units of the IIS University Jaipur. It was also aimed to acquaint the youth with the philosophy of Swamiji and the ideals for which he lived and worked to act as a great source of inspiration for the Youth. Dr. Poonam Sharma from the Department of Political Science delivered a speech in which she shared the life history and thoughts of Swami Vivekananda to make the students aware of his contribution in nation building. She told about his birth on January 12, 1863 in Calcutta; education and his works. He breathe his last on July 4, 1902 at the young age of 39. He was the founder of Ramakrishna Mission (1897), his often spoken quote was "Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached".

Dr. Poonam Sharma stated the literary works of this great monk on Bhakti Yoga, Karam Yoga, and the last Raj Yoga. She also said that Vivekananda was interested in spiritualism and was committed and goal targeted. Vivekananda inspired the youth with “to achieve goal, read together, take up one idea and make that idea your life; Think of it, dream of it; live that idea; let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success”. Further, “If you have faith in all the three hundred and thirty millions of your mythological gods, and still have no faith in yourselves; there is no salvation for you. Have faith in yourselves, and stand up on that faith and be strong; that is what we need.”

Dr. Sharma stressed the importance of Swamiji’s teachings in today’s modern world. She talked about the youth being the real strength of our country, and India needs the young people to come forward and carry the baton of its growth and development. She also explained through Swamiji’s words about the importance of understanding our rich Indian   culture in the face of rising westernization, which is eroding our culture with the help of an informative Power Point Presentation. Dr. Sharma also highlighted the difference between the character and reputation. She ended her speech with beautiful quotes written by Swami Vivekananda.

Dr. Sharad Rathore, NSS Programme Officer, further added that Vivekananda represented India in the world Parliament of Nations held at Chicago. There he addressed the people with "my fellow brothers and sisters of America" and won the hearts of all. He highlighted the essential tenets of vedantic philosophy that believes in the concept of Vasudhevkutumbakam and the present of the paramatma in every atma and when he ended his speech, everyone present there gave a standing ovation to Swamiji.

Dr. Sharad Rathore ended the program by summing up all the activities and thoughts of Vivekananda, which continue to inspire the youth for a very long time and his contribution in the enrichment of Indian culture. This programme enriched the young students with the inspiring thoughts and works of Vivekananda, to lead a meaningful life and bring laurels to our country.

In the end all participants took the following pledge to devote their lives to their country and countrymen. “I pledge to leave no stone unturned to integrate myself in India's progress and ensure youth-led development across the Nation. I will strive for the universal brotherhood in the country, respect all religions and be tolerant towards them. I will treat women with respect and pride and maintain utmost integrity to the nation and its citizens, while giving my heart and soul for the nation."


9 January 2016

For this Group Leaders’ training the NSS volunteers assembled in the Seminar room initially to learn something new and invent something new in themselves. They were asked to give self-introduction. Mr. Valen and Miss Nadini, both Trainers in Genpact, in the LEARNING and DEVELOPMENT Department were the resource persons for this training. Mr. Valen, a calm, disciplined, determined, focused and well-coordinated person introduced himself to the volunteers. Ms. NandiniDusad, was a Group Leader in NSS, The IIS University. The participants had to share one liner on their aspect about LEADERSHIP and their ASPIRATION as a NSS volunteer. It was a fun way to break ice.

The volunteers then proceeded to the Back-Lawn of the campus to know each other and understand themselves in a better way. A game of blind fold was played by dividing into two groups. One person from each group was blind folded and the group had to direct her without letting her hurt and any miss-happening. Then was the time to jot down flaws and mistakes, what was lacking and what needed to be learnt. 

The journey of training and a memorable knowledge bank came to an end with Mr. Valen sharing his first impression of the volunteers. by Ms. Nandini’s motivational words would encourage the volunteers so that they think beyond what they could do more to facilitate the surroundings to make this World a better place for the one's who are stuck in deep dark hole's and need our hands to BRING THEM TO THE BRIGHT LIGHTS. 



