Guest lecture on- Oral Health is Overall Health by Dr. Balvinder Singh Thakkar

Dr. Thakkar , a dentist and Orthodontist from the Jaipur Dental Hospital addressed the students on the Oral health and hygiene of Teeth. He threw light on the different dental problems and the diseases and the causes as well as the reasons for these diseases. He said that the best attire of women is the charisma and the best jewelry is smile and the best heel is confidence. He said that all of this is possible only when one has a good set of teeth. He tried to clear the general myths and beliefs of the people regarding dental care. He emphasized the necessity of daily dental care which comprised of the use of a fluoride tooth paste and soft tooth brush twice daily in the right way, the use of a mouth wash, tongue cleaner and dental floss on a regular basis; to avoid sticky and junk foods and tobacco; visit the Dentist every six month for a regular dental check up. Problems of mouth can affect the rest of the body leading to heart disease, respiratory problems, premature birth and diabetes. This programme on the occasion of ‘Oral hygiene day’ to understand the intimate connection between oral health and overall health was made possible because of Himalaya Drug Company, which emphasizes on quality and researched herbal products like the various qualities of ‘neem’ for dental care and shared a few recent Himalaya products.

Time & Date: 3rd August 2012, Friday 9.30-10.30