25 January 2016

The program started with Dr. Govind Sharma introducing the chief guests and the theme of the program. He also talked briefly about voting rights and the importance of the voter’s id card.

Explaining the topic, “Inclusive and qualitative electoral participants”, he said that Voting is a common man’s strength. He also introduced the call line “Koi Matdatanachoote” to the participants.

The speakers were PranshuPareek, SachinBalahedi and Preksha Jain. They talked in detail about the importance of voters day and why voting is important for the common man. Voting shapes our government and thus the kind of country we are choosing to live in.

The following activities were carried out in the course of the program:

Release of the poster of the 6th National Voters day by the guests.

Distribution of the voter’s id card to new voters.

Distribution of certificates and mementos to the BLOs of different cities.

Distribution of certificates and cash prizes to the winners of the painting competition held on 19 January 2016

Distribution of prizes to the speakers.

The audience was addressed by Gurjot Kaur and Ram Lubhaya.

The program ended with the gathering tuning to the National Anthem and pledging to vote in the next elections.



26 January 2016

As part of the Republic Day celebration NSS volunteers presented a Nukkad on women empowerment ‘Sashakt’ which was appreciated by all. The everyday issues of women’s oppression were addressed and also how to tackle them by being ‘sashakt’ – strengthened. NSS volunteers are part of the Theatrical society of the University and perform street plays regularly.



4 February 2016

The NSS Units of the University organized a programme on One Billion Rising in which issues pertaining to violence against women were taken up. The programme started with welcoming of Ms. AbhaBhaya, Founder and Senior Advisor, Jagori Rural Charitable Trust and TARA. She was accompanied by Dr. Meeta Singh, Chairperson, Dignity of the Child, Jaipur and Shri Brijmohan Sharma, a Senior worker on violence against women from SARD, NGO, Sirohi. She discussed the journey of women from childhood to motherhood and the travails faced women by her in this. The stereotypical representation of women and its reinforcement in the family and society leads to a creation of inequality. This is further portrayed by media which is a potentially powerful source of information and leads to gender appropriation through certain practices and behaviour. This imagery is blindly ascribed without realizing the trap of victimhood which women get into. Ms. AbhaBhaya shared a few clippings of celebrating the coming together of young women to speak up against violence.



Speaker- Shri Manoj Kumar Sharma IAS

6 February 2016

Shri Manoj Kumar Sharma IAS, Deputy Chief Protocol Officer, Government of Rajasthan, an IAS Officer spoke on motivational. He not only spoke about being attached to mother land, but also what he said made the  NSS volunteers feel more confident for putting their efforts for the upliftment of the country.

He opened the session with "How to prepare for the IAS and enhance communication skills".

The IIS University started the IAS Preparatory classes in 2013. The students are prepared along with graduation for the competitive exams. In the very first year 60% of the students cleared thePrelim. Ongoing batch too is being prepared by excellent experienced faculty to be able to clear in their first attempt.

Mr. Sharma’s speech was a humorous combination of dedication towards deciding student’s dreams, aiming high and achieving goals and finally living LIFE. It was inspired the NSS volunteers for aiming high.




13 February 2016

Whether it is a workplace, a market or even an educational institution, sexual harassment is prevalent in the society massively. To promote awareness among the volunteers, the NSS unit of The IIS University invited the volunteers of Armaan to shed light on the issue. They started their presentation by showing us a video about the impact of patriarchy on the Indian girls and how they should unite to break the force of patriarchy from the roots. The video was impactful, and all the students were moved.

Next, they started discussing about what defines sexual harassment and how it affects the confidence and self-esteem of the victims. We had a discussion about how to react when a situation of this sort takes place wherein we concluded that no matter what, the authorities find one way or the other to humiliate, ridicule and demean the victim.

The session concluded with sharing of some helpline numbers for assistance. They also informed us that Jaipur Police is now on WhatsApp for assistance which turned out to be new information for many. Overall, the session was informative and gave the NSS volunteers confidence to stand up against the evil of sexual harassment. 



20 February 2016

Carlo Albert Dorigatti, Chairman, Karma Free Trust, Holland shared his experience of being in India and that too in the feet of Lord Krishna. He narrated how he had visions of a land unknown which beckoned him all his life. He suddenly decided to come to India while on a trip to Afghanistan as a tourist. He realized his spiritual calling when he chanced to read the Bhagwat Gita. He directly flew to Delhi and took bus to Vrindavan and met his Guru and since then there is no looking back. Carlo has adopted the Hindu way of life, has taken to strict vegetarian diet and spends all his time in the service of Govinddevji of Jaipur. He also take out time to deliver lectures and interactive session on Indian Culture and spititual aspects of Hinduism. He appealed to the students to devote a few minutes of the day chant the name of Krishna and read a few slokas of Gita every day as it consists of the essence of human life. He sang bhajans and slokas from Gita and thereafter interpreted them in simple words for the students. The programme ended with soft chanting of Hare-Rama Hare-Krishna. The NSS volunteers appreciated the session and marveled at the comprehension of The Indian Culture by this Italian business who gave up everything to hear his hearts calling.



23 February to 4 March2016

Self-Defence and protection is a priority for girls these days. Saksham, the Self-Defence workshop was organized by the IIS University in joint collaboration with Rajasthan State Sports Council Jaipur. This ten day camp from 23rd was aimed at empowering the girl students with the skills of self defence. This programme was designed to make the girls more aware and prepared to face any situation that might occur in everyday life. The coach team was led by Mr. ManojGoyar , with three assistant coaches viz.ManishVerma,VinayKumawat and Chaksu Kanda. They taught Taekwondo and karate to the girls, by using which the girls could smartly throw the opponent and save themselves.



27 February 2016

MsChandaAsani asked the students to consider their campus as their body. If they give 20 minutes for cleaning their bodies then they need to think the proportion of time to put towards cleaning their surroundings too if it is part of their body. It is possible that the dirtiness is invisible to people, as the surrounding is not considered, as their own personal space.

Dr Sharad Rathore made the students take oath to commit 2 hours per week for cleanliness.

Students were then distributed into groups as per NSS volunteer Aakanksha suggestion as per blocks in campus. They decided to commit to cleanliness.



Dadabari Basti, Sanganer

5 March 2016

NSS Volunteers visited GyanViharMandir School and Anganwadi in Dadabari Basti. They reached in time for the lunch time in school and talked to the students about the hygiene and the significance of washing he hands before a meal.They distributed lunch to children. They then went to each class and worked in group of children to disseminate information about personal hygiene. Other group of students went to the Aanganbadi and talked to the women of the basti, who were in the Aanganbadi. Others went around the basti creating awareness about health and cleanliness among the people of the  the community . The people in community were aware of the SwacchbharatAbhiyan but were reluctant to take a lead and put the blame on the government and  that there is no cleanliness in the basti. NSS volunteers talke to the men and women in the basti and gave them suggestions to keep the basti clean by throwing the litter in the designated place only and sweeping not just the home but also their surroundings for a clean and healthy community while following the swachhataabhiyaan!

Kalyanpura Government School

5 March 2016

NSS Volunteers went to the  Kalyanpura Government School on 5th  March 2016 as a part of the regular programme .The NSS volunteers divided themselves in groups of ten and went to classes. They interacted with students on one to one basis, in an effort to find out the academic issues that the students might have. Some students moved to the ground, where the students were playing games. In play-way method NSS volunteers tried installing values of health and hygiene. Issues such as always washing hands, keeping food covered,not to put hands in the mouth, not putting hands in the potable water, not to spit anywhere etc. It was two-way learning as NSS Volunteers got to know about the diverse backgrounds of the students and in turn they gave lessons of cleanliness, hygiene to the students, who promised to follow it in school and their homes too.Thevolunteers have been following up the lessons by meeting these students in the school to ensure that they develop a healthy value system.




11 March 2016

Dr. Pradeep Chaudhary, Joint Director (IEC) & APD (RSACS), from Rajasthan State AIDS Control Society, Jaipur delivered a lecture on HIV AIDS And Youth Vulnerability on 11th March 2016. He said that the youth of today, specially the women are highly vulnerable to HIV AIDS and that is why it is important to organize such a lecture in women’s university. He shared the statistical figures which showed the growing menace of HIV in India, in Rajasthan and then in Jaipur which was alarming. He emphasized on the need for awareness and right information to prevent the onslaught of HIV. He discussed the modes of HIV transmission among the youth and warned the students to adopt protective measures such as use disposable syringes, use of condoms, and ensure the status of the blood donors. He also insisted on the students to strictly avoid multiple sex partners. He also shared actions that do not transmit HIV like hand-shake, or sharing a towel or soap etc, to develop sensitivity towards the affected population. This would avoid marginalization of the people infected with this syndrome and create a more humane approach towards them. He was accompanied by master trainer Mr. UmeshRautrey, who has been imparting awareness training at the grassroot levels. He shared the need to know the thoroughly about HIV and AIDS before going to create awareness. The session was informative for NSS Volunteers.



19 March 2016

In order to empower and arm the girls with insight that will help them protect themselves from almost any type of danger and equip them with self confidence, a session on Women Empowerment was organized for the NSS volunteers. The guest speaker on this occasion was Dr. GarimaSrivastav, Head, Department of Journalism and mass Communication. She encouraged the girls with these words “ A young woman who knows how to connect with — and listen to — the voice of her own authentic self is emboldened by inner resilience and self-esteem, whereas a woman disconnected from this inner power source is vulnerable to outside forces”.

She, through short films prompted the girls to herald a revolution that challenges women to break through gender stereotypes and achieve their dreams. She raised certain pertinent questions through her short films related to the depiction of women in media and disapproved of the ways women are represented and targeted in marketing and media? After every film , she took up asked the girls to reflect and share their view point while giving tips on  how to recognize offensive, harmful, and manipulative messages, how to keep your self-esteem intact, and become empowered to speak up and demand changes!

This session provided a platform to the students to share their view points without hesitation while helping them maintain healthy attitudes, values, and self-esteem.



26 March 2016

Ms. Sukriti Dev Verma, from Department fop Computer Science conducted a session on Welfare Schemes of Government of Rajasthan with the help of a Power Point Presentation. During the interactive session she screened three short films which were made by her to make the people aware at the grassroot level for BPL population. These animated films made during 2010-11 under Rajasthan Health System Development Project to spread awareness about health facilities offered by the government in hospitals for BPL. She also talked about and highlighted two types of housing schemes offered by the Government for BPL population: Chief Minister’s Rural BPL Housing Scheme and Urban BPL Housing Scheme. She also shared about AmritamJalamYojana, related to cleaning, storage and conservation of water around Jaipur city with public private partnership of Rajasthan Patrika and Government of Rajasthan. This session was very informative and the volunteers gained practical knowledge which would be helpful to them for working in community.



2 April 2016

Ms. ChandaAsani shared with the NSS Volunteers what volunteering for NSS means. The criterion for NSS Certificate entails 240 hours of work and participating in one Special Camp.  During the six semesters of volunteering in NSS she stressed that the volunteers need to be participating to enjoy and learn. Not only do they participate in regular activities of NSS but also work in different spheres like in government schools where they can contribute a lot. Working with specially challenged children is another area where they could give their time. All this at one level would be helping children of under privilege section at another level this would help them learn about themselves. It would bring NSS ‘ motto ‘You before Me’ functioning in their lives. Volunteering in NSS is more about participation that struggling to complete required attendance to clear activity.



4 April 2016

Dr. Sharad Rathore warmly welcomed the NSS outgoing students. NSS Volunteers arranged a farewell for outgoing students of NSS. They made small badges with NSS, Not Me But You, 2013-16 written on them as token of remembrance for them.  They also showed a small PPT of students. The outgoing students shared their learning while in NSS. Some of them shared the importance of NSS while being interviewed for further studies and jobs. It was an emotional farewell with promises to remain in touch in future